Castle Combe

pm80September 17, 2012

Looking at these floors. How do they stand up over time? We have two dogs and two kids. I have heard solid is better than engineered. We also like the navarre line. A little cheaper than the Castle combe, but not as much details. I like the wide plank look. Any help is appreciated. I have searched, but not much on here about them.

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Are solids better? Not sure about that as manufacturers that sell both will tell you that certain applications recommend one or the other. Wide Planks, I prefer engineered as they are much more stable. Low humidity climates and if we are purchasing strip, then solid for sure as the stability is not nearly as critical. I sell or display 24 different manufacturers of products and I chose engineered through out my home. Love the stability of the wide stuff and very low risk. But there are Woody's on here that install and finish that will tell you only solids. Northeast and northwest prefer solids to purchase..and some extent. West, southwest...south and southeast prefer engineered to purchase. 91% of wood purchased in the west are engineered. Nationally it is 51% - 49% in favor of solids...This proves to me it is application based on what is and should be used. Good Luck.

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