Need to Select Engineered/Hardwood Floor Fast

stella1701September 25, 2010


The bottom floor of my house flooded and I need to replace the engineered wood floor in my master bdroom, living room, dining room and formal living room. I have a wooden staircase that is a mid-tone golden oak color.

Is golden oak out of style? The flooring I choose will have to match up with the stair case. My insurance company is replacing the floor but limiting me to $5 per square foot. Should I choose another engineered floor or pay extra to have a solid hardwood floor installed? I have one child and a small dog.

The insurance company is recomending a Mohawk engineered wood floor, 3/8 inch thick and only has a 10 year warranty. I want something with a longer warranty and able to stand up to kids and a dog. Any suggestions?

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Shaw Epic has a coating called scuff resist, that is within the budget. Much better warranty and you will be hard pressed to scratch it. The samples do not have the scuff resist on it yet. there is demonstrations samples out there. The only solid with it on is Shaw Golden opportunity which is a solid that comes in 2 1/4 3 1/4 and 5 inch widths. Can buy any under 5 bucks a foot and has 20 year warranty. Epic is engineered and the warranty is longer. I can not remember how many years.The aluminum oxide is on top on these products. With dog and kids , it is what you want no doubt.The demonstration between this and Bruce is unbelievable as far as scratching it. It will be only a matter of time until it is introduced by others but currently only Shaw and a few high end Canadian products have the technology. Now Shaws epic series and Golden Opportunity in Solid are the only products with it, but you will find the golden color you desire and yes it is still common.If you can not find it for within your me and I can find it for you.

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Red Oak Palomino Prefinished Hardwood Flooring by Monte Bello has a 50 yrs finish warranty. The color is very close to your golden oak and price is within your budget. Please view the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monte Bello Red Oak Palomino

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excuse me..many of the Shaws finish warranty is now lifetime..which means nothing..We sell over 25 brands of hardwood and all I am saying that the AO finish on the Shaw engineered and golden opportunity solid is about impossible to scratch. Remember the samples are existing displays and they do not yet have the samples updated. Ask for a demonstration. I dont know what Monte Bello is but unless its Canadian, the finish will be softer as its AO layer if it has one will be on the bottom coat. Just the facts. Again we have over 25 brands(Manufacturer's) of hardwood currently on display. Only Mirage, and Lauzon that I am aware of offer the same technology but you will blow past 5 a foot on these products. Good Luck.

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Echo - I picked the Shaw Epic in Hazelnut. I only picked this floor because I liked the color. Months later I went on thier website to read about installation and thats when I found out about the new finish and the scratch resistant features.

I am soooo glad that I picked this floor - it's not installed yet, but knowing that I choose a product with a durable finish makes me feel alot better.

Funny, I reseached myself to death - then picked a floor soley on color and it turns out I probably made the best choice on durability too...suprise, suprise!!!

I can't wait to have it installed.

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Echo: I saw some Mirage Engineered flooring in the Maple-Charcoal color at a model home and it's just beautiful. I'm getting quotes of $10 per sq. ft. for 5" wide planks (double what the OP's budget is ~ and more than I wanted to spend too). You mentioned the aluminum oxide in the Shaw brand but I don't see anything on the Shaw website in that gray color that I'm so stuck on. Do you have a recommendation in gray? Or does one basically bite the bullet and pay the price if color is what's important? (I'm also going in the kitchen/dining/foyer (over 500 sq. ft). Thanks!

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Color is important..and no I am not sure there is an epic in Gray tones....Color is everything because the flooring will be the largest color mass that you will decorate to. Gray is the hottest current color in the decorating industry by the way. Nationwide that is.

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Jeannie01: I'm happy for you..The demonstration is unbelievable for the scratch resistance. Enjoy your hazelnut. See Ya,

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Lauzon has a gray color product in their engineered nextstep called Yellow Birch Herritage Urbanite with a mordern look.

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