Indentations in fingernails?

wodkaNovember 16, 2007

Just recently I have noticed indentations in all of my fingernails, both hands. I made a doctor's appointment, since it's time for labwork anyway, but read enough on the internet to totally confuse me - I take Effexor, Levoxyl for thyroid, and Lipitor for cholesterol and wondered if it might be a side effect of one of these medications. It has been a stressful time, (Katrina, father died, moved into new house last week), and maybe that's a reason. I can't see the doctor until December 7, so will just keep an eye on it for now, but wondered if any of you had experienced this?

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Horizontal indentations or vertical along the length of the nail> The vrtical are a product ofa ging....and poor nutrition....a horizontal ridge happens because of a serious health surgery or a grave illness.
Linda C

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Hi wodka,
I have those. They do seem to appear after an illness or some big stress of some kind. I have fibromyalgia, so I have them about every couple of months. I figured out that my nails take 6 months to grow out, and I can tell from the indentations, when the illness/stress happened.
I'm sorry you've had such a rough time.

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Thank you both for your responses. My lines are horizontal.....I'm hoping it's something that can be treated or with everything in life, the unknown/not knowing is the scariest part.

Take care.

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