Thinset in Gout Lines

bshanleySeptember 27, 2011

I decided to lay my own ceramic tile and did a pretty good job. I was careful to wipe excess thinset from between the tiles-- but not careful enough. In a few places I don't have enough depth between the tiles for the grout to fill (and stick). I've tried removing the thinset with my dremel tool, but it's very slow going. Is there a more efficient way that will not damage the tile or break the thinset bond? Thanks.

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It crumbles pretty easily. I've chipped it out with a chisel, an awl, and a metal paint can opener, among other things. No power tool needed.

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I tried some of the manual tools suggested, but my best result was with a diamond studded hacksaw blade. Naturally, I wore my rhinestone safety goggles while working.

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An actual grout saw usually makes short work of extra thinset.

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