Strange Sensation/Symptom - Left Forearm Vibrating

suziequeNovember 30, 2011

Hi - this is weird.

The other day (Saturday, I think, and today is Wednesday) I lay down to read and put my left arm in a particular position. I started feeling an intermittent vibration, so figured I was laying on my Blackberry or cell phone!

I wasn't. It was my arm.

It's continued, on a pretty consistent basis. It's not visible, but more internal to the arm. It lasts just about as long as the buzz from a cell phone would - a few seconds, then stops. Then does it again.

It's not painful at all but is an odd sensation. I've held my right hand to it to see if I can feel it, but of course I can't tell if I'm feeling it with my right hand or just feeling it inside my arm.

I've googled, and all I can come up with is a syndrome called hand-arm syndrome that affects people whose profession involves using vibrating equipment. Mine doesn't.

Other than a slight headcold that came on yesterday, I'm fine. It honestly feels as though my phone is inside my arm.

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This could be a sign of a stroke or mild angina, I would get to an ER and get an EKG done immediately. This is not normal, and not something to brush off. Best case scenario, you have a mildly pinched nerve that is cutting off the blood supply, but it could be a lot more.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Could be a side effect of drug you are taking. My dad took Norvasc-a calcium channel blocker at hospital & within hours had a tremor in his arm, we insisted that he get off the drug after I had looked it up & that is 1 of the unusual side effects(he was also suddenly nearly a zombie-wouldn't eat, almost unresponsive). It has been a yr since he took it for 4 days & he still gets the tremor occasionally! Also could be blood vessel spasm- that feels very weird. After I broke my arm I could see the little vein spasm, kind of like a little worm inching back & forth under the skin. Could be start of shingles but by now you would have a rash. Are you on a statin drug?

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Thanks. Nope, no meds. It's actually gotten quite a bit better, although it's not gone. I do have a doctors appointment next week so will bring it up then.

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond.


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I've rarely posted here, but I had to chime in on this one. About 6 weeks ago, the same thing happened to me, but not in my arm. It feels like there is a vibrating cell phone inside the ball of my left foot. So I Googled "foot feels like it is vibrating" and came up with many hits. It surprised me that many people get this vibrating sensation in a foot, hand or arm.

I've read posts from hundreds of people, many of whom have had MRI's, brain scans, neurological tests for M.S., thyroid tests, spinal and neck Xrays, full blood panels checking for anemia or diabetes, nerve conduction tests and endocrinology workups. So far, not a single person has reported any definitive diagnosis.
I've read that some people have a 'vibrating' area for a few weeks or months, after which it sometimes spontaneously disappears as suddenly as it came.

I just had my regular physical and my blood pressure, blood work, blood sugar levels and so forth came back normal. Since I have no discoloration, pain, weakness, numbness, stiffness or loss of circulation in my foot, my doctor is not concerned. So I'm just ignoring the vibrating cell phone in my left foot and hoping it will finally realize I'm never going to answer it, and stop dialing my number, lol.

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pickyshopper- you might not be too far off in calling it "vibrating cell phone" with so many electronics & the towers the phone companies put up all over the place-we have several in our area 1 about 500 yds from my house so it could be caused by a slight confusion in your body from outside sources, try to keep your rechargers away from where you sleep.(can't do anything about the towers except try to keep then out of your neighborhood) I have the spiral fluorescent lamp & if I move radio too close get a loud buzzing. So I get interference even tho I don't feel anything, something is happening to cause the buzzing. You may be very sensitive to waves going through the air. I think there is a lot to learn about all these waves & all the cell phone use. Would be interesting to find out from all those people(website you checked on this problem) if they use cell phones or live close to the towers. I know of 3 people who had brain tumors,1 a young kid think he was 12,who died & all 3 lived very close to the huge power lines the electric companies have (usually just grass under them or parking) but just wonder how many other folks have gotten brain tumors from living so close. Hope it goes away!

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sunnyca, I would be a bit concerned if we lived near any of those high towers or if our house was loaded with electronics or high tech things that need charging. But we live rather low tech and aren't near any of those towers. We don't even have a microwave oven and I rarely use my cell phone.

I'm actually more worried that all the tests I've had from specialists to diagnose the intermittent vibrating sensaton in my foot (brain scans, spinal Xrays, MRI's, carotid artery ultrasound) could be unneccessary exposure for what might be just a very odd, but innocuous symptom. My doctor has agreed not to send me to any more specialists since I have no accompanying symptoms that would suggest anything serious.

I cannot stay asleep at night and probably only average 4-5 hours of sleep, although I don't feel extremely tired the next day. My doctor is now of the belief that my 'vibrating' foot symptom might just be a combo of menopausal hormone fluctuations and a manifestation of sleep deprivation, like how some people get an eye tic or body twitches when they're overtired.

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Google BFS. I have a friend whose son was just diagnosed with this. I think it is more of a twitching than vibrating but I will let you decide for yourself.

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Hi suzieque,

Just wondering how you went and what your doctor said. Please let us know.

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I think it would be a tremor and can be caused by meds. I took something and can't remember what it was, checked it out and it was the meds. Another reason....I would think about where you carry your cell phone. For the last 3 years I carried my cell in my right pocket and had tremors under my cell. It was a warning and I should have paid attention.

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Hi. Reporting back. Interestingly, it simply went away. I can't recall how long it lasted; perhaps a bit over a week. It certainly was disconcerting and if it recurs I will definitely go to the doctor.

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