The pig won't go over the sty because. . .

jubileejFebruary 5, 2007

Ever feel like you've reached an impasse? Whichever direction you seek to turn there is something else it is dependent upon? I am beginning to acclimate to the house "the way it is" minus finish floors in 3 rooms and everything because of this web of contingencies for the decisions - right color, wrong texture - can't put in A til B is installed, which can't be decided on until we go shopping for C, which is a luxury we'd like to put off for now . . .and on and on.

Hey - at 3 a.m., everyone's entitled to a pout. Gosh - its past 5 a.m.

Think I'll chill off the forums for a few days!

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Jubilee, sometimes it's best to take a break and let go of our obsessions.....
not easy to do because the thoughts keep coming back; you have to make a conscious effort to chase them away and let things simmer without you forcing the process. Not easy, I know....

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Was there something in the water? For some reason, I couldn't get to sleep till about 4:30 this morning, either!! Today is going to SUCK!!

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maybe mercury is in retrograde, that usually creates a lot of speedbumps in people's lives.....

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Mine was two cups of espresso from my new West Bend coffeemaker LOL:> ~~~~~~~~

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