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xojdfxoSeptember 23, 2010

Hi All! I just had Pergo Prestige Spiced Hickory Laminate floors installed in my family room, kitchen and hallway. Since I have a small dog (25-30 pounds) I wanted to make sure they would hold up and her nails will not stractch them. Everything I read and from what everyone told me Pergo floors are great. They are very durable and last forever. I have only had them for a month now and there are marks all over the floor. They look like stractch's from the dogs nails but aren't they are just marks. My cleaning lady did clean the floors with Mop & Glo so not sure if that has something to do with it. I tried mopping them with water & vinager to see if that will help and it didn't. Any ideas what I can do to try and get rid of the marks? I am so frustrated! I love the way they look but the stractch looking marks all over the place is driving me nuts.

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You are never supposed to use Mop & Glo on laminate. On Bruce's website (that is who makes my laminate) it is very clear about not using that type of product on laminate. You probably have a severe case of residue on top of the laminate that is streaking. Are the scratches into the top layer of the laminate or just smear marks?

There are great products out there specifically made for laminate, like Bona products or those made by the floor manufacturer (Bruce has their own line...but I use Bona).

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No,the scratches do not go through the top layer of the floor. I was thinking the same thing that is a case of residue build up. How do I get that off of the floors? I have cleaned them a ton of times since the Mop & Glo was used and it is still there. Any idea what I can use to remove the residue? I heard that Bona is great and I am going to start using that. Do you think that will get rid of the residue or should I use the Bona once the residue is gone?

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I would first grab a spray bottle of Bona's Tile/Stone/Laminate cleaner from Bed, Bath & Beyond or another store that carries Bona products. That contains a degreaser that could cut through the mess that the MIG created. That product is completely safe for laminate.

If that did work, I would contact Pergo and tell them exactly what you used and ask them how to remove it. I have read all kinds of suggestions online but you want to be absolutely sure which is the best method of attack.

You might want to call Bona ( and see if they have any recommendations after you tried that product mentioned above.

Then I would have a talk with your cleaning lady and show her exactly what to use.

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I will tell you as a former sales rep for laminate that of course they do scratch. Your dog apparently has scratched the wear layer and there is no repair for it. Scratches are inevitable and if you were lead to believe otherwise your expectations were a bit too high. Laminates are pretty durable but unlike hardwood there is no recoating or repair available once you have some damage.

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i agree..laminates are not warranted against scratching and I believe your wear layer is scratched. Mop n glo does not appear to contain any wax of any sort and is approved for no wax floors, yet they do not give it the ok for laminates. If you floor is darker in color, it will show the abrasions from pet claws. Sorry.

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I understand that Laminate floors are not scratch proof. I never imaged that poeple would love floors that get damaged by a 25 pound dog walking/running on the floors would completely damage them. I read reviews on all different website including this one about how well pergo floors hold up with pets in the home. How can a dog that size scratch the wear layer within a month of having the floors? That is why I thought it was just a residue on the floor that is causing it.

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So I'm we think they are scratches not smears? Smears can be removed with some elbow grease; scratches cannot. Did you try to clean it with anything?

Most laminate lines have varying degrees of laminate quality according to the durability of the wear layer and other factors. Did you check for reviews or specifications on the wearability of your laminate before purchase?

There is a product by Bona that MAY help IF they are scratches. I've included the link below. I have actually talked to Bona about this product. The first time you should remove everything from the room before application. It is supposed to help conceal "microscratches". This may or may not help with larger scratches. Then you can just touch up the traffic areas as needed. I would guess it is worth a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bona Polish for Laminte Floors

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While I don't have Pergo flooring, I have taken my key to a few samples at the local Home Depot and Lowes, and was not able to scratch it; the mark simply rubbed off.

So have faith that it was the product used. Take the advice and call Pergo or try the products recommended. This seems unusual.

Good luck.

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Thank you everyone. I am going to Lowes tonight and going to buy the Bona cleaner as well as the polish and see if that works. As per alaskanshamrock above she took a key to Pergo floors and that did not scratch them I can't understand how a 25 pound dog walking on it will scratch it. They are scratch looking marks but when you rub your finger over it, it is smooth does not have a scratched feeling. I really think it is from the product that was used. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that the Bona will work! Thanks for all the advice.

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Let us know!

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Have the flooring store you purchased from come out and look at it. Why is all this guessing going on. We look at scores of floors per quarter for all kinds of reasons. Why is the floor not coming out. Why would you call pergo and have a customer service person who doesn't own a floor discuss with you when a flooring expert who sold you the floor will surely come out and look at it. Anxiously awaiting this answer.

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I suggested calling Pergo when we thought it was smearing not scratches. Obviously it is clear that no one knows what this is so if it cannot be cleaned (and I gave suggestions to that) then she will have to determine what it really is.

xojdfxo, any progress?

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I had a very busy weekend but I did have a chance to get to the store and buy Bona floor cleaner and I also bought the polish. I used the floor cleaner and it help a lot with the marks. It is not perfect yet but I am thinking that I just need to go over them again with the cleaner and make sure I get all the Mop & Glo up off the floor. I will then use the polish and I think that will make a big difference. Thanks for your help!

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Great! That means our first hunch that it was not scratches but just smearing was correct. Glad it seems to be working out. If you have a chance, post your results with the polish, please. I am debating on whether to use that product myself but removing all the furniture is soooo much work!

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I have three large dogs and Pergo laminate (from Lowes). No scratches at all, and I clean with mostly water with a very small amount of detergent.

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We run into this often. Customers with pets notice it most. If you use a product like Mop&Glow or Orange Glo, they leave a very small amount of finnish on the flooring each time you clean them. this makes it shine but it also builds up and your pets claws scratch and flake it off over time. This ends up making the floor look awful. Stay away from these type of cleaners. Your floors don't need them. If you are getting a build up, you are stuck striping it off the floors. Not an easy job to do. We have succesffuly done this many times. Feel free to check out some pics of this on our facebook page. ServiceMaster First Response in Hesperia California.
Don't tear it out. A professional cleaning company like ServiceMaster can restore it. If your local franchise has not ran into this, I can walk them through it. Most janitorial companies also know how to fix this problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: CarpetCleaningVictorville

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