broke collarbone in sleep

bodiCANovember 24, 2004

I woke up Sunday AM in pain. I must have rolled on my right shoulder and popped the bone forward, breaking it into four pieces. I have suffered with bone pain for 30 years. Don't think I could have ostiopprosis(sp?)have always been a milk drinker and love dairy. Have very stocky bones too and have been very physical all my life, horses, chores, hay, etc. hard work. Do any of you have any clues what could have caused this or have you heard of breaking bones in sleep? Thank you for any help.....

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I have no idea. I just wanted to agree with you that this is really weird, and to offer my wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Thank you so much, I'm terrified of breaking the other side....

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Omigosh! Did your doctor have any clues? I hope you heal well and quickly.

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Has your doctor mentioned a possible correlation between the bone pain for 30 years (!!!) and this fracture in your sleep? I'm wondering if there is a relationship there.

My goodness, I don't blame you for being terrified.

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I will see an orthopedic surgon Dec 2 and am so hoping to hear some answers, can't find any clues online. I do think something has been wrong for 30 years causing the pain, and at least these xrays are proof of a problem. This is painful and I'm so afraid of more bones breaking, don't know if menapause has anything to do with this, but think it could. Thank you all for your kindness and support, I'm most appreciative!

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It sounds like you've never had the 30-year bone pain evaluated by a physician.(!!!) That pain can't be normal, and I wouldn't be surprised if this fracture was related. I hope you will get a thorough evaluation and that you'll be feeling better soon.


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Thanks, thought I'd update. Today had extensive blood test and through radiology bone study of spine. My primary dr said "i'm VERY concerned" and I am grateful for his caring. So now I wait for clues. My greatest pain is my 90+ year young mother was about to move here to live with us. I wanted so profoundly to protect and care for her, and now I'm lost in unknowns. I've been searching online, but can't even find the phrase to parce the question for reasearch.
Thanks for letting me cry, I'm back to bed now.....

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Is your primary doctor going to refer you to an orthopedic specialist? Make sure he consults if he will not refer you and consider going to another doctor if your insurance will allow. Perhaps a teaching university might have someone who will recognize your problem. Years ago I was diagnosed with an usual problem in my left wrist and my orthopedic specialist took a while to figure it out. I took his x-rays to UCLA and they recognized it right away.

Best wishes to you, and please keep us posted! I for one am dying to know what this mystery is.


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Dear Jen, thank you, I'm trying to be cheerful, but have waves to sob. I called "advise nurse" that AM and she later called back for me to go to the ER immediately, which I did. Everyone said it looks like a classic broken clavicle that football and moto/cycle trauma will cause. But I was asleep in my bed, air mattress and tons of pillows because of years of pain, proclaimed as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or it is all in your head (which has always made me insanely outraged!). My primary Dr said, after looking at my XRays, "you are vindicated!". From emergency I was refered to the ortho/surgery and she too, said this is concistant with extreme trauma, not sleeping. I see her again for another XRay and exam Dec 28. My primary said "I'm Very concerned" and added tests to the blood work the ortho wrote in addition to the bone density, and also a spinal bone study, which was done Friday. Thank you so much for the suggestion to consult a teaching university. Stanford is right here, and I will heed your advise and see what I can learn.
My greatest sorrow is my mother, she knows what happened, but I don't want to upset her any more. My hubby is being so wonderful and very helpful, I'm profoundly grateful for his support.
Thank you again for your kindness.

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You're very welcome. I'm glad you have people on your case who are very concerned and not brushing you off. You can't fake a broken collar bone!

Please keep us posted.


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Something to try.... I have Fibro, and have bone pain where I broke my foot 4 years ago. The pain has never gone away, even though it has healed. My Rheumy prescribed Miacalcin Nasal Spray for me to try for the bone pain. It works great! It is a drug usually used for osteoporosis (sp?) .... but she found it works well for bone pain! Only side effect for me has been is stronger bones.

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Miacalcin, Thanks, I'll look into that. Do you think some of us are labled "Fibro" and it might be MS?

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Wow, bone pain for 30 years, my heart really goes out to you. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in August through a bone density test. I wasn't surprised, as I have several sisters who also have it, and we were all milk drinkers growing up, LOL! Even women who have been taking hormone therapy for years (estrogen, etc), have not been protected from a diagnosis of osteoporosis.

You really do need to see a specialist - an orthopedic doctor. Don't be surprised if the bone density test comes back with a high T-score. I look forward to reading your reply as to the test results. Why hasn't the cause of your bone pain been discovered years ago? Did you ever fall and have a traumatic injury? Maybe while you were in school?

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You may have a hereditary tendency to osteoporosis, which will catch up with you no matter how much milk you drink.

It runs in my family (aunt, sister, cousin) and now I have it, diagnosed through a bone density test. I have always eaten dairy products and I took hormone replacement after menopause, but still got it.

My sister has it so bad that, with no accident or injury, a little piece of her backbone broke off requiring surgery.

Sister and I are now taking Fosamax tablets once a week. I am told that this medication can stop bone loss and even reverse it, slowly making our bones harder. (Cousin is taking an injectible medication which is supposed to work faster, but I don't know the name.)

I hope you recover quickly and can have your mother come to live with you after all. Take care!

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