steam mop and hardwoord floors

Panda143September 3, 2011

has anyone tried using a shark steam mop on their finished hardwood floors? I have heard pros and cons. I purchased a shark steam mop but haven't opened the box yet! Still uncertain whether to trust the mop on my floor. Any input would be appreciated. thanks

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Flooring Companies systematically send out technical bulletins to retailers to tell customers not to ever use steam on hardwood or laminate floors. I can paste a bulletin if you would like.

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I have a shark steam mop and I don't use it on my hardwood. Moisture and wood usually don't mix very well. I only use it on my tiled floors.

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It will damage the floor, by swelling the wood vessels/cells.

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thanks for your feedback. Interesting thing is I called the floor company who installed my floors and the owner said it's ok to use the steam mop as long as I don't "drench" the floor, which would ruin the floor. I still haven't opened and tried my Shark! Any suggestions on the next best way to clean/sanitize a floor? I have only used a swifter mop thus far and I don't feel like I'm getting all the dirt/dust.

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See Link below for Bulletin

Here is a link that might be useful: Steam Mops

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Floortech, thanks for passing along the bulletin. I'll be returning my Shark mop. panda143

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