Lingering stomach bug

CassandraNovember 1, 2006

I've had a stomach bug of some type for at least six weeks now. Kind of a dull "sick" feeling, usually fairly brief, especially upon eating. Even drinking water brings it on. I find that I can't tolerate my daily can of diet pepsi (unusual but actually a good thing--I've been wanting to quit the habit) or even a second cup of coffee; those normal pleasures really bring on the ill feeling as soon as they hit the stomach. Except for this, I feel pretty much ok: it hasn't affected my sleep or work. I have had a change-of-season cold over the last two weeks, but this stomach bug preceded it. Could this be an ulcer? Any other thoughts?

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You should see a doctor about that tummy! Glad you are off the sodas.

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Yes, you really should get it checked out soon. It could be any number of things.

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