Is ''send me an email'' working?

minikitFebruary 7, 2007

Has anyone had an email problem lately?

Last week I used ''send me an email'' for the first time, and there seems to be no way of knowing if or when the message went through. (Spam filters at the receiving end are another story.)

I've seen posts asking "Did you get my email?" and I'm wondering if the work being done on this site is having an effect.

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This feature works. The user you want to email needs to have their profile set correctly. You need to make sure to have your current address in the profile, then check off the box that allows email to be sent to you from the forums.

Sometimes users change their addresses and don't update their profiles.

Once your email is sent, you have no way of knowing if it was successful or not, as it is sent through a form on this site and not a regular email program. The "bounceback" comes back to Gardenweb, and their program isn't set to notify you.

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Aha! My own profile wasn't checked for "send me email" so my outgoing messages must be lost in cyberspace. I've fixed it.

Thanks, Gina!

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I've sent some emails through the forum lately, and they are not getting to the recipients. My profile allows receiving emails (and I did receive one today from the person to whom I'd tried sending an email), but my emails to others aren't getting to them. Help!

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You can't do anything if your recipient's profile isn't set correctly. If your recipient says their profile is set correctly, try sending a message to Gardenweb for tech support.

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After fixing my profile I re-sent my email, and this time it reached the recipient. If you'd like to do a test, feel free to send me a message and also let me know via this thread. if I get your email--in the next couple of hours, while I'm online--I'll let you know immediately.

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Hi minikit! I just sent you an email (@4:28 PM EST).

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... and I just responded. I'm glad things are okay at your end! It's also good to know that messages sent via GardenWeb go through immediately--when there's no obstacle.

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