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lamotheNovember 11, 2008

Has anyone here tried homeopathy as an alternative to treat Crohn's disease. It worked for my cousin Juliane and she was so happy of the whole treatment process since it didnt include the use of steroids. Her holistic practitioner was DR. Namaya of

Has anyone here tried homeopathy to treat crohn's? Im like 95% decided in giving this a go signal...

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Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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Nice link. I would think you could ask your question without giving a link, no? It really seems like people are SPAMMING when they are new and provide links that are selling something. I'm sure there are plenty links out there with info on Crohns and holistic approaches. I doubt anyone really cares about that particular doctor.

QUIT SPAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been posting in a lot of forums regarding my daughterÂs condition and if we should consider homeopathy or not. I have been getting negative responses more so than positive responses about giving homeopathy a go. We decided not to go through the surgery and see Dr. Namaya in his beautiful clinic in Vermont where we stayed for two days. I am not too fond of doctors but seeing the amount of care and attention he has given to my daughter is enough to make us go and see him again. He was very thorough and asked about everything that might lead to this disease, and he made us understand what exactly is crohnÂs disease and what it can do both to the patient and his/her loved ones.
It was a learning and humbling experience for me. Dr. Namaya prepared a diet and supplement plan for my daughter that are easy to follow and effective and my daughter did not have a flare up since we started her on the supplements Dr. Namaya prescribed. He told us that we would see results within one-two months. We are going to hold a telephone visit with him this week for him to check on the progress of my daughter. My daughter is coping now, thanks to Dr. Namaya of CrohnÂs and IBS Wholistic Medical Care.

Here is a link that might be useful: crohns and ibs wholistic medical care

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My brother's old girl friend has Chrohns but doesn't have good insurance and wouldn't be unable to pay. Do you know if this doctor offers free services (I know a lot of the better doctors do pro bono work) or is he pretty much just out to make a quick buck from sick people?

Email me if you think he can help her free of charge. Otherwise, I wouldn't really trust him. I find doctors that set up sites and services like this are not usually the best doctors. How much did you have to pay?

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Hi Carla35,

I am not sure if he does pro bono work but he seems like a decent sort, how about checking him out? Try to call him at
(802) 254-4765

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