Panic attacks

flowergirl70ksNovember 23, 2013

Anyone have these? What to do about them?

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If you find it very troubling seek help. There is no drug can can fix this, try searching out a NLP master practitioner or someone who does non drug therapy

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A friend of mine had these. She went to the doctor and at first they gave her valium. Next they gave her xanax but she didn't like it because it was addicting. She stopped taking that and went to another doctor who prescribed biofeedback, avoidance of caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

It seems to have helped. I haven't heard her complain about them in awhile.

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Used to. And migraines. Sinus infects. GERD. and all that. So I took:

Fish oils. Clean (not rancid) fish oils. A very good probiotic. Clean food that is not packaged. Water free of heavy toxins (try fiji or volvic). Found what I was lacking in Vit D3 and K2???? Other vites/mins?? Iodine? Selenium? MAGNESIUM?!!
Stopped the corn. Stopped the soy. Stopped peanuts. NO MORE SUGAR (unless raw honey, organic stevia leaf, etc)

I began eating organic. Clean veggies and fruits. Grass fed/finished beef and bison. Free range chicken. Wild caught salmon.

Herbal or medicinal teas helped me greatly. Lots of walking and rebounding, too.

Best of luck.

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Forgot to mention: COPPER imbalance?

Adrenals. Check for all toxic metals.

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Suggestion. Keep a container of frozen orange juice in your freezer. When you feel a panic attack coming on quickly consume 2-3 heaping tablespoons of the frozen orange juice and this should stop the attack. Also, for some, there seems to be an association of using hair coloring and the onset of panic attacks.

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Occasionally, I experience âÂÂPanic Attackâ and I think everyone has experience this. Daily exercise, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, meditation (prayers) help decrease anxiety. Try to be more relax (stop negative thoughts), practice positive self-talk, eat or drink fruit juices like papaya, banana, berries, seaweeds etc. Take vitamins and supplements like Vitamin B complex which is antioxidants that can be beneficial for helping you deal with stress,

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