Partial Hysterectomy Recovery Time?

suziequeNovember 28, 2005

Hi folks - - - I will, of course, be discussing this with my doctor, but I'm wondering about your experiences.

I will be undergoing a partial hysterectomy (due to large fibroids).

If you've had this surgery, how long were you in the hospital? How long afterward were you out of work (I have an office job)? How long until you felt back to normal?

Many thanks - -


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A lot will depend on whether he is going to do it vaginally or through an open abdominal incision. Recovering from the anesthesia will slow you down some. I wonder why he is doing a partial. Partial means that he is leaving the cervix in and that is usually removed also as it serves no purpose and can be the site for cancer of the cervix. A total hysterectomy mean the removal of the entire uterus.

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Just curious, by partial do you mean leaving the cervix or ovaries? When I had my hysto,with an abdominal incision, due to a BIG fibroid, my ovaries were left, So I did not have to deal with Hormone therapy. I was back to work in my home office 1 week after I came home,physically I was feeling fine, just my mind was still kinda foggy. I was in the hospital for 4 days,(I really liked the moraphine and developed a slight fever, because all I did was sleep.) But if you have to drive that is another story, I was told not to drive for 3 weeks. I was extremly sick because of the fibroid and all the blood loss, So I was feeling much better right away, lets see, back to normal, I'd say within 2 months. Removing that fibroid was like a life saver for me. Good luck with your surgery.

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THanks for the replies. The fibroid is too large to be removed vaginally, so it will be abdominal surgery. Good questions about what will be left and why a partial. I don't know whether the cervix, ovaries, or both will be left; I'll make sure I get an answer to that question.

One thing I read on the web was that, if the cervix is left, that helps to eliminate the incontinence that many women experience after hysterectomy. That would be a good thing!

Unfortunately, I do have a long commute to my job. I'm currently in the car about 1 1/2 hours in the morning and again at night.

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Whether or not leaving the cervix helps the incontinence problem is controversial. Some women NEVER have that problem regardless of a hysterectomy and others have a problem even without one. My thought is that the maybes and ifs aren't worth risking cervical cancer. There is also a problem with occasional cervicitis if it is left in. The usual problem with incontinence is caused by the weakening of the vaginal walls due to childbearing.

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Now, about recovery time. It's going to depend on you. Some women make a big deal out of it. They are the ones that will fill your ears with all their problems. I had a desk job with a little walking. I went back to work at 3 1/2 weeks. I got tired easily and didn't work a full day until about a week later. The usual rest after an abdominal one is 6 weeks. Anesthesia can mess you up. You MUST NOT do any lifting. Forget about housework for a while. Lie down and take it easy every chance you get.

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Thanks, PeaBee4. I will make sure that I discuss the issue about the cervix, etc. in great detail with her.

Was yours vaginal or surgical? 3 weeks out of the office will certainly use up my vacation time plus more. Yikes. But I sure don't want to push it and mess myself up more. I live alone (with pets), so won't have any problem forgetting about housework (LOL)! I can get my pet sitter to come in, even with me there, to change litter boxes, etc.

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I had a complete when I was 37, way back 30 years ago..I was in the hospital, probably 4-5 days, felt great, no pain and was playing tennis in 3 weeks. The doctor told me I could do anything I felt up to doing and when I had the stitches out, I drove to the appointment...My daughter in law just had a complete 2 weeks ago, had her staples out last week and although she will be off work until after the holidays, she's able to do everything. Listen to your doctor...Best of luck and feel better real quick.....

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Thank you Irishdancersgram!

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My doctor opted for an endometrial ablation over a hysterectomy because my fibroids were on the inside of my uterus... What that involves is burning or cutting the uterus lining... They make a small hole in your belly button and go up the vaginal opening... It's done on an out patient basis so you're home in a few hours and the only restriction is no sex for 6 weeks... At the same time I had my tubes tied because the doctor said there was a good chance I could become pregnant afterwards...

Something to consider if they do remove your ovaries... More than likely they may suggest hormone replacements... If you smoke do not take estrogen... Hot flashes are easier to overcome than a stroke...

Many years ago I went into the hospital for a D & C and the 'doctor' I had at the time said he wanted to make a small incision to reposition something... He ended up cutting me from my belly button on down, all the way... I was in the hospital, doped up, for 2 & 1/2 weeks and was told not to do anything for six weeks, not even sweeping the floor... It was a good three months before I was able to go back to work... Granted the insurance companies won't stand for such unnecessary procedures now-a-days but I'd have to think long and hard before letting a doctor cut my tummy open again...

Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well...


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By partial hysterectomy, it normally means the uterus and cervix are removed. The ovaries are not and no hormone replacement would be necessary. I had a partial with the horizontal abdominal incision. It turned out well and I went home a few days later. A friend came over to help out for a couple of days when I returned home. For surgery, you should make sure doctor is well respected and knows what he or she is doing. And I had a doctor like that.

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Since you have to have the operation think of it as a gift from God.I had the same operation over 50 years ago and my daughter had the same 30 years ago.They cut me and they screwed her open.we both recovered with flying colors .Each year they get better with this type of operation.The only thing I remember the doctor told me to go down stairs back wards and not to drive for three weeks.Your big problem will come with gaining weight.Now that you are healthy the food you eat will put on pounds.When you come out of the hospital put on a girdles your stomach can go back down.I was proud and wanted to stay in shape.

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There is nothing "partial" about a hysterectomy that removes the entire uterus. Hysterectomy by definition is simply removal of the uterus. Removing the ovaries is a separate procedure called oophorectomy.

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Had a partial hysterectomy 3 1/2 wks. ago and feel great. Partial meaning. No uterus. My ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix are still in tact. Dr. said no sex, no baths, swimming or excercise for 6 wks. Anyone have the same? how are you doing?

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I am so glad I found this site!! I am going in this coming Saturday for a partial hysterectomy. The doctor is going to remove my uterus and cervix but because of my age (32) he's going to leave my ovaries.
I am going to have the "old fashion" kind of surgery. Where I have not had children and since I have a huge tumor in my uterus a vaginal hysterectomy was out of the question.
The dr. said I will be out of work for 6 weeks and flat down for 2 weeks.
I am just looking forward to having all this done and over with. I have had nothing but problems since I was 17.

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I had a partial hysterectomy 3 1/2 wks ago (surgically) I feel great! I came back to work 4 dys ago, It's a little hard getting back into the swing of things, half way through the day I'm tired but I get my second wind by the time I get home. I had my cervix,uterus and falopian tubes removed, I had dissolvable stitches so i didn't have to go back for that. My Dr. told me no baths for 2 wks and nothing vaginal for 6wks other than that everything is good.

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I had a total hysterectomy 3 yrs. ago.
I had the surgery on a Monday.
I was cut along my C-section scar.
I was home on Thursday Morning.
Felt great.
Was driving as soon as staples were removed the following Tues.
Returned to work in 6 weeks.
The bad news was that my cervix had attached itself to my abdominal wall (and there it sits).
Need pap test every 2 years - yuck!

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Hi ladies,
I just had my partial hysterectomy last Wednesday, August 20th, feel pretty good - just an occasional twinge now and again. I'm going back to work tomorrow because I have my own one-person frame shop and gallery. I did have two girls take on the days last week, but I'm used to being at work. I feel so ignorant now about my procedure - I don't have any idea if my cervix was removed or not. I know my ovaries were not, but they did take care of the cysts on them. My procedure was completely vaginal with no incisions outside of any kind. I was surprised, because I was told there would be three,small abdominal incisions. I took a bath last night too, sounds like that was a no-no. I have a surgery a year for good measure - two years ago was the tubal, last year was the ablation (obviously didn't work) and this year the small "H". I guess next year will be the ovaries - I'm 47, might as well I thought.

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I'm glad I found this site too! I've got multiple fibroids and I'm trying to decide on treatment now. I'm leaning towards hysterectomy, but just the word scares me. It will be a partial vaginal (ovaries intact, don't know about cervix). I've heard about women's bladders needing to be re-hung after. Has anyone had that experience? Also, I'm having a hard time figuring if there will be any hormone issues if the ovaries are left behind. Common sense says no.

thanks bunches for all the input!

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Karen, I was in the same boat as you (multiple fibroids), and ultimately decided to have a myomectomy (basically they cut only the fibroids out) because of the concerns you mentioned. Downside is that the fibroids could always come back, and so I may have to have a hysterectomy someday anyway...but I decided that at 32, I didn't want to take such a major step as the first step, you know?

I highly recommend that you go check out the Uterine Fibroids group on yahoo (I tried to link to it, but apparantly this site won't let me -- it's just in the Yahoo Groups area, and it's called uterinefibroids) -- tons of great advice there, and lots of other women going through the exact same thing you are...and everyone is trying different ways of dealing with it, so you'll find out a lot of new information!

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I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip!

IÂve done a lot of technical research on options. What I'm looking for now is women who've had them to talk to, so the yahoo group is perfect.

So far it seems there are easy procedures that treat the symptoms and hard procedures that treat the cause. I like the idea of them being gone once and for all, but that's just me.

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No, I definitely hear you. I weighed my options between the hysterectomy and the myomectomy, and the hysterectomy was very appealing to me due to the reality of not having any more fibroid problems (and no more period!) but ultimately got too scared by the possible side effects of the hysterectomy (another good site to look into hysterectomy is, by the way -- lots of women who have or are going through it, and all very honest about the realities) -- mostly the possible stuff about urinary incontinence and sexual side effects is what scared me off. Being only 32, I envisioned myself being one of the small percentage that does end up having complications, and having to deal with them for another 30+ years, and I just couldn't handle that. So I opted for the myomectomy -- which ultimately ended up being the right choice for me, so I'm glad I went that way...but every person has to make the right choice for them!

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Yeah, the bladder issue is the biggest turn off. I'm in the process of polling my co-workers to see what issues they've had. I'm surprised how many women have hysterectomies! So far it's made me feel less scared about them.

Myomectomy was actually my first choice, but the doc scared me about the possiblity of them growing back. He also said the recover time was 8 weeks. Holy cow!

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8 weeks? He can't be serious. I suppose maybe it depends on the type of myomectomy (mine was laparoscopic) -- I was walking around easily within a couple of days of the surgery, stopped taking pain meds after the first week, started doing "normal" stuff by the second week (i.e. going shopping, going to movies, etc.), and working from home by the 3rd week. Went back to work by the 4th week. I'd have preferred to take more time off, if I could, but work needed me back -- that first week I did get tired and a little sore, and generally went home an hour or so early every day, but it wasn't awful or anything like that. I'm at 6 weeks now, and feel really good -- am about to start exercising again (lightly!) and doing low level hiking.

Every woman is an individual, of course, and it all depends on a) what kind of surgery you're having, b) how many fibroids you're having out, and c) what kind of shape you were in before. But everything I've ever heard said 4 - 6 weeks for a myomectomy; it may take 8 weeks to get back fully 100% back to yourself, but you'd definitely be able to get back to work and doing normal stuff a lot sooner from what I hear.

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Hi all,
Just found this site, I'm having a partial on Nov 21st. Keeping ovaries, cervix--just having uterus removed..."just"--I'm nervous. I just have very heavy periods and a thickening of my lining. I keep thinking I shouldn't do this after reading about fibroids etc. But I was severely anemic so my doctors suggested this vs. taking iron pills until menopause. I'm 44...Any words of wisdom?

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Wow all of your posts have been very helpful. I am suffering from a very large fibroid. I have my apoointment with my consultant next week - I assume to decide what to do.
I suffer from intense pain 3 weeks of the month during which I take mefenamic acid tablets and paracetamol. It upsets my working and home life and I know I have to do something. The various options worry me and there seems to be a few.
Thanks to all who have posted advice here and I will keep checking back regularly.

Fingers crossed xxx

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I have a large fibroid behind my uterus and there is a chance I may have to have a partial hyterectomy. I am scared and emotionally upset. I am 36 no kids and have been married for 3 yrs. I have no plans to have children but I do not want my uterus removed. I do not want to deal with the side effects of a removal and the thought of having it removed is bothering me emotionally and mentally. Can you give me more information about what is going on with you and any side effects? Can someone who is around my age please help me with this topic. I am afraid and do not want the uterus out but if they have to take it I want to know what I am going to deal with. I hope to get a response.

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jennifer, I highly recommend the site called Hyster Sisters -- there's tons of other women on that site going through the same thing, or have gone through it, and can give you advice, and a shoulder to lean on. Back when I was debating whether or not to have a hysterectomy versus a myomectomy, they were a huge help to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hyster Sisters

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If any of you are under 40 or 45 please consult a woman gynocologist. Ask what happens enternally when these organs are removed and what the ramifications of the remaining organs moving into that space will be. Have any of your doctors talked to you about any of that? If not get a second opinion. If you are over 40 or 45 then the number of years before menopause are fewer and side effects not as severe. The older ladies will naturally be having some of the symptoms of menopause in a few years but this is not natural for younger women. The shift downward in organs is partially responsible for the urinary leakage problem. These are things a good gynacologist should be telling you.

So, if the only reason for having this major surgery is to eliminate the need for taking a pill a day for the next ten years or so. Let me just say I would have to have more reason than that to throw my hormones in turmoil and shift my organs downward. And, if the fibroid is behind the uterus, why can't it be removed without removing the uterus? Is it because it's easier on the doctor to remove the uterus to get to it? I would find out if it's possible to save it before making that decision. In any circumstance always get a second opinion or third if necessary to ease your mind before deciding on what procedure to use.

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I jsut found out i have a hydrosalpinx, which is where your fallopian tube is blocked and filled with fluid. I also have very large fibroids. i have had the myomectomy before and the fibroids came back. i have no pain from the fibroids. my doctor wants to deal with the fallopian tube. i dont want a total hystorectomy. i just started a new job. id like to just have the tube taken out and endometrial ablation. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Are both tubes involved? Do you have now or do you want to have children in the future? Has cancer been ruled out? These are questions I would be asking myself and my doctor before deciding which procedure to go with.

If you want children and one ovary and tube can be saved and there is no cancer and the fibroids are not ruling out a successful pregnancy, you could follow your plan. Be sure you ask the doctor your chances of conceiving with only one tube. I don't really know but I'm thinking your chances will be reduced somewhat. Just be aware that fibroids may have to be addressed again in the future. Having said that, I would probably go the route of saving as much of my reproductive organs as possible. I didn't have a choice when I had my hyst in the mid '70's. But then, I had cervical cancer and my family was complete.

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i had a vaginal laproscopic assisted partial hysterectomy four weeks ago, i just went for my post-op check up and everything was fine. she said i could resume all activities in one week. i had my uterus and cervix removed. no complications. i had it done for abnormal and prolonged vaginal bleeding for five years. last september i had an thermachoice endometrial ablation with no success, so this was my last option i was on my period for twelve days out of the month. no fun i am only 29. i had two kids, and we were finished. i had my tubes tied at delivery of my last in 2005. after hysterectomy i only had very light discharge for two weeks. i had pain for a few days, not as bad as my two c-sections. after two days i had forgotten about the surgery and was trying to do house work. i had no discomfort during the activities it was shortly after that that i had pain and discomfort come back, so i told my husband i was sorry but i just cant do it. im not the type of person to sit immobile and do nothing, so this was hard. but once i stopped trying to clean the house carry groceries my discomfort went away in about four days. and i havent had any since. my message to all cosidering this is as hard as it may be to do nothing for faster recovery and less discomfort do absolutely nothing.

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one of the odds...ended up in hospital for 2 weeks. had problems with coming out of anthesia, kidney failure (it's been 3 years and finally decent labs) and a bladder somehwere, i didn't have to do depends but it's hard to empty...but you live with it...every 3 months it's labs at the kidney dr...expensive pills, but then i'm here!

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I had a hysterectomy six weeks ago and stayed in the hospital for three days. My mother helped out for two weeks and the third week I was able to move around on my own. I did drive one time the third week and was very light headed so I actually started driving the fourth week.

I practically did housework and cook the fourth week and vaccum as well because my vaccum cleaner is light weight. A week ago I vaccum out my car and became a little sore. I am going to wait a few more weeks before I start doing yard work. I had a great check up with my doctor the fourth week and recovered very well while I was in the hospital.

For two weeks I could not use my computer to do my work (writer) and I was unable to continue with online school so I had to take off 29 days from school to recover. I can't say I am fully recovered, but I can say I feel fine. My doctor did not see any reason to take out my cervix or anything else if there is nothing wrong with it.

He said it is there for support and to make sex from the same. He also stated the uterus was the cause of my problems. My uterus was 5x bigger than the normal size uterus which developed over time. He cut a small incision below my belly where I had a C-section done.

When my child was born I had a fibroid behind the uterus and now 12yrs later it grew to be many fibroids. Here is some information on the different types of hysterectomies. I hope you find this information useful. I also provided a link to my blog.

Do you know other female organs may also be removed when the uterus is removed? A (radical hysterectomy) is the removal of the uterus (womb), cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and pelvic lymph nodes. A (total hysterectomy) is the removal of the uterus and the cervix, but not the ovaries or tubes. A (subtotal hysterectomy) is the removal of the uterus, but the ovaries, cervix, and fallopian tubes are left in place.

Here is a link that might be useful: General Articles

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I have been having problems for 10 months. I am 35 years old and considered myself to be pretty healthy until this last year...Started with right side pain and bloating, after numerous test they decided to take out my gallbladder. That was not the problem....4 months later was bleeding from the naval and they told me I had a tumor in my appendix and a Uryichal Cyst that had ruptured. I am now 9 weeks post op and still have the same right pain and pressure on my bladder...A couple of days before my period i swell like i'm 8 months preg. After more test they found that I have 5 Fibroid tumors with the largest being on the right side...Could this be my problem for the last 10 months?? Bloating,some heavy bleeding,pressure and pain and bladder frequency. Now they want to do a partial Hysterectomy laporascopically sp? which means i would have to have a biopsy of the uterus in the office...I heard that it is very painful and to be honest I have been through enough....Can anybody tell me if they had to have a biopsy first and if so...How bad was it? Also are do my symptoms sound like any you had before your surgery? I dont think I can endure another surgery that will not fix my problem!! Thank you for any information you can give me! :)

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I have very painful periods due to misshapen ovaries, and my gyn recommended a partial or full hysterectomy. I have been on the Pill straight for 10 years with absolutely no harmful side effects, and this has alleviated the pain (and the periods, yay!) but I want to ask a question from a vanity point of view.

If I have a total or partial hys done, will I lose weight? I know that the Pill causes weight gain, but I was wondering what type of weight fluctuation would be present if I choose this path.

I have thought about this a lot, I am 42 and my husband and I absolutely do NOT want children, so that is a non-issue for me. Again my question is purely about weight gain/loss after the surgery.

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I'm only 23 and i went to my doctor last week for excessive menustral bleeding. I've been bleeding heavy the mth of October and counting. He put me on provera, he said it would slow the bleeding but it didn't help. I went back today and he told me my test and everything was fine just that i had an enlarged uterus. He gave me three choices !. To start birth control for about 3 mths to see if it makes me regular again 2. To have an Endometrial ablation or 3. To have a hysterectomy. I'm kind of leaning toward the hysterectomy because I just want it to all be over, I can't stand bleeding non stop for another few months. What do you guys think? Someone please help

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young buck...
Hi my name is nicole and I had the eblation done. For different people, different symptoms. For me it WAS wonderful at first and then I started getting the cramping and it felt like something was gonna come down (bleeding) but never did. My cramps were like before I even did the eblation. They hurt so bad that I had to take medication to nock me out because of the pain.
Then I had to go for my annual check-up and NEVER in my life have I ever gotten an abnormal results. So they sent me to a specialist and they decided to do (in which I wanted to) a full partial hesterectomy. I was one of the first to have the robotic procedure (LOVE IT!!) I was in the hospital for one day. (due to I was unable to pee and was feeling nausea) then I started walking right away. I went home then next day. But NOT ALLOWED to do anything. I have been off of work for 2 weeks and hoping to go to work in another week. I have 1 small incision on my left, 2 small incisions on my right and 1 incision through the bottom part of my belly button. I am happy with my decision. I hope you well and I'll be praying for you...

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Hey. I am new here. I am 30 and like many of you have had significant gyn problems since the glorious onset of menses. Over the past one year I stopped getting my period. Then when I saw a new reproductive gynecologist she started me on provera to start my periods. Since that time again my periods are horrendous and pain is now constant all month long. She started me on depot lupron (expensive injections) to put me in a hormonal menopause. However I am bleeding right through it and have all symptoms of menopause. I have always had ovarian cysts but now I have uterine cysts as well. She is unable to say what these cysts are. My mother had uterine cancer. I asked the doctor to consider partial hysterectomy because I am suffering and I have thought long and hard about not wanting children. She refused. Does anyone out there know a gyn in new York metro area that would consider this? Thank you Colleen

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I am so happy to have found this site...I am scheduled for a partial hysterectomy and I am 29 years old. I am scared...It is crazy to think that I would be scared as this will be surgery #7 for me, but I am scared half to death...I hear the old rumors about how this makes you feel like less of a women...I know that is crazy but I can't seem to help it :(...Thank you all for sharing it has made this a little more bearable

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I have had uterine fibroids for the past 25 years first discovered during the pregnancy of my 2nd child. I have suffered and wrestled with getting an hystorctomy. I felt like have it done would make me less than a woman. About 3 years ago i had fibroid imobolization. It worked for about 2 years then the fibroids returned. Like previous writier my abdomen triples in size i look like i'm six months pregnant and my period stays on from 9-12 days. I'm severly amemic and tired all the time. I'm ready to get my life back.

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Hi I am Renae, I am 22 years old ..I have been suffering from severe bleeding for about a year now, the first doctor I went to put me on Loestrin Birth Control Pill, and that didn't really work for me, so we tried the depo shot and it made me suffer from sever weight gain, and the bleeding didn't really stop! Pryor to all of that I went to the emergency room and was told I have large cyst on my Ovarie... Every doctor that I have went to has just recommended birth control... All though I'm young and wouldn't mind having a family one day I feel like this will hurt my health in the long run, so I am leaning towards a full Hysto. Does a partial still allow you to have kids? But no period? How does that work

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OK... I see most of you are confused. A partial hysterectomy means that the only the Uterus is removed. The cervix and ovaries are left. A total hysterectomy means the Uterus AND cervix are removed. An Oophorectomy is the removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. I had a "total" hysterectomy vaginally two weeks ago. I have no Uterus, or cervix. I do however have ovaries and fallopian tubes. I plan to start gentle exercise at 4 weeks and return to a very physical job post op 6 weeks.

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I have a fibroid that has enlarged somewhat(now 3cm) over the last few months. My dr has recommended a subtotal hysterectomy, where only my uterus will be removed. Only the cervix,and ovaries remain. Does that mean the fallopian tubes will be removed also? I am having difficulty emotionally, and am contemplating not having the surgery done because of all the information that is out there. I am 43, and have had infertility issues in the past. I have mild endometriosis on the outside of my uterus which never prevented my last two pregnancies, which I took fertility drugs for. I had one other pregnancy previous, no fertility problems ever, at the time was 19. Somewhere in my twenties I developed infertility problems. I am so emotional as to having this surgery done because of all the side effects. I am going for a second opinion before consulting with my dr again. Has anyone had a myomectomy done prior to having a subtotal/partial hysterectomy done? What about ablation? This has always been a an emotional journey for my husband and myself. We have gone thru a total of five pregnancies, and two of them were miscarriages. The last miscarriage almost killed me, and I hemorrhaged pretty bad. My dr says it was due to the enlarging fibroid. I know with my age it is getting harder and harder to conceive, but having a hysterectomy will definitely change everything. We are not sure about conceiving again, because of the most recent miscarriage, but we always wonder what if they (drs.) were wrong?? My dr seems to be pushing for a the subtotal hysterectomy instead of myomectomy. I am having second thoughts... very difficult choice to make.

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I forgot to mention also, my dr put me on a three month birth control, Seasonique(Amethia-generic name) to help with the bleeding issue, a year ago after my miscarriage. It helped with painful cramping, but not the bleeding. I now have bleeding between cycles, and the last month or so of birth control, my bleeding starts up until I get my normal periods. Another reason my dr wants me to have a patial hysterectomy. As for type of procedure, trying vaginal unless there is an unforseen complication where an abdominal incision will have to be made. I am also concerned about infection and bladder incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. Can anyone shed any insight as to these issues??

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I am reading all that you all have posted and I'm getting nervous. I have had periods that last 10 days. I also have had spotting that end up being months long. last year I spotted for 6 months straight. Starting this yr it has been spotting every other month for 4 weeks at a time. I'm done with it.

Talking to my doc he has given me a few choices to think about and decide upon. IUD, birth control, or hysterectomy.

I have decided upon the partial hysterectomy- leaving the ovaries and the cervix.

I'm talking to my doc mid week for answers but I came to this site to get info on recovery times and info upon the surgeries. I thank you all for the answers I needed. I believe I am making the rt decision for me. All you ladies are amazing thank you!!!

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