Asthma Relief

bertha11November 5, 2007

I am having a hard time breathing and have been told that I have asthma. I would like to try something natural to help me with my asthma. The only thing that i have read the even seems like it might work is respitrol has anyone ever heard of it or tried it?

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I to have asthma and have searched for natural alternatives. I have heard of respitrol and wonder if there is anyone who has actually tried it.

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I have tried respitrol. It didn't work right at first and I almost stopped taking it. I continued mainly cause I paid for it and I refuse to waste. So I continued and it took about 10 weeks but I have started to see results from it. I am able to lift weights and not lose my breath but I guess we will see if it gets better.

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I have COPD. This is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It started with "Asthma" which runs in the family. My mother died in 1953 from heart condition due to Asthma but then there were very few things that could be done to help.

Lack of oxygen causes strain on the heart and you really don't want that.

Rather then playing around with something...go to the doctor and have a lung capacity test done and get on a prescription med to open air ways and one of the asthma meds to combat allergies. Lung damage from not taking proper precaution causes scars in the lungs which kill lung air sacks and can cause lower absorbtion of oxygen....that is where I am now ....and on oxygen 24/7 and I am 64 years old. Good luck

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I do not want to take medications and cause other problems. I would like to how ever have more information on respitrol. Is there any side effects and is it all natural. There is so many side effects to taking medications that it makes it not worth it.

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I have ordered respitrol, it should arrive in a few days. I am hoping for the best. I have heard alot of good things about it. I will update in a couple weeks and let you know how it is going.

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I have had severe asthma most of my life. Do you think that this respitrol will help with a severe case? Or is it just for minor cases of asthma. I will have to look into that further.

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I have severe asthma and I ordered respitrol. It took a little longer to work because my asthma was so bad, but it has worked for me. I am able to take stairs and walk more than I was able to without getting winded. I thought for sure it wouldn't work for me and I would using that 90 guarantee but it worked and I suggest just trying it and if happens to not work for you, then return it.

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I have been taking the respitrol now for about two weeks and it seems to be working. I am breathing a little better and feel a little more energized. I am able to do a little more activities and move around more than I was able to before. I am looking forwarded to be able to breath alot better.

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Glad to hear you are feeling better. I know this is not what you asked, but I thought I'd share something I read a while ago. I don't really know if it has any medical fact or not, but thought you may be interested in doing some of your own research on it. It appears some think that asthma attacks can be caused buy dehydration and that keeping hydrated can help offset some attacks. Again, I'm no expert and I know too much of anything it never good, but you may just want to keep an eye on dehydration especially if you have exercise induced problems. Here's an article on the subject. I think there are some books written on the subject too. But, be sure to check with your doctor before you try or change anything drastically. I'd hate to give you bad medical advice when I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dehydration

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My doctor told me that if a "natural" remedy stops the symptoms, then it is just as dangerous as a prescription drug. Another doc told me not to take vitamins unless he tells me to, because the vitamin may help your problem, but somewhere else it is doing a number on another part of you body.

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I am glad that you tried respitrol. Isn't wonderful how much better you feel. I know that it takes time so be patient and it will help you. Best wishes.

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hey hi,
My sister suffers asthma since 3 years, she tried respitrol for 5 weeks, however it dint show much effect on her.She later switched on to Advair that gave her relief.

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It might do in an emergency but ... as many as 4,000 deaths a year may be attributable to Advair, ...
maybe look at something less aggressive like omega 3 fatty acids. It works just fine on my son.

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Acupuncture can help, ...just know because my mother in law
does acupuncture and she has helped patient.

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My sister suffers from well she has tried Vasaka from himalaya...this herbal supplement has really helped her with asthma relief.

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