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lill2uNovember 8, 2004

I am searching for a dependable medical alarm/alert service for a friend. (The I've fallen and can't get up kind.) I do not want him to get ripped off, or taken in by a bad company especially since I understand that most of them require at least a 3 month contract. I would appreciate any imput you may have. :-) Lill

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It's possible that one of the hospitals in your area can furnish an alarm system. It would also be tied directly to the hospital. One of our local hospitals has the set up. I understand that they call daily at a certain time to check to see if the patient is able to answer. I don't know any more of the details.

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Lill -
Ask the paramedics and police. Around here they have a free or really cheap "daily call" service, automated, and if the person dooesn't answer the phone, they send a cop out to check on the person.

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Thanks for the ideas. I haven't called around yet. I thought it might be a good idea to get some advice from the forums first. Thanks again! :-) Lill

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This depends on his overall health level, but I just use my cell phone, which I carry with my everywhere. I have 911 programmed, so I need only press one button. My father did the same with a cordless phone - he attached it to his belt.

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My neighbor's sister (both in their 80's) was found a few months ago when the call service made their daily call to her house & she didn't pick up the phone. Her son was called, he went over there & found her dead. I really think this is a great service for older people living alone. Hubby's grandmother has a call system set up with her friends. They each check in every day & if one is going out, they let one of the others know, then call when they get safely home.

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Hi, We do call and visit with him everyday, but he had a bad episode during the night, and was unable to dial the phone correctly. We are waiting now to hear from his VA social worker. At any rate we do plan on getting a local alarm company even if the VA doesn't help. Thanks again for all the advice. :-) Lill

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I did a google search for medic alarms and many came up. I thought the button type to wear and push when needed was what you wanted. 12 hours is a long time to wait for help.

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Any consumer reports on best alarms and what to be ware of?
Are ARRP rec's the best?

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I'm shocked to learn how poorly they reply to interest in their product! My mother has called several, they say they will call back with specifics and don't. So how do you trust for an emergency if they can't even follow up for a sale!

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Buy him a prepaid cell phone. I am 75 and that is what I use for myself. It is always in my pocket except when I get in bed, then it is on the head board. Mine runs $8 a month, no contract.

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Calling a cop wouldn't work around here or in any large town. After reading..."let the police know when you are leaving on a trip so they can do drive bys" I asked an office at our neighborhood watch summer meeting, he said they don't enough time to handle crime, much less check on homes.

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