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agnespuffinNovember 22, 2006

Picking up another posting by Bop:

Posted by bop62 (My Page) on Wed, Nov 22, 06 at 11:32

I would like to start a new thread and ask questions, but I don't know how to do it. I am the guy with the degenerated disc at L5S1. I don't know if I'm a candidate for artificial disc or not, but the choice is not available to me anyway. So it's either a spinal fusion or continued pain. Pain is not enough to make me cry or anything, but sitting or reclining hurts, so whenever I read, write, eat, etc., I'm in pain. I'm leaning very heavily towards the fusion. I have an excellent spine specialist to operate. Physical therapy for over two years has not helped. Anything else I should consider? Thanks!

Bop, all to have to do to start a new thread is go to the top of the page where it says, "post new message" click on that and there will be a space for the title of your post and space for the message.

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Bop, how well a fusion works depends so much on the condition of your bones and how well you follow the doctors orders. Quite a few patients feel so much better because they are without pain for the first time in years, that they simply do too much and mess things up. I fault some doctors for this, they tell the patient vague things like "do what you feel able to do, but don't over exert yourself." I had a two page typed instruction sheet of don'ts. I have a total of six fusions, four in my back and two in my neck, plus two 12 inch rods down my back. That was done 15 years ago this December. The fusions are still doing just fine. Old age is creeping in, but that's a whole 'nother story.

So if the Doctor says that you are good for it, I personally think it's worth trying. If you can put up with the pain, that's different. Any surgery is risky. It for you to decide whether it would be worth it.

For me, even though MY surgery was long and dangerous, it was well worth it.

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