we're cold

clairdo2November 13, 2005

Hubby and I always get cold around 4 to 5 pm. We have a very comfortable house. Why are we only cold at this time of day...

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I suspect that it's just a case of the slow down in the afternoon due to low blood sugar. Now enough to bother you, but just a general slowing down of metabolism. Then you eat supper, blood sugar goes back up and you feel warm again. Have you tried a snack or an nice cup of tea about that time of day? Try a piece of toast with a spread of peanut butter and jelly on it about 3:45 and see if it helps.

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I think it's the opposite, after you eat, all the blood goes to your stomach to digest, and you get cold. Your house is cold at that hour because it's just before sunset, and the sun's extra heating of the house is now over.

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I can be freezing, no matter what the house temp.or how many layers I put on and then during dinner, I start warming up and by the time I'm done, I have removed some layers of clothes. My daughter does the same thing.

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Yes, there's nothing like a cup of soup or tea when you're cold,, but not too long after a meal I'm reaching for a sweater or afghan. But I can sit in our house in the sunny afternoon, but when 4 o'clock rolls around I feel the difference and I'm cold. Forget cloudy days, I'm always cold lol!!

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It doesn't have to be soup or tea, anything will warm me up and I stay warm the rest of the evening, but everyone is different!
I'll send warm thoughts your way. :-)

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I get cold the first time temps drop into the 40's and don't warm up 'til spring!

We have dinner about 5:30, so if cooking anything in the oven, I try to time it for that time of day so it helps heat the attached family room. Used to keep a tea kettle going but with natural gas prices being what they are, I've stopped that.


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