for those of you with entry ways........

ritamay91710September 3, 2011

Just a question.......

Is the flooring in your entry way the same as the rest of the room, or is it a different material? We had carpet in the living room, and a tile entry we are doing hardwood in the living areas, and our contractor friend said that we should continue the wood right thru the entry way. (all the way to the front door). I was thinking of doing tile again. I thought the contrast would be nice, but, I'm just curious as to what you all do.



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If you believe a contrast will be nice and I agree many times with that statement, then you should do tile. If wet shoes are coming in the house, then you will be glad you did not listen to the contractor. PS it is much easier for a contractor to do hardwood all the way and this could be the reason why he doesent like the tile idea!

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oh, we're doing the work our selves, he is just a friend/neighbor. I just think I like the look better, I think it gives the area a more defined feeling. Thanks!!!

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We are also ripping up carpet and replacing it with wood, and we had carpet (!!!) in the entryway. Our plan is to put slate tile just inside the door (basically in the size/shape of a large rectangular mat) with wood everywhere else.

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We live in an area with snow, rain, slush, and mud. I was afraid of tracking all that onto my new hardwood floors. But I wanted the continuous look of wood.

So for our entry I chose a porcelain tile that looks like wood.

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I would do the same hardwood in the foyer. There are other ways to define the space besides using different flooring material (area rug, furniture, etc.) The continuity of hardwood flooring throughout enlarges the space adds a degree of elegance in my opinion.

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I am a firm believer in properly specifying the right product for the right application. Your builder does not.

Entry ways/foyers are wet areas that can potentially take a boatload of abuse (moisture, water from driving rain and people coming in with wet shoes, kids, asphalt, stones, cinders, salt, soil, etc. Multiply that by the number of years/decades you want it to last.

Wood is a poor choice in such an area.

I recommend ceramic, porcelain, or stone/slate tile in such an area, with epoxy grout / spectralock.

The stone tile itself may also need to be sealed if its a porous product.

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I am so glad I did not listen to my installer and did Porcelain Tile in my foyer area since I have a lot of clients in and out of my home office in the winter time with wet feet and also it keeps my wood floors dry. I also like the look of a separate foyer area.

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