What are gall bladder attacks like...

grittymittsNovember 15, 2008

Wondering what gall bladder attacks are like & where the pain is located?

For a long while I've gotten pain under lower right rib cage while driving -thought maybe waist band was too tight & would sit up straighter & pain ease. Now it's happening a LOT in all situations & times. Yesterday, in a store a sudden pain in that spot doubled me over. As soon as I was able I rushed to my car. Massaging the area gave enough relief to drive home, 75 miles away.

By the time I got home my Dr's office was closed, but will go first thing Monday morning...meantime, does it sound like a gall bladder attack to you who have had them?



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That is right, but it could also be your appendix. Definitely have it checked out. I had my gallbladder removed last year, that was the kind of pain I had, but I had no gallstones. My gallbladder was just dead, it gave a 0% output on both hydascans they did so they removed it.

Good luck!

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my husband has what he thought were back problems, spasms, for a year, he has a bad back anyway. Finally brought him to ER one night it was so bad, it was his gall bladder. If you notice more problems after you eat, especially high fat meal it MAY be gall bladder. It secrets gall, that helps in digestion of fat. Avoid high fat meals and have a Dr. check you out. It can be life threatening if it get infected.

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I also had my gall bladder removed.
In my case it had nothing to do with what I ate.
I had it removed laproscopically and no more pain.
Do have it checked out.
It was terribly painful, and all my attacks lasted 8 hours or so.
I was afraid to leave the house or to drive, since I never knew when I would have another attack.
Good luck.

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