Removed Asbestos Tiles

Lopez0801September 3, 2012

I removed tiles from my basement that may potentially contain asbestos. I used an edger and scrapped up the tiles from the floor. In some areas, the adhesive was pretty difficult to lift the tile, and the tile crumbled when I was lifting it from the floor. When placing it in the garbage bag, I had to break some of the tiles so that the fit in the bag. Although I am not sure if the tiles contain asbestos, I am really concerned about the potential for airborne asbestos in my basement. The area with the tile was not that big, but still concerns me. We were not notified by the previous home owner that the house contained floor tiles with asbestos. The basement floor was covered with rug, which we had to toss after flooding.

What should I do next?

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Was this vinyl tile? What year are thinking they are from? Did you Have it tested? Well you will have to break it into fine dust for it to be harmfull .

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Just wipe everything down with wet disposable towels. Wear an approved respirator, if you want. If you smoke, quit now.

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Risk is minimal. Asbestos is a fiber and it is encapsulated in the vinyl material. I am currently taking up 1100 ft of it with no worries.

Research Asbestos Lung Disease, it is prevalent in people with moderate to strong exposure to the fibers and doesn't occur in everyone that has that type of exposure. You don't get near that level of exposure pulling up vinyl tiles.

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