Face Pain

blueheronNovember 1, 2006

I have had this pain at the left side of my face for about a week now. Went to the doctor's yesterday and he was stumped. Said it was neuralgia. (I could have told him that! LOL!) It isn't a dental problem, or TMJ, they checked for that.

It is like spasms that come and go and my ear hurts, too, not the inner ear, but the outside. Today, it's not as bad, and I can certainly live with it, but I just wonder what is causing it. Could it be the start of a cold or something like that? At times, my throat is sore on that side, but not all the time! Weird.

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I'll tell you a personal story about neuralgia. I kept having a sharp stabbing pain on the side of my head. My son is a doctor, so I asked him what he thought. He thought it was neuralgia and gave me a prescription.

Well, I remembered that an old fashioned remedy for neuralgia was to inject the site with alcohol. So I skipped the prescription and got a bottle of real sweet wine and got zonked. My husband had to help me to bed. He thought it was funny!

I know it was probably a coincidence, but maybe some of the alcohol got to the problem as that ended the pain. It's a family joke now that since Mama didn't have a needle, she just used a bottle.

It's not something that I would suggest, but if you are in the habit of a glass of wine now and then, maybe a big glass of Morgan David Grape (which is very sweet) would be worth trying. A sweet wine goes to the brain really fast.

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Well, I do drink a glass of red wine every night, and it is slowly getting better. LOL!

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As a chronic pain patient I think I know why the getting drunk method worked, you "broke the pain cycle". When you have pain your body tends to tighten in that area and then that produces more pain, not saying that this will stop all pain or I wouldn't be hurting like I do! But it does help a lot of pain that is of "an unknown cause" with the vague definitions like "myalgia". I also felt like screaming DUH, I know that means you don't know what it is, just say so!!!!!

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