Has any one used a Full Spectrum Sun Lamp-for SAD

just1morehostaNovember 25, 2009

Hi, I have just spent hours looking up the Full Spectrum Definition Sun Lamp,for Sad.

There are at least 5 to choose from,and as usual, I do not know which would be the best to buy.

Have any of you used these,and if yes, which one do you use,likes and dislikes please.

Thank you so much,too many choices,ha ha


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I have used one for over a year. Got great results. Felt better within a few days. It's important to use it in the morning. It will "reset" your internal clock so that seratonin is increased (evens out your moods) and the melatonin (what makes you sleepy)is suppressed during the daytime hours. There is a lot of research out there on this. It can be just as effective for treating depression (SAD)as an SSRI.

I bought mine from Sunsation website. It is still working great. Customer service is fantastic. Worth every penny. I'll never give up my 20 minutes every morning with my lamp.

Here is their website. http://www.lightbox4therapy.com/index.html

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Thank you ccjc,
I looked up the site you mentioned,and it is very informative.Lots of good information there.
Still don't know which box is best, the one you have is quite costly,but i guess you get what you pay for eh.
Since this is a gift, it is just a bid over my budget.
I copied a lot of the info.thank you once again.

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