High Cholesterol and high potassium

waddlesNovember 11, 2009

My FIL was just told he has 3 weeks to try to get his cholesterol and his potassium down. He is clueless about what foods to eat to achieve this goal and I am getting frustrated trying to find the answer. The kicker is that he is also celiac to boot. Does anyone have the foods that will help him both ways?


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Have his doctor set him up with a nutritionist. I'm surprised his doctor didn't put him on cholesterol meds or recommend he see a nutritionist.

This is a hard problem because a lot of things like certain fruits and veggies that will lower cholesterol are high in potassium and being celiac he can't eat things like oat bran to lower cholesterol.

There is no magic food and the services of a nutritionist are needed to get this under control.

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