Porcelain Travertine Tile --- A few questions...

building_a_houseSeptember 23, 2012

I am building my first home and want to get some ideas on possible flooring options for the basement.

I am very interested in the new porcelain tile that can be manufactured to look like stone. Specifically I like the porcelain travertine options.

How much is a good quality porcelain travertine per square foot? What about other faux stone porcelain options like slate? Anything I should know? Any good online sources to look at or buy?

Thanks. I need some educating so please help!

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You can spend anywhere from a couple of bucks per foot to triple that. HD or Lowes can be a starting point for you as far as prices go. A dedicated tile outlet will generally be more. When you find one that you like, shuffle up 8-10 tiles and stand them on edge. Feel for size variations....1/16" of an inch or less is good. Now, place a tile face up and another face down on top of it. Does it "rock?" If it does, there is some "cupping" of the tile~not a good sign.

Larger format tiles...16" or so are more popular, but do require a flatter floor and more expertise to install.

Are you hiring this out or DIY?

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I am hiring it out. It will be part of a new home that I am building. I figure about 1000 square feet or so in the basement.

Is there a particular brand that I should look for?

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No particular brand. There can be tremendous variations from brand to brand. Use my suggestions and make sure all the material is from the same lot.

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