EDTA for elevated lead .....?

vieja_gwNovember 22, 2013

I just had tests done for heavy metals both before & after 'flushing'. The pre- flushing urine levels were normal but after 'flushing' w/DMSA, the lead levals were very high. Meaning I guess that I am not now being exposed to heavy metals (lead) but in the past I have & it is in my tissues. Am wondering if chelation now is warranted & if anyone has has it done? If so, what were your reactions to the chelation? Have no idea where I was exposed to lead many years ago ... well water, old pipes, etc. nor if it is affecting my health now!

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Lead is an essential mineral in very small amounts but once it reaches a higher level is is toxic [plumbism] It can cause many ailments learning disabilities, kidney disease, stunted bone growth, head aches and gastrointestinal disease.
To help vitamin C chelation with calcium EDTA at 10 - 25 infusion and/or oral D-penicillamine
One caution is that you might pull out other essential minerals especially selenium at the same time so supplement with essential minerals at the same time you use chelation

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Am not sure which would be more dangerous: high lead tissue levels or the chelation w/ EDTA or DMSA?!
Will have to see what I can learn I guess before deciding .. Am really stressed!

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You need to find out what is considered a normal amount. I am sure we all have toxins in us. Also make sure you use a doctor for tests not some one who does treatments like chelation for a business. My sis bought into doing the enemas and taking 72 pills a day to remove toxins from her body. She doesn't use regular doctors, just doctors online who sells stuff and believes like she believes. Having enema treatments can be fatal if you are punctured.

Here is a link that might be useful: About lead in the body

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This doctor is both an MD & also Alternative Medicine so is trained & thinks both ways. The tests were sent & done by a Lab back east & the lead results of the old stored ?tissue lead levels were 4-5 times the normal level but the current free lead levels were very low/normal so the 'flushing' levels were of lead acquired in the past but still in the body.

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Thank you for that explanation. There are so many things out there that can harm us, especially if we are exposed as a child. The doc gave me a prescription for acid indigestion, when I researched the med I clicked on the med, a pop up came up with a warning. It said "for seniors be aware this will add to the build of aluminum that you already have in your body." I did not take it. Last year I read that the chemical triclosan in dial antibacterial hand soap might be pulled from the market because if is being found in human bodies and in our water. When they do that I think those levels are probably to high.

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Yes, so many additives in what we buy/use! I never use bactericidal soap ... I either buy & use the alcohol hand cleaners (have them everywhere: car, bathroom, kitchen, etc.!!) or 10% chlorox by the kitchen sink for rinsing the chopping block, fruits, veggies, etc. Having worked in a hospital for years, I can't get over being some sort of a 'germophobe' I guess.. but still am around them enough in daily life to keep up my immunity! How did we survive in the 'old days' w/o the sanitation we now have.. hmm?! Didn't have so many resistant bugs' then either I guess?

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Veija We lived with things like salmonella, under cooked meat and hundreds of other things they now say are bad for you. I don't believe half of what they advise. Someone in here said if you ingest one little bit of a raw egg it can kill or make you very sick, not sure now of the details. Things like that scare people and they believe it all. Now they are saying don't wash your turkey before you cook it because you will spread bad things on your counter top and sink. B*******! My family still makes home made ice cream with raw eggs. My favorite drink in Peru was Pisco Sours and they had raw egg whites in them. Of course the alcohol was potent, so it would probably kill anything dangerous. LOL I eat what I want.

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