Naturally relieve high blood pressure

kaliyahNovember 27, 2007

I have been told that my blood pressure is getting high and they want me to get on medications. I do not want to do this. Does anyone know of anything that can help me reduce my blood pressure naturally.

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Giving up salt can really help, but I left going on meds too long and as a result, my kidneys are failing. I had no idea that could happen. My blood pressure now is tightly controlled with 3 meds, but it is too late for me to reverse the kidney damage. Don't play around with this! I hope you get good suggestions on things to try, but if they don't work, be prepared to take your meds.

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Absolutely! Lose some weight, even 10 lbs can make a difference of several points in your blood pressure. Cut back on things high in salt and fat, like chips, bacon, sausage. Begin an exercise program, something easy you can make a daily part of your life. 20 minutes 5 times a week will help.

In the meantime, start the medication if your doctor wishes. Think of it as a temporary measure to keep you safe while you make some lifestyle changes - under your doctors guidance. Keep checking in with your doctor, make sure he knows what steps you are taking on your own. Later, with his/her blessing, you may be able to keep it low enough without the meds, or at least a reduced dose.

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I agree with taking the meds until you can control it on your own. It's nothing to mess with. My friend just had a heart attack at 42, because he didn't follow doctor's instructions and thought he could cheat as long as he was on meds.

I had a friend years ago who refused to go on meds, and ended up having a age 37.

Please, in the case of high blood pressure, don't take chances.

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I heard of a product called hyperexol I think it is. It is for lowering blood pressure naturally. I have been thinking about ordering it but I don't want to try something that doesn't work. Has anyone tried it?

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I also have high BP and take a diuretic and Lotensin. I don't really like taking meds, they always seem to have side effects. I upped my exercise, trying to do 25 min on the treadmill 5x per week. Also, I lost 5 lbs. Although not terribly overweight, I should lose about 10 more lbs. Losing weight does help, my BP went down for a time. Then I stopped losing the weight (the Holidays, you know!) and it went up again.

Doctors just want to give you meds, they don't have the time to do anything else.

I think the diuretic has dehydrated me because I wake up with a headache many mornings. I also have a stuffy nose in the morning which goes away as the day goes on. I guess it's from the dry air in the winter. We can't put a humidifier on the furnace, so I just put a bucket of water in my bedroom.

I was never allergic to anything before, but as I age, I seem to mind certain scents, etc. (Like scented candles) I think this is one of those situations where I have to figure out what's causing the headaches, etc. I do see the health provider on a regular basis.

I would love to stop taking the meds, we'll see how well I do with losing weight and exercising. My chloresterol is also borderline, but I refuse to take statins. My DH took them and had joint pain.

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Hyerexol is advertized on internet and I tried it but did not work for me.
I am angry because I paied $114 for this remedy.
To be honest, I was wondering if what I got is real thing or not.
I thought about sending this to laboratory to find out if this is real thing or not but I don't want to pay to laboratory.
I am sure I am not only person who did not get money back.
When I typed 'Hyperexol doesn't work' on search engine, I found some messages posted by people who used Hyperexol.

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