Pain under my arm - need your thoughts

dawnaNovember 2, 2006

I know that the most common answer is to go see a physician to find out what this is - I will. I am going to make an appointment. But I wanted to get an idea from you to see if anyone else has experienced this and to write it down because I am really scared right now.

About 3 or 4 years ago, I noticed tenderness on the side of my right breast - closer to my armpit than the breast itself. It usually caused me discomfort around my period.

To this day I still have this discomfort however, now, it is becoming more noticeable and sometimes cause my arm to be uncomfortable. It sometimes feels like it is cutting off circulation. And note that the breast on that side is larger than the right side (which I know is somewhat normal but it is pretty noticeable).

I talked to my Dad a couple of nights ago and he reminded me of all the fatty (non-cancerous) cysts and tumors he has all over his body and that my Grandmother (his Mom) and his sister both have the same issues.

I just talked to my Mom and asked her about our history on that side. Sure enough, my Great-aunts (my Mom's Mom's sisters) have had breast cancer that was detected in their later years (60's and 70's) and a couple of them died from it.

I am 34 years old, a slight bit overweight (but exercising daily to get healthier) and overall healthy. I am just really scared right now that it is breast cancer - or any kind of cancer. Or could it just be a benign cyst or fatty tumor.

Again, I know that seeing a doctor is the overall answer and that is my next step. But, what would you say about this?

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Are you saying you haven't been to a doctor in these past 3-4 years? You need to go even if it's just for a yearly PAP.
Chances are it's nothing, but you need to know for sure.

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Hi Mona. Thank you for responding. You're right. I haven't been to the doctor in that long. I have been through a lot in my life over the past four years and now I am 1800 miles away from my family and friends after a huge move. I am ready to get healthy - I am working out, eating right, drinking a ton of water, nixing soda. AND I have made an appointment with a gyn here in my new town. She was highly recommended to me but it will take until Feb before she can see me. So I am planning on going to a general practitioner before that to get this "thing" looked at.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I know we don't know each other but just you saying "Chances are it's nothing" helped me sleep a little last night.

Take care.

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I used to work for a GYN and one thing that was emphasized was that if a woman called asking for an appointment because of a lump or soreness in her breast, she was to be seen as soon as we could get her to the office.

So call back and tell the appointment clerk what the problem is. Tell the clerk that while you need a total physical, at this time you really need to have the breast checked. If you aren't given an appointment right away, call someone else.

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