Bladder cancer ??'s

grittymittsNovember 5, 2006

Anyone here had bladder cancer or dealt with it with family member?

My sis was "scoped" last week & Dr. said he could not biospy the tumor he found. Does that perhaps mean it is already adhered to muscle wall? My niece failed to ask what size it was.

Surgery is scheduled for the 7th. I am very worried- at 76 she is tiny, weighing only about 85 pounds & has emphysema.

I can't imagine how she could withstand chemo. She had a bout with uterine cancer about 15 years ago & it's been only a couple of years since she got over side effects of radiation.

ANY info offered will be appreciated!


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I had surgery for Bladder cancer a year ago this past September. They told me I had a very large tumor.
I had a little clotting trouble the next day so I was in the hospital 5 days. If not for that I would have gone home the next day.
The thing is - if the tumor is contained and not gone thru the wall of the bladder you are good to go.
That was the case with me. I am fine and only have to go back for checkups every 3 months. Then I have what they call maintinance treatments. That involves inserting a combination of what they call BCG and interfuron. I did not have to have any chemo and I am fine.

I joined this forum so I could tell you this as I know how scary the word cancer is.

Good Luck.

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Thanks ever so much for relating your experience & for joining just to post your reply!

May I ask what your symtoms were & how long you delayed in seeking treatment? The fact that her's had gone on so long is my big concern for her. (She drank a few sips of tea yesterday before going to hospital & Dr. refused to operate so it must be re-scheduled.)

I pray you continue to do so well.


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Keep in mind that one reason that the doctor did not do a biopsy is that regardless of whether or not it was cancerous or benign, it was a growth that needed to come out. There wasn't any point in putting her through a biopsy.

Don't let her have a few sips of tea or anything else next time. The doctor doesn't know what her definition of a few sips is. He can't risk her burping up liquid into her lungs during the surgery.

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I had years of UTI problems. I went from doctor after doctor who would give me medication to try to clear it up. Finally I got one to give me a referral to a specialist. He did the proper x rays and tests. Called me into his office and told me. My tumor was so large it took up my whole bladder and still he got it all.
If I can be of any other help please do not hesitate to ask.
I have been reading these forums for years but never felt compeled to speak up before. So if I can be of any help to someone I will. Having been through that experience was something I hope I never do again. Perhaps if I had asked for a referal sooner I wouldn't have been so bad off.
By the way I quit smoking 3 years ago and he told me that was probably the sole reason for getting the cancer.

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Hi Suzi,

I have been meaning to reply to your email, but everytime I try to open my email server my computer locks up. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.

I am sorry to hear about your sister. Did she reschedule? If so, how did it go?

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