Microscopic Colitis

berkNovember 10, 2013

Has any one else told they have this? I all ready have over a 40,000 hospital and doctor bills from the pain from this, and no insurance and have no idea how will will ever get the bills paid. Now the gastroligist tells me this is what I have and it is very rare only 999 in 100,000 will get it, they don't know what causes it and there is no cure! No warning when the pain and diahhrea will hit me again, I have all ready lost 40 lbs. from this in a year, 2 episodes before I found out what I have! He said therer is only 2 medicnes to take to keep it at bay and they both cost $900 a month and I would have to take one a day for the rest of my life! He also told me when I get on Medicare in Feb. they won't pay for it either. I was on hydrocone for my arthritis then my doctor said she was no longer able to prescribe it, but I ask the specalist WHY it stopped the pain from this and he said oh it wil! If you can get your family doctor to prescribe it and something to stop the diahreah when it hits it will help, but it will happen over and over again for the rest of your life. Well she said she couldn't do that!! Any ideas on what to do now??? The pain and diahreah are unreal for about 5 weeks!!! TY

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Never heard of it. Sounds bad. I googled for it and this is the url for the first page I pulled up. One talks about how restricting certain foods will help. If I had that diagnosis I would certainly check the information at this site.

It is often misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome which can misdiagnosed because of Giardia. I picked up Giardia in Peru and it just gave me a slight case of diarrhea, but some people have severe attacks. The problem with Giardia is that you can't always find a cast to confirm that it is Giardia. I emailed an American doctor in Peru and she told me what to take, how much and for how long and told me to pass it on the my doctor. My test for Giardia was negative, she said take it anyway. It took care of my problem. Giardia is rampant in this country because of hikers drinking from mountain streams and day care givers changing diapers and not washing their hands afterwards.

Here is a link that might be useful: INFO

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This can be caused by stress, food allergies, bacterial or viral infections, low fiber diets, etc. Eat high fiber meals avoid raw carrots peanuts and corn for the first few weeks. Use a pulse test to find any allergy to different foods. Drink lots of water talk to a naturalopath doctor about hydrogen peroxide food grade treatment.

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