Coconut Oil - digestive healing

alicesRestaurantNovember 22, 2004

I just read a post on the Celiac listserver that someone has had very positive healing effects from using Coconut oil for cooking. It appears to be rather expensive. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with benefits from using it. If so, what is your source for buying coconut oil?


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Very high in saturated fats!
Linda C

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True, coconut oil is high in saturated fats, but it is actually a beneficial oil and is utilized by your body. Most margarines which use hydrogenated oils,(trans fats), are not saturated, but they are one of the major causes of heart disease, much more dangerous than coconut oil or butter.


Here is a link that might be useful: Saturated fat info

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I just read this info below on the Celiac listserv. Seems very interesting. I also read about the Framingham heart study. Those with the highest colesterol levels had the fewest heart attacks. Me thinks there are some really strange contradictions here. I will keep looking. There is probably some money to be made supporting this premise so I've learned not to trust everything I read. The news that opposed this premise seems mainly paid for by large drug companies who want to sell statin drugs. Who to believe? In this case, it seems I'm reading this same type statement in multiple different sources which often tells me there may be some truth.

excerpt begins here: ===========================
"With all the opprobrium cast against it, it bears repeating again and again that no evidence has ever been presented to prove that coconut oil causes coronary heart disease in humans. ... On the contrary, the human epidemiological evidence proves that coconut oil is safe. Coconut eating peoples like the Polynesians ... and Filipinos ... have low cholesterol, on the average, and very low incidence of heart disease."


Check out the web site and decide for yourself.

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Hm. Interesting. Does anyone remember the post here a few years back in which someone recommended Archway coconut macaroon cookies for relief of IBS? I believe someone responded to that post with a confirmation about that.

I am always keeping my mind open to contradictions of mainstream belief, but I do that very cautiously. I few years ago I purchased the book "The Omega Diet" about the healthy diet from the island of Crete. It recommends cooking with olive and walnut oils. Just for fun, I did some internet research about walnut oil and found a web site written by someone who has done other research and stated that walnut oil is not healthy but coconut oil is.

What to believe???

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I got a reference to "The Omega Diet" book from another source and had purchased it and have read first part. Thought it was an interesting coincidence that it is also recommended here.

It is a pretty impressive nutrition book. It seems to say a lot of what we have already heard but it really gives explanations.

One of the controversial things in the book is that it is definitely against a "low fat diet" per se. There are even statistics that are given indicating that low-fat can actually be harmful. The key is what kind of fat which most of you have already heard, right?

Anyway, if you haven't, the book gives a good case for using Canola oil for cooking and Olive oil to a lesser extent. Using flaxseed oil on salads (because can't tolerate heat) is good because flaxseed has a huge amount of Omega 3.

One main recommendation is fish, fish and more fish. Seems the men on Crete eat a lot more fish than even most on a standard Mediterranean diet. Their records of heart disease seem very incredible. Recommends fish oil capsules if you don't like fish.

Funny, but I've lost 32 pounds since January and one of my tricks has been to eat walnuts as a snack if I'm hungry between meals. I didn't even know it was high in Omega 3. The key for me is that the walnuts help to satisfy my hunger with a small amount. And I'm one of those people who can't stop eating until everything in front of me is gone. The walnuts seem to change that.

The omega diet book doesn't seem to have much to say about coconut oil. There are a lot of recipes. Seems like one of the premises is to eat meat and vegetables and try to limit grains. Kind of low-carb to some extent except, as I mention above, it recommends that you avoid like the plague fats high in omega 6 such as most vegetable oils (i.e. corn, safflower). There have been animal studies with Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. Seems that cancerous tumors (such as breast), grow rapidly when animal is eating Omega 6 but turmor growth is stalled when animal is eating omega 3.

Will we even really know what is the best way to eat ? :)


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I saw a doctor on TV who said cholesterol is suppose to be in our bodies. He was doing studies on heart attacks and cholesterol and said his research shows that people with a high blood count had more heart attacks than people with low. That makes sense to me because women don't usually have problems with the heart until after menopause. I was anemic off and on all the years before the change of life. He said if you want to lower your blood count to give blood twice a year. I saw another report that said the hardening could be due to minor infection of some kind. My mom has had high cholesterol for as long as they have been testing for it. She is not taking drugs to keep it down and she is 92 years old. I eat what I want, but use common sense when it comes to sweets and calories. I use butter for a spread and also fry some foods in it instead of oils and margarines.

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Jenn, Yes I have heard of using the archway coconut cookies for IBS. I use them whenever my IBS acts up. Usually anything with coconut will help me also. Ann

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Here is a good source for more info and purchasing. I love their coconut oil!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropical Traditions coconut oil

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Here's another great source:

Here is a link that might be useful: Wilderness Family Naturals

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I hadn't seen the Wilderness Family site before, They have a nice selection. A little pricey for some of their stuff though. I think I spent a good hour in there looking around and reading their comments on healthy eating. Many things I have seen nowhere else like the coconut flour or the selection of herbs. The freeze dried fruit looks interesting.

Thanks for posting the info.


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