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calpatNovember 8, 2003

I saw this commercial yesterday about changing an acidic body composition to an alkaline comp. Called their 800# but not much there except more advertising. I've had the same symptons as the posters reg. Sinustis and Burning Pain for the past 6 years plus. Try to explain to M.D.'s & all I get is a weird look, a reminder that I'm old, then they perscribe pain killers. What ever happened to good Diagnostics? Now I'm wondering if my whole blood system is out of whack, but other than reading the ads at google on this Supreme Greens & obvious testimonials, I have not heard or seen anything of it's use. Have any of you tried this? Hope for a response. Pat

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This is the kind of advertising that relies on our lack of knowledge about biochemistry. We are able to regulate our blood's pH so that it stays right around 7.3. If your blood pH is acidic, then you would be in danger of dying or already dead. This company and others making the same claim are trying to scam us.

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I saw this ad, too, and wonder if it's legit. This guy promoting it is a Dr., isn't he? He kept talking about clensing the blood. And, if I'm not mistaken, he says that he gets cancer patients that he helps.

His sales pitch involves the statement----diseases are carried in the blood----that's why cancers spread---etc. etc. I believe this is what he said. Ya know, it does sound logical. But, what do I know?????

I would like to know more about it, too.

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If I recall correctly he was asked if he was an M.D. & he said "NO", so I assume he has a PHD in one of the sciences, but who knows. I called the Health Food Store I patronize & she said they didn't have the product at this time as they had had no input as to it's reliability. So much for that "Magic Bullet"!

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"change an acidic body composition to an alkaline comp"

Your body is quite capable of maintaining the correct pH, in a very narrow range that is ALREADY slightly alkaline.

This product is a SCAM, pure and simple!

If you say "sinusitis" and "burning pain" ... is the pain in your sinus?

What is your current diet, exposure ot cigarette smoke, etc.;

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