texasgirl54November 11, 2007

I have an elderly neighbor and she told me that she buy the cranberrys in the bag and boil them and drink the juice.

She adds a little sugar and that is it.

She drinks that in the wintertime.

Anybody else do that?

Is that something to try??

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I've never done that, but I've heard that cranberries are good for you. Maybe it's the vitamin C? Does she have a reason for drinking it?

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Don't know.
She say it's healthy and good for your bladder and kidneys.
I drink the juice, like ocean spray, but not like this.
Mayby i should try it.

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Well, that's pretty much how you make cranberry sauce so it sounds like she's just drinking the "sauce" minus the berries (and maybe not adding that much sugar).

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Try it! It is good for you. Or you can buy it in the juice section, but if you make your own you might be able to cut the sugar.

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Or----- you could just buy the cranberry tablets at your grocery store which prevent bladder infections, and take one a day, drinking lots of water....

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The commercial brands have a lot of sugar and other stuff in them, preservatives and such. I'd think her way would be healthier. Warning, though, without all that sugar, cranberry juice is very tart.

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