UNbelievable....after two years, I'm finally getting that house!

reno_fanFebruary 12, 2007

Some of you may recall (ages ago) that DH and I looked at a house to buy, *right* after we'd finished our remodel.

We liked it, and my real estate agent friend talked me into getting my RE license and buying it myself.

Well, I got the license, then we decided we didn't want to give up our freshly renovated house for the other.

Fast forward to last summer: We decide we're ready to put an offer on the house (that had been on the market nearly 2 full years....), and the sellers declined our contingency. Shortly thereafter, the owners took it off the market, and then they put it back on FSBO. (It's been FSBO for over 6 months.)

Long story short, we talked to the owners again, and now we're under contract! I cannot *believe* that after all this time that the house will be ours. I've loved it since I saw it! (But that's another story....why I can't love perfect, finished, updated houses is beyond me. There must be a therapist out there that would address "incessant-need-to-remodel-itis".)

Anyhoo...we're pumped. And we're getting it for a song. Can't wait to start another kitchen renovation!

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It was meant to be !!

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I'm so totally envious that you get to go through all that remodeling fun again ;) Seriously though, I know what you mean, I'm the same way - are we creative or crazy, lol?

Can't wait to hear what you have planned for your new kitchen, congrats & bestest wishes!

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Wow! Clearly meant to be. The house and your family will have many wonderful, change-filled years together. :)

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LOL! I think my DH has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a counterfeit model. Even he said, "I can see the potential, and I think it'll be a great house." Wha?? This coming from the man who'd rather poke himself in the eye with a stick than remodel anything??

But this one needs basically cosmetic upgrades. Nowhere near the full tear-it-down-to-the studs remodel that we already lived through.

I've already done the kitchen mock-up on Photoshop! (Uh yeah...I need a life!)

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Oooh, can't wait for pictures. Befores and afters. Choices.

OK- post the mock-up. We're as bad as you are.

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I remember the posts! Congratulations.

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Oh! Yay!!! That's just great, Congratulations! I remember your saga and am so glad to hear it all worked out. May I just say...Good Things Come to Those Who Wait! You know it's true...

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I, too, remember the saga (or at least part of it). Congratulations, Reno! I wonder what made the owners change their tune, after all this time. But, no matter, it's yours now! We'll have to give you the Lifetime Achievement TKO Award!


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It's a *very* long story, but the short version is that the house is finally priced at what the market will bear, considering that it's had *zero* updates/upgrades since it's original construction. It'll need alot of work, but the bones are good, and the area is great. It's on a street with many *much* more expensive homes, like by 100k.

The floorplan is what we need for the family, with 2 separate living rooms, and the kitchen has a great layout. It just needs a few minor things....(famous last words!)

Here are a few mockups:

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Wow! That looks like a neat house! Your mock-ups are great. I'll be keeping an eye out for pictures!


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You get get to remodel again, what fun! Great mockups! Really, we must all be a little nuts...

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Yes!! I do remember! I do feel excited for you and , as everyone has said, look forward to more pics as you make it yours. Destiny!

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Reno, what a find! We've been house hunting, also and it's so rare you see quality & features like that.

I really love the kitchen floor tiles, are they as pretty in person?

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Reno--you are quite talented, so no wonder you enjoy the remodeling process. How do you make the mock-ups?

My DH is using a computer program to design our kitchen that's to be remodeled, but the computer mock-ups look very odd. It's hard for me to visualize how my kitchen would truly look.

Congratulations on your purchase!


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I'm really happy for you but not completely surprised. I am not superstitious but sometimes I think a certain family/house combination is just "meant to be." Looks like a wonderful, liveable house.

When we decided to make an offer on our present house, we learned that another offer had been accepted the night before. Drat! We looked for six months but kept referring to the one that got away. One day as I reached for the ringing phone, I thought, I wonder if this is about that house. And it was our realtor asking if we would still be interested! The other couple had had trouble coming up with the $$$ and it was back on the market. I don't have psychic tendencies either, but somehow I just knew that time.

Hope you and your family enjoy the new house!

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Yeah! Congratulations!!

Will you still be hanging around on the pool forum?? ;)

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Aww shucks!! Thanks for all the good wishes!

Adopted, you have *no* idea. Some of the details I left out were as follows:

-The first time I ever walked onto that property (more than 2 years ago), I "felt" as if it were mine. I even called my DH and told him that I thought we should look at this house, because it feels like ours. To my utter shock, he came over and said the same thing.

-After talking ourselves out of/back into the house, we go see it again. (This time, I was the realtor.) I get that same feeling again.

-We put the offer on it last summer. I tell my DH that I "know this first offer won't go through, but I feel like we're supposed to make it anyway. I know they won't take it, but I feel like we'll come to better terms later." I tell everyone I know the same thing. When the deal didn't work out, I wasn't all that disappointed.

-When trying to work out the contract, the sellers tell me that there are 2 other couples that have made offers. I "know" immediately that they won't work out. I tell DH that I normally would be worried, but I'm not, because I just know it's our house.

Weird, huh??

And Snookums, I will be posted ad infinitum on the pool forum....the pool area of the new house is a disaster!!! Again, good bones, but needs *so* much work.


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Wow! That's an incredible story. Spooky in a good way. Now you can enjoy that stunning fireplace.

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So, have you sold your home yet?

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We'll have to drag our carcasses into gear, and quickly!

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It's karma, reno. Your house will sell, you'll move into the new one, it will be beautiful in no time. Congrats!

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This was definitely meant to be --- You could just tell from your earlier posts that this one was going to happen, one way or another, sooner or later.


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