Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks -- feedback?

beedrewSeptember 6, 2006


I'm new here and looking for good/bad feedback from anyone who has used the Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks available for about $1 each from Lowe's. I need an economical floor covering for a basement, going down over cement slab. It also must be a DIY solution as we are on a tight budget and this is a large space.

I saw some Pergo at HD for about the same price but was told not to buy Pergo-type unless I was willing to spend at least $4 sq ft. Plus it would be harder for me and my husband to do the install ourselves, as we're newbies.

Years ago I used peel-and-stick vinyl tiles in a condo that I owned, and it worked out GREAT -- looked wonderful and never peeled up. My neighbors bought it after seeing my floor. But I think it was an Armstrong product and they aren't making peel-and-stick vinyl planks anymore -- pretty much nobody is except Novalis. Plus I had no kids then and had the $$ for professional installation.

I brought home samples of the four available colors Lowe's has -- Golden Oak, Natural Oak, Gunstock Oak, and Summer Cherry. All of the Oak ones have an embossed pattern to them -- an attempt to look like wood grain. The Summer Cherry is more smooth, but it's somewhat dark for a basement and it looks like it will show dust more than the other ones.

So I am wondering, for those who might have used this product:

- How does it hold up? Any edges peeling up?

- Easy / hard to keep clean?

- Does it look "fakey" -- any more than Pergo sometimes does?

- How do you like the color you chose? Is the embossing a problem?

Any feedback at all would be most welcome.



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This summer my husband and I installed the natural oak Novalis planks all through our home (over 1200 sq. ft.). It cost about $1,500 including material, primer and sales tax. I absolutely love it. I think it looks as good as the laminates I've seen, at least better than the cheeper ones. It was really easy to install. No one who has seen it has guessed it's a vinyl tile. No edges peeling up yet. Easy to clean. Love the natural oak color. Our walls weren't all perfectly square (seems this is common). It was really easy to trim the vinyl plank to fit flush to the wall and/or any irregular areas. Quite frankly I don't understand people's love affair with laminates. If one gets damaged you have to really know what you're doing or hire a professional to replace it. In our case, we would have had to spend a lot of money on trim pieces to cover the l/2 in. gap required next to the walls etc. The novalis could be trimmed to fix exactly doing away with the need for trim. Obviously I absolutely love it.

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check out NAFCO vinyl tile, its glue down and very very tough stuff. It will last a lot longer and you will get your money's worth. We put it down in a lot of high rise beach condo's and adam homes. They even have wood planks.

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I love my novalis gunstock oak planks. We are using it in a basement. It was either the vinyl planks or tile, and easy installtion and great price won out. I love the way they look. I found one it middle that had a little pebble underneath so it wasn't laying down correctly. I was able to pull it out and put a new one right down. It's so cheap that we will certainly buy an extra box to use in case of damage.

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I have used the Novalis golden oak planks in my living room and dining room (concrete slab), as well as two bedrooms (plywood), three walk in closets and a hall way. The planks have been down in my living room and dining room for two years.

I have two dogs, three cats, a teenager, and a messy husband. I have to say that the planks look amazing and have worn like iron. I opted for the planks over wood or laminate because of the animals - I didn't want their occasional accidents to damage expensive laminate
(especially the possibility of warping or delaminating) and wanted to be able to pull it up in small sections if it were to get scratched or gouged. I have not had to pull even one up. I think this stuff is amazing.

I have to say though that it is important to prep the floor as the manufacturer instructs. I had a problem in one area that I did not prep well, and had two or three tiles lift up just a hair. I used a hair dryer to warm up the area - to soften the glue and then put a heavy book on it and let it sit for a few hours. Problem solved.

If you place these over plywood, it is important that you level the seams between the plywood sheets or you will have a ridge that can be seen through the vinyl.

I think that the golden oak looks most like real wood.

Best of luck.

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Thanks to the posters here, I did my living room in the Novalis vinyl planks. I used golden oak. My one regret is that I was thinking of mixing two colors, like half "Golden Oak" and half "Natural." They use that wilder look a lot on EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER, and I kind of wish I took the risk.

They recommend rolling with a rental roller or regular rolling pin the day of installation. I bought a rolling pin and shouldn't have bothered. Skating around in my socks was fine.

I put them over an existing vinyl floor, so I painted that floor first with cheap latex paint, let dry, before putting them down. Since my underlying slab floor was hand done and a little uneven, a few edges did pop up but I placed books on them for a few days, with a gallon of water on top, and that stuck them down fine.

I was in million dollar home recently, with some wood floors and I liked the look of my fake floor better. Mine has a stronger grain pattern. This floor is just as real looking as the grain grooved Pergo, which I think is $4 or more a foot, and at nearly all light angles resembles real wood.

I've had wood floors, and although you can get great wood products now with oxide tough finishes, my floor would have required underlayment, and levelling that would have been way too much work and expense. Plus, call me crazy, but I like the quiet and feel of this vinyl over wood.

I don't know how it wears yet. The wear layer seems pretty tough, but it is thin, similar to Pergo.

According to the directions, if one gets damaged, you can use a hair dryer to pull it up and replace it. I did pergo a few years back in a bedroom, dropped a hammer on it, and ended up buying a $7 patch kit and the patch doesn't even look good, so there's a rug over that area now.

On a large open floor, one will get repeated boards that anyone looking at the floor and thinking about it, can pick out. But, I think the grain assortment was pretty good. I liked the grain patterns. This floor does not scream "fake" at all as many Pergo floors do. The grooves enhance the real-ness of it considerably.

Bring a sample home if you want to decide which color looks better with your home. I think the "Natural" (lighter) color would look more modern whereas the golden oak looks a bit richer and more traditional. I have a lot of light (windows and skylights) in my living room so the golden oak looks vibrant and great.

My old dog, even with the grooves in the planks, still slips lengthwise, so I had to use the same area rugs I used with the old vinyl, which was even slicker. If you have an old dog and don't want to put down rugs, I'd suggest buying something with an aluminum oxide finish almost like sandpaper. The product I liked, was just discontinued at Home Depot, so I got these groovy vinyl planks at Lowes, thinking my dog would feel safe on it. He's okay, when moving slowly, but he does slip and panic on it.

Lowes also had a Bamboo product with a very tough finish, that was non-skid, but it would have ended up costing 10x as much as this, when everything was factored in, because of having to level my uneven floor.

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Glad to hear you are so happy with it. Unfortunately a lot of people won't even consider it since it's a peel and stick. If Novalis would spend even a fraction of what Pergo spent on advertising a lot more people would probably use it. It really is a great product. Do you get "dog weeds" (they're like tumbleweeds only made out of dog fur)? Around here they also have some cat fur added in. I'd much rather vacumn up dog weeds than have all that fur etc. sticking in the carpet.

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Hi there
I just got 25 novalis natural oak planks that i want to install over existing old ceramic tile in a small bathroom. (apartment rental so i'm not looking to have a lot of expense or time in this project). The floor is relatively level but of course it's uneven where the grout lines are and also there are some small areas where the tile has just sunken in and looks dented. Do I definitely need to apply floor leveler in order to do a good job on this floor? And do you have to apply and trowel the whole floor in order to get it level or can you just do the areas where there are problems? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS A LOT!


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Yes, you do need to apply a floor leveler or you will see that pattern through the new vinyl. I would prepare to do the entire floor. It's a small bathroom, so it's not going to take much leveler or that much labor (though bathrooms are putzy in having lots of items in a smaller space).

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You should probably check with your landlord before you do it. The leveler is likely to make a mess of the tile which the landlord could consider as damage.

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I see that many of you have used this product. I myself have been looking at it. I am considering using it in my kitchen and possibly my entry, LR and hall. I have also been following a post on decorating of someone that is installing now.

Does anyone have pics of their Novalis?? I would love to see some.


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I know I'm digging up an old thread, but before I re-did my kitchen floor, I snooped around on the 'net and read this thread and one other here about the Novalis.

Thanks to all of you, I just replaced my kitchen floor with Novalis golden oak about three weeks ago. It was easy even for this grandma do do, and I absolutely love it! My old floor was white and showed everything. This one is a dream to keep looking clean and perfect. I laid this floor right on top of my old vinyl because it was in great condition, flat and smooth. So all I did was clean it.

I just got this table from Craigslist tonight, and the guy brought it over for me and even carried it up and put it in my kitchen. The coffee table (and the leg of my shelving unit on the right of the pic) are solid oak. Even with the oak coffee table sitting on it, the fellow was absolutely astonished when I told him the kitchen floor is vinyl. :D

I highly recommend this floor!

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Thanks for posting the picture! Nice to read a thread in which everyone is so happy with their results.

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Wow I saw the post of your table find in the decorating forum and noticed what nice floors you had. I had no clue that that was vinyl. Does it REALLY look that nice in person? Way to go!!

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Wow! Great picture! DH and I have been looking into redoing our floors off and on for a while, and he's been stuck on these peel and stick planks since we first saw them at Lowes. I was wary about the peel-up aspect (bad experiences with bad peel and stick tile in the past) and it's great to see people have been doing so well with them! All I had seen before this thread was posts from people who did bathrooms or basements... we need to do the whole house! Wish it came in more colours though. We love the look of DARK hardwood floors.

Anyone got a long-term update on how their floors are holding up before we take the plunge?

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Mine is holding up well. I really really love it. I am so glad I did the Novalis. After over a year I have absolutely no regrets. I just wish I had done it sooner.

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Thanks, Kksmama. It's good to know we're helping one another. I love the Garden Web!

Sheila, I think it really does look good. Go check it out at Lowe's, lay a few strips on the floor and see what you think. Thanks! It was a dream to lay.

Sketchur, I had bad experience with peel and stick in the past too. I wouldn't have done it had the folks here not given me the confidence to take the plunge. I'm highly tempted to do the whole house in it tpo. Are you concerned about resale value, though? You don't like any of the colors it comes in? I used to have a parquet floor stained in a very dark walnut, along with dark walnut trim, kitchen cabs, etc. I found all that darkness depressing, but then I live near Seattle where it rains a lot.

Gerri thanks so much for adding that! What room(s) did you do? Did you, or would you do a whole house in it?

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Basically I did do the whole house in it - living room, dining room, hall and 3 bedrooms. The kitchen and utility room had been done prior in a square peel & stick that has been dowm many years. In the kitchen we only had one piece come loose. We did over 1200 sq. ft. of the Novalis at a cost of less than $1500. If we were to sell, I'm sure we'd have to do something different (probably give the buyer's a flooring allowance), but in the meantime I have what I really like and it doesn't take long to get your money's worth out of a floor this cheep. I didn't want a floor that I had to constantly worry about being damaged. I have a chahuahua with periodic bladder problems that causes occasional accidents and a cat that feels the need to give me a gift of a hairball occasionally. Wipes right up with no problem. I absolutely love the novalis flooring. If novalis would spend even a fraction of what Pergo does on advertising, I'm sure it would be a more popular product.

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Thanks Gerri. I feel like you do -- with five dogs I'm tired of fussing over floors. I would love to just not worry about them any more, and have easy cleanup. I really like the way the Novalis looks in my kitchen.

Could you possibly share some pics of how it looks in other rooms of your house? Do people generally think it's wood?

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Unfortunately I don't know how to post pictures. Sorry. With 5 dogs you will get what my daughter calls "dog weeds". They're like tumble weeds, but made out of dog hair. Of course, they're easy to clean up. Everyone who has seen the floor thinks it looks great. They know it's not wood, but can't decide what it is. No one has ever guessed that it's peel and stick vinyl. When I tell them what it is they look at me like they think I might be kidding them.

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I just installed the "golden oak" planks from Lowes. I laid about 500 square feet on one side of the basement, extending from the landing, through the hallway, and throughout the entire game room. Man, this stuff looks good but it is very tedious work. For my install, I figure it took about just over 1 minute per plank. With 500 planks, that's over 500 minutes, which if my math is correct, was about 9 hours (spread over 3 nights for me). I almost developed 2 blisters on my right hand from using the razor blade knife so much (and my hands aren't exactly soft either). And to try to get a good stick, I tip-toed on each plank before moving onto the next one. That's probably why it took so long. Last night after I finished, I looked at my work, and noticed the ones I had laid on the previous 2 nights were starting to peel on the edges. You could tell they weren't sticking also by tapping your finger nails on the planks and hearing a "hollow" tapping sound. I had several planks peeling up, and several more with the hollow sound. Guess I'll have to break out the heat gun and get the glue sticky, then try the "stacking books and water jugs method."

Overall, I am happy. They look amazing and my wife absolutely loves it!! 110% approval. And with the 10% off coupon, it was 89 cents a square foot. Nice!!

I'll add some pictures soon.

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Pics of my dirty floor (not quite done yet at this point, obviously, but you get the gist)

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Hello! Sorry to keep beating on this dead horse but we're also thinking of the vinyl planking. We'd like to use it in the living room,dining room, a hall, and possibly the kitchen. I'm concerned about resale, though. Personally, from some of the compliants I've seen/heard as to the laminates and hardwoods(noise, costly repair, damages), I'd prefer the vinyl.

Any thoughts or experiences on the resale aspect of this application?


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I suspect it could be a problem on resale, but no matter what kind of flooring you have some people are not going to like it. If you were planning on selling in a year or two I probably wouldn't do vinyl planks. If you think you're going to be there a while I'd do it. It's a very cheep floor if you can do it yourself (we did over 1200 sq. ft. for less than $1500). It doesn't take many years to get your money's worth. When you do sell, you could give a flooring allowance for the buyers to get whatever kind of floor they want. No matter what kind of flooring you install, if it's enough years chances are it would need to be replaced to sell.

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I was at Lowes today looking at vinyl tile and saw the Novalis vinyl planks in golden oak and ended up getting them to replace my very old vinyl tile floor. I spent all of $250.00...that's $150.00 less than the old Armstrong vinyl tile floor I did years ago. I can't wait to install them. I have to paint the cabinets and walls first before the new furniture arrives. Richie

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Does the vinyl outgas? I bought a vinyl shower curtain liner and had to throw it out since it outgassed so much. I could not handle the outgassing. I love the look of the golden oak vinyl planks in frorule's picture. Thank you Frorule! I am now thinking that is the way to go for my home office if there is no outgassing of the product.

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I recently installed about 20sqft of this stuff in my 1/2 bath, very easy, took me 30mins, the prep work and removal and reinstall of the toilet took longer. I did not notice any funny smell from the vinyl planks either.

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Richard, can you post pictures? I'd love to see more pictures of this stuff installed... especially from those who did their whole house.

I never noticed any smell from it.

Mine sees a lot of spills, and a lot of dog toenail traffic. So far it's holding up beautifully. I'm glad I did it.

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For anyone who's had the Novalis planks for awhile, how are they doing with shifting? I have a peel-and-stick vinyl floor now, and I hate the way the tiles shift and leave little gaps.

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I'm a newbie to the site. I jsut bought the Natural Oak for my basement. The floor is tile and some concrete where the tiles are missing. Do I use a floor leveler over the entire room, or just where the concrete is? The basement is 450 sq.ft.


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We have a new addition I'd like to put this down in. It's plywood subfloor that has drywall dust, and basic building dirt on it.
Other than vacuuming well and maybe wet mopping, what type of other prep work am I looking at?
Should I put a coat of acrylic on first or go with the bare wood at installation?


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One quick question that I haven't seen anyone ask or answer is:

Is it possible to lay these vinyl planks over stairs?

I'd LOVE to be able to lay this flooring but IDK if it will be possible to do over stairs in a tri-level home!


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I will try to answer some questions - we've just laid this in our entire first floor and are planning to do the upstairs bedrooms as well. We laid ours down over a concrete slab - removing carpet and old linoleum so all surfaces were the same height. We used Henry Floor patch & leveler to fill in some holes in the concrete and where the carpet tack strips were. I would suggest this if you were laying it over conrete and there are holes.

You have to clean whatever floor you're laying it over really really well first. We then used Henry Self Stick Tile Primer - it is sold at Lowes and is latex. It's not sticky, but it will create a base for the tiles to stick to. We just poured it out and rolled it on with a regular paint roller.

As far as laying them on stairs, it could be done. You'd have to buy that metal stair nose tho and I'm not sure how it would look. We just ripped our carpet up and stained existing treads to match the Novalis.

Here are a few pictures....






You can see the novalis on the bottom of the picture and it matches the treads pretty well!!!

We're planning on using it upstairs in the hall and all four bedrooms. I am so pleased with how it looks and wear so far. We've gotten tons of compliments on it and a few friends have gone out and bought it themselves. Good luck to everyone! It's a great product!

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I live in a manufactured home. I have been told peel and stick tiles do no work very well on my Florida home. I hate to spread peel and stick. Vinyl cement makes for a messy job. I need good advice.

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Hey everyone,

I posted a while ago about my Novalis planks. I remain pretty happy about them with one exception. In between some of the planks you can see a thin strip of the grey that's under the flooring image. I wonder if it's because the floor might not be perfectly level?

In some cases it looks like there's a little tiny gap between planks where I can slide a fingernail in, but in others, the gaps look very tight and I can't.

Dunno. But...I tried heating and walking all over them, weighing them down, etc. No luck.

So, I was thinking I might have to pull some up, run some brown ink or something on them, and put them down again.

Maybe there's a better work around.



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andi956, Thanks for letting me know one disadvantage. I am now thinking of trying the novalis since I just love the pictures above so much! I like that others say there was no noticeable smell. I wonder how I would have to prep the cement floor after I removed my carpet to make sure the planks will be level. I am going to smell them in the store and make a decision. I am not handy and have a hurt back now from a car accident or I wuld try to install them myself. Also I need strong people to move everything out of my home office to install the tiles.

Thank you everyone! I think I will stop worrying about resale value if I find the tiles are waterproof and soft to walk on and look nice. I have 4 little dogs so I want something that in case one makes an accident, I can clean it up. I have been going back and forth on either engineered wood floating floors, porcelein ceramic tile or the Novalis Vinyl Flooring.

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We just put down Gunstock, from Novalis down in the office. It went down easily with no trouble. So far, I love it. We are planning on putting it down in the living room and dining room later this year. We did the office first so we could see how the floor went down and how it wears. We still have to put down quarter round but here is a picture so you can see the color. Please ingore the UGLY recliner in the room, it is there while I shop for a new reading chair.

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michief329, The Gunstock looks wonderful in your room. Thanks for sharing.

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Lynn - It's not necessarily a disadvantage. It's just something to watch out for. I need to decide if I want to pull it all up and try to REALLY tighten it or maybe stain the edges with a furniture pen or live w/ it.

No smell from mine.

I did notice a few dull looking boards. Guess I would just do it in very bright light and watch every row closely. I think a few of mine got away from me.

As for leveling, you can buy cement (Henry's?) that you mix and it's a self leveling kind of thing. I got it at Lowe's in the flooring dept.

Good luck.

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We have a new addition I'd like to put this down in. It's plywood subfloor that has drywall dust, and basic building dirt on it.
Other than vacuuming well and maybe wet mopping, what type of other prep work am I looking at?
Should I put a coat of acrylic on first or go with the bare wood at installation?

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Catkin: as far as I know you have to put a certain product down on wood. You can't peel-n-stick on plywood. This is why DH and I decided to go with the Allure vinyl planks (from HD) which stick to eachother and not the floor.
If you go to Lowes, they'll tell you what you need.

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We are in the process of installing the golden oak Novalis floor planks in our son's home. I was wondering what you use to clean them? Do you use a special cleaner, vinegar, or just a damp mop? Thanks so much for any help you can give me. I love how they are looking and the bargain price. This thread has been very helpful. RJ

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Catkin: You can use the Henry's latex stuff with the 546 patch additive. Should be on the same aisle at lowe's with the vinyl but just ask and they can tell you.

RJ - Yes...just damp mop. Box directions will tell you. Just no harsh cleaners.

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Thanks Andi!!! I asked my husband if it said anything on the box and he gave me one of those deer in the headlights look. Guess I should have looked first but thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I'm so excited about this floor. My husband finished the bedroom today and it looks great. I can't believe how wonderful this product is. I'm anxious to get home and put it in our bedroom too. Thanks again. RJ

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Happy to help, RJ.
(Don't suppose you have any little gaps in your planks, do you? I kept mine as tightly together as possible, but I think the floor might not be completely level and I think there's some upwards pressure on them. Hate to peel them up, sand them down, etc...but fear that's the direction I'm headed.)

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Thanks, andi!

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I am really interested in doing this in my home, especially since I have two bedrooms where the carpet is trashed. Here in Arizona, we just have concrete underneath carpet padding and carpet, tile, etc., so my first question is this: Could I just put the Novalis peel-and-stick planks on top of the concrete or would I need to put down some sort of underlay? My second question is this: I have no one to help me and my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome make things that are very simple for others (and used to be for me) very hard for me to do, so with this in mind, how difficult do you think this would be to do by myself? Do you think I would be better off hiring someone to help me?

Also, my house (which I recently bought) has some beautiful porcelain tile (in a pattern no longer available) in the kitchen, the bathrooms, and in the living room which appears at first glance to be vinyl because of a polymer coating the prior owners had put on the tile, I think to help reduce the chances of slipping.

There are lots of chips and cracks in the tile in certain areas, and since the pattern is no longer available and the polymer coating doesn't seem to have prevented these chips and cracks, I don't think repair is an option.

Thus, my next questions are the following: Is it possible to install the planks over ceramic tile flooring? If it's possible, though, is it wise? Would I be better off removing the tile first? Any advice or help would be very much appreciated.

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The floors really look incredible. You do such great work; if only you were here in Arizona ... :-)

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Katvil, when I read your post I felt I had to register so I could respond. I have never been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, but I am very highly sensitive to stress. I installed Novalis planks in my room on Tuesday, and based on my experience I would recommend that you find a good friend to help you with it. It's easy enough to cut and stick the planks down, but it's just very tedious and for me it was exhausting. By the end of the night I was so worn out I thought I would lose it, and my nerves were left in that horrible sensitized state. Granted, I'm the kind of person who wants to get a project done in one day, so I worked 8 hours straight on my bedroom floor (10'x11'). I did have someone helping me by doing some of the cutting, but I did all of the sticking down. I pushed those planks together tightly, and the next day I felt like I'd done 100 push-ups.

Perhaps if you break this job up into little increments instead of doing it all in one day like I did you would be okay. I also had a concrete floor under carpet to work with. The prepping of the floor took the longest, and should be taken into consideration when choosing your flooring. There are other options out there (floating floors) that don't require the patching, sanding, and leveling that the Novalis planks do. The Novalis planks are very inexpensive, but then we had to spend more money on materials (not to mention time and energy) to prep the floor, so it all evens out.

I had read this thread many times as a lurker before trying the Novalis, and was surprised by the odor. Someone here had asked about outgassing and was told that the planks don't smell. Mine sure do! They have a weird smell that is identical to that of a roast pork dish from our neighborhood Cuban restaurant. Hopefully that will dissipate.

All in all I'm pleased with how it turned out. It looks pretty good, and was necessary in my room because there is a pipe in the wall that springs a leak every few years. I was also pleased to find that the tiles could be cut with scissors after being scored with the utility knife. I just wish I hadn't exhausted myself with the prepping and the installation. I still have the baseboards to cut and install, but after two days of rest I'm still tired.

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Thanks sue for letting me know about the odor so that means the floors due outgas with most of the outgassing intially which would bother my allergies. But they sure look nice. Please post pics.

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You're welcome, Lynn. It doesn't smell as strong now, but that could be because the smell of the caulk from the baseboards has replaced it. I also noticed my first scuff mark today. It's right in front of the doorway, so I may just pull that plank up and replace it before I put down the transition strip.

My remaining dilemma is that the door frames around the door and the closet don't reach all the way to the floor. When we pulled up the carpet we found that there was a half inch gap there. I don't know how to fix that.

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I had posted pictures up above of my incomplete project. Here are some finished pics. The vinyl "wood" strips are holding up very well. They look more like hardwood than laminate. We have a boxer with sharp nails and she hasn't made any scratches on it yet.

I had mentioned that edges were peeling up in my previous post, but I feel I overexaggerated. It is very hard to tell visually that they aren't sticking to the floor perfectly. I experience no shifting, and they certainly don't omit any odor. Really, the only way you can tell the adhesive isn't completely stuck to the floor is when you're playing ping pong in our game room and the ball sometimes doesn't bounce up high like it should after landing on the flooring.

I found a real oak wood strip at Lowes as my transition between my novalis and carpet. I stained it using minwax "early american" color wood stain and it matches almost perfectly as you can see below. I then varnished it and drilled/screwed it to the concrete floor.

Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. My husband and I chose the Novalis flooring to put down in my sewing room as I didn't want carpet. The floor is plywood and had some seams that weren't level. I leveled them using joint compound instead of the self leveling compound simply because I had the joint compound already. These planks are the easiest flooring product I have ever worked with, and looks more like real hardwood than pergo or any of the laminates I have seen. There is a slight odor when it is first put down as with any new vinyl product, but we left the window in the sewing room open for a couple of days and that was the end of it. So far, there is no lifting or shifting and a damp mop is all I have had to use to keep it clean. We are so pleased with the product, we have decided to use it in our entire house which we are in the process of remodeling anyway. This weekend, we went back to Lowes and bought every last box of golden oak they had...which wasn't much, but they assure us they will be getting more in soon. Our dilemma at this point is our stairs. Originally carpeted, we decided we would refinish them. As it turns out, the wood used to make the treads is a poor grade of wood, and regardless of sanding, etc, looks terrible. So, we have decided to take the plunge and put this vinyl flooring on the steps. We will, of course, do a couple of "test steps" before we use up so much of the product. The challenge here will be the fronts of the actual treads. We don't want to use any of the avaiable stair nose for obvious reasons. What we have decided to try is cutting a strip of the vinyl to fit the stair front, covering the edge of the vinyl on the stair tread. This leaves the grey colored edge of the front exposed. I used minwax early american stain to just touch this edge (prior to installing)and it looks like it is going to blend nicely. My biggest worry is: will these fronts stay on? Hence the "test stairs". If they don't, we do have an alternate plan. We will purchase a sheet of oak veneer and veneer the fronts of the steps, staining it to match. I feel confident that this will work if we take the time to properly prep and make sure to roll even the fronts which can be done with a wall paper or veneer roller. Wish us luck...I'll post pics when we get them done, but it will be a while as we're having to do some work on the walls first.

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All of your floors look great! Now I am interested in this too. I checked the Lowes' website & can't find this tile. Where did everyone get theirs?

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marti8a - This product, like so many of Lowes products, doesn't seem to be listed on their website. They are the only retail dealer I know of. There are other places that sell to contractors only, so Lowes is your place. They carry it in all of their stores as far as I know, and it is in the aisle with the rest of the peel and stick tiles. Good luck!

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Hi Sue,
You may have already solved this, but if not, you could get quarter-round and attach it to the baseboard and that would hide the gap.

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To sue94:
You may have already solved your problem, but if not, you could attach quarter round to your baseboard and that would hide the gap.

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LOVE our gunstock as it blends with BOTH dark furniture and light. We put it everywhere except bathrooms and have enough left, we may do them as well.

We visited about 5 Lowes to get enough for 1400 sq ft from the same LOT number. Was that critical? I suspect with vinyl it wouldn't matter much? Didn't catch anyone else commenting on this?

Needed a solution for groundfloor FL humidity. Never been a fan of laminate due to hollow sound. Love hardwood but didn't have money and didn't want to risk water problem in 40-year-old building.

Friends have been fooled by this vinyl. It's pet-friendly other than slipping as someone else pointed out but we don't worry about scratches or accidents. We have a Roomba floor vac--amazing solution to pet hair and dust. Just let it go and it gets in corners and edges, better job than I expected. We use it more often than we'd sweep that's for sure, EASY.

With re-sale...I do think a realtor would advise against vinyl if you're selling in near future. But good short-term solution for us (needed to get rid of old, mildewed carpet), we love it so much it may last longer than we'd planned! I think it's fairly easy for a new buyer to deal with--a lot easier than solving ceramic tile they don't like. What's everyone going to do when 18" ceramic tile goes out and every home has it everywhere? What a headache!

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My husband and I put this in our dining room, kitchen and laundry room this past summer. I love the look of this. We are not professionals and it as very easy to put down. So far not the first problem.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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skeetern, which species wood plank did you buy? Is this the Golden Oak Vinyl Planks or the Gunstock Oak Vinyl Planks? Your floor looks great in the dining room.

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This is Golden Oak. I love it. What I love about it is it rarely shows dirt. It is not slippery all when wet. Our refrigerator ice maker hose sprang a leak. I thought for sure we would have panels lifting. Nope not one came up. One cool thing I like is one day I was standing on my cabinets (I am only 4'11)and dropped a glass plate from that height. It did make a gash in the floor. But my Husband took this plank up and put a new one down. For about one dollar the damage was repaired and in less than a minute. You cannot do this when the laminate flooring that snaps together.

I wanted to ask citymomof3 if she ever check in on here. How is your kitchen holding up with the kitchen throw rugs? I wanted to get some but the box that these came in recommends one not to use them.

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I have been thinking about gettig the Noalis as a cheaper flooring alternative. The problem is that I am going to sell my townhouse in 3 years and dont know if I will have to replace the flooring if I put Novalis down. Any feedback???

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Wow, the Gunstock looks great, thanks for posting that pic.

I've had no peeling up, no shifting, no outgasing, and certainly no complaints. It's been over a year and I still love, love, love this floor. It's warm and attractive, hides dirt, is quiet to walk on, and is easy to clean. It looks as good today as the day I laid it. I laid it right on top of old sheet vinyl, btw.

Someone mentioned glue. It says right on the package do not use glue with these. Just peel the paper off the back and stick the tile down. I thought it was very easy to install.

I just had engineered hand scraped maple floors put in (almost as dark as the gunsock floor pictured above) and my kitchen Novalis floor looks just fine next to the real wood floor.

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I started with the bedroom it looks good but I am having issues with it sticking down. It did have an odor for a few days. I can imagine any vinyl product being odor free. It was no more that a new shower curtain and went away within a few days. I am holding up on doing more floring until i figure why its not sticking. I prept the floor with a latex sealer as it said in the instructions.Any advice would be appreciated.

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We went to Lowes and talked to the guy and he said we would have to smooth out our floor before laying it. Has anyone laid it over concrete slab without "skimming" it. I don't even know what is involved in that but he said it was difficult. Someone else at Lowe's said we just have to paint on somekind of primer or something so it would stick.



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When you install this in a bathroom, do you have to remove the toilet or can you just cut around it? Thanks.

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I had ordered a beautiful shower curtain online made of vinyl and I could not handle the outgasing even after a few days so I had to air it outside for 2 weeks and it still smelled to me so I had to give it away and buy a vinyl liner with a polyester shower curtain.

My Cadence Vertical Blinds from Hunter Douglas outgassed for months and now I don't smell anything and have no allergies around them. They are made of thick PVC.

I guess that is why I am afraid of the vinyl due to my allergies to the materials it is made out of. I really love the look and Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks would be great in my laundry room if I was sure the outgassing would go away 100% since I have no windows in the room and I hang clothes up to dry in there on a pole.

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We just installed about 400 SF of gunstock Novalis in our living room. I have a few observations and a question.

First, I LOVE this product. The ease of installation and overall look is awesome. I will upload some photos later.

A question I had: I specifically chose Novalis over the Trafficmaster Allure b/c of reports of scratching and shine marks on the Allure, as well as peeling edges. I am having NO problems with any edges peeling or showing, but the ability of this product to get these shiny scratches on it is crazy. We have only had it installed for a week and already the floor is covered with them. It seems to happen very easily, even with the dog's nails clipped and felt pads under the furniture. It isn't something that shows in all lights, but is VERY visible when the light hits the floor at an angle. I've tried so many products to remove these marks, from a magic eraser, to vinyl cleaner, to buffing with an eraser. Nothing seems to work. I even tried Old English dark scratch remover. The marks do not go through the wood "picture", they are just shiny streaks in the plank.

So has anyone else experienced this? I notice most of you have the Golden Oak, maybe this is a problem specific to the Gunstock since it's so dark.

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I also used Novalis gunstock in my living room and have had it for over 2 years. I have 3 dogs that are always running around and have not had a problem with shiny scratches. I have noticed one or two planks got a white streak down the side which went through the wood picture, that I have had to replace. Other than that, I have been very pleased as it seems to hold up so much better with the dogs running around than the carpet did! Have you tried e-mailing the company about it--I e-mailed them with a question one time and they answered fairly quickly.

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this stuff is sounding super! I have about 1400 sq ft to refloor myself. and it's been adding up as I check around on laminate flooring and vinyl (kitchen) and carpet. my boyfriend is trying to get me to put more carpet in - so he doesn't have to do laminate floors - I'm sure!
but with 2 dogs etc I'm thinking this sounds better. I read some reviews on different laminate floors and they were scratching from toe nails...

keep posting pics if you can - love seeing how it looks in different rooms, areas etc.

btw, I would never have guessed from what I see in the pics that it was peel and stick. I've also had a dislike for peel n stick flooring. I've found some I like but keep passing on it as a real option. maybe I'll rethink that!

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Here are some pics of the Gunstock.

Here is a close-up of the scratches I'm talking about.

Like I said earlier it isn't a deal-breaker for me, they are only visible in daylight from certain angles. I did use some Johnson one-step no buff wax and that has helped. The scratches do not go through the "picture".

Overall I love this product. I am surprised to not see this complaint elsewhere since I did research this product extensively. Maybe it is a problem with this batch? In any case I may just call the company and see what they say. Thanks for your feedback, Sammie, I was thinking maybe this was just a problem with the darker Gunstock but now by your post I don't think so.

I would still recommend this product.

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Your floor looks great! Love the dog also! I have really enjoyed this floor--so much easier to clean up messes on it than carpet, and it looks great also. Hope you find a solution to the scratch problem--if I hear of anything I will let you know.

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Has anyone ever tried the Novalis planks that require glue? We are looking at the Autumn Rustic color in the Providence line, which runs at about $2 a square foot. I'd really appreciate some feedback or pictures on that. We checked out the sample board at Lowe's but I hate that we can't see the full color pattern, and I actually called Novalis to see about getting more samples, but they don't do samples and won't break up packages.

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I am thinking of using the Novalis myself. We have engineered wood from Home Depot. After three weeks the floors were scratched and dented. We don't even wear shoes in my house or have pets. They will not stand behind it and now after almost a year we are going to replace the floors.

I'm trying to decide between the oak color and the gunstock. Here is a pic of my kitchen with the cabinets and you guys tell me what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sandy523, which engineered wood species is on your floor now and what is the brand's name and width?

Why don't you buy a few planks of the Golden Oak and a few planks of the Gunstock and take a picture of the vinyl planks on the floor to help us give you our opinion?

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Sandy523, the floor you have now is gorgeous. It looks like it's a darker shade than the Novalis Golden Oak. It's probably a good idea to bring samples home to try next to your cabinets, if that's possible.

Lynn2006, if it makes any difference that porky smell I mentioned earlier went away after a couple of weeks. Mind you, I'm unable to open my bedroom window so it probably would've only taken a few days if I had.

After almost 9 months my floor looks pretty much the same as it did the first week. I made a scuff mark in it right away when I reinstalled my closet doors, but it's not noticeable enough to replace the plank. I'd post a picture but I don't know how. Anyway, it just looks like the other floors pictured here.

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Well, a bit of an update. The "scratches" in the gunstock are now everywhere there is no furniture. I think it's a combination of things- a very active toddler, a large rambunctious dog (I do clip her nails, but...), and grit being brought in on shoes.

It isn't fair to call them scratches, they are really just shiny streaks on the surface that don't go down into the picture. What I think is happening is that anything being drug across the top of the plank is flattening the grain pattern which then reflects light differently from the rest of the plank. Does this make sense? LOL.

I did something I really didn't want to do and bought mop N glow. It has resolved the appearance of these scratches by at least 90%, by shining the floor equally. I didn't want to do this, I liked the more matte look of the Gunstock, but can't stand the scratches, they just looked like Ka. So now I'll have to wax every couple of weeks between damp mopping AND strip the wax at least once a year, sigh...Having it waxed also makes it look a bit more "vinyley", but does resolve so many of these marks. Does anyone else wax their Novalis?

I still love the look of this floor, ease of installation and price, but if I had known this I'm not sure I would have bought it. But at any rate it's SO much better than the ten year old carpet was. I also think that most likely I'm noticing this a lot more than anyone else just walking into the home would, because I live here and see it every day. I've had people comment on the nice hardwood (what is is, hickory?) ;)

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Sue94, thanks for letting me know that the smell went away after a few weeks but I have to work in the rooms that the smell will be in and I am very chemically sensitive so I do not think this floor would be a good idea for me.

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I am wondering if I'd be nuts to install this flooring throughout my entire home?

I like that I can do the installation myself - unlike Laminate (I don't have the tools/skills).

I have a 1200sq ft home. I'd like to do it in my mudroom first, to see if I like the way it looks.

I have 4 cats (they are not declawed), and 1 80 lb dog.

I may (or may not) be selling my home this year. Wouldn't this peel & stick option be better than leaving nasty floors? I know this may not be best for resale, but my home is worth less than 100k. My home does have original hardwoods from 1920 - but they are in really bad shape. I think to fix them would be cost prohibitive. I have 3 rooms with hardwoods, 1 room with concrete, and a kitchen/laundry/mudroom covered in this ugly white/biege linoleum.

My brother told me to wait until I have the money to buy laminate & have it installed -- however, that would be a very long wait!! Can anyone kind of give me a cost comparison between having laminate installed, and buying this peel & stick and doing it myself? I found laminate for 78 cents a foot - but of course that does not include labor..

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Crazyzoo, yes I would do it if I were you. It's really very attractive. Best of all, you can do it yourself.

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No one else has scratches like reefshadow posted above?

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I put the golden oak in my den about a yr ago. We have now sold the house, and bought another. I loved that Novalis, it still looked as good the day we moved as the day we installed it. We bought more of it for the new house, and as of today, have 3/4 of our den/dining room finished and half the kitchen. I do have a couple of dogs here and a couple of cats, and we do wear our shoes in the house. We have had no problems with it. I do have a comment for a couple of you that mention shifting. The reason it is shifting is that it needs to have a tight fit at the edges of the room, to hold it all in position. If you are leaving a gap at the edges of the room, you will have some shifting.

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I finally completed LR and DR floors. The prep work was horrendous! The old carpet padding had glued itself down to the sub floor and had to be scraped and chiseled up, plus removing staples and nails. That took 2 days. Once started, the Novalis went down easily after the primer dried.
The mirrored plant stands' reflections make it appear that there are starts and stops but the planks actually flow right on down the hallway. Still have to extend cornice box, hang drapes and I'll be done with the largest rooms. Still have 2 bedrooms to go.
I do notice that the chairs with wheels do leave a light mark in certain lights as one of the other posters mentioned on her gunstock planks. It doesn't show up as bad with the golden oak, I think.
You can view all the pics here:

I can't tell you how much I love this floor.

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We have the gunstock in a small hall bath. It has been down one year and I, as well as everyone who see's it, loves it! It was super easy to install (I put it over existing vinyl), but the trial and error cutting the pieces around the toilet did consume some waste. I did have some scratches like the previous poster from the rolling laundry cart, they did however "wipe" away with a damp washcloth and some pressure.

We purchased at Lowes for .98 each but today (03/13/10) we went to get more for a second bathroom and it was on sale .78 each.

I LOVE this product and would definitely recommend it to others.

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I installed about 260 square feet of this product in a hallway and bedroom and I am pleased with it. I have had a couple of pieces that did not stick too well, but overall I am very pleased. I am in the process of installing it in two more bedrooms. I think it is a great alternative to laminate and like the fact that it is very quick and easy to install. My parents have laminate in their home, but I think I prefer this product. I was never a fan of vinyl flooring- mainly because I remember the awful sheet-vinyl from the 70s and 80s, but I think that the products that are available today are much nicer.

I am using the Golden Oak product and have been buying it at Lowe's. Like Christina K, I originally paid $0.98 a square foot, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the price has dropped to $0.78.

My original plan was to install solid bamboo, to match my living room and dining rooms, however, I could not justify the expense at this time- and I really wanted to get rid of the carpet that was in these rooms. I'll do that at some point in the future, but for now I am very happy with the Novalis product.

I'm installing it onto a concrete slab and I am using Henry primer.

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I had put Golden Oak in a small area (4' x 10') at the bottom of my downstairs den, adjacent to a large carpeted area. It's been down for about 4 years, and I loved it; no one could tell it wasn't real wood!

Then ... last week we had a flood; I had to rip out the Novalis and the carpet. I liked the Novalis so much that I want to put it in the entire area.

But I have 2 questions for those of you who have done a large area:
(1) The instructions say to start in the middle of the room and work outward toward the walls. I was thinking of starting on the most visible wall (since I have no moldings and don't want to cut the planks lengthwise on that wall). Do you think that's reasonable?

(2) Did you all just put down the 3' lengths, or did you cut any of the 3' lengths into shorter "boards" - to give a "random length" appearance.


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I have the same questions. I bought enough Novalis to do my entire new house that is currently under construction. It won't be installed for about two months. I don't want a cut peice at my front door.

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We are thinking about putting the Novalis peel and stick in our motorhome. We want to take out the stained and filthy carpet. What we would like to know is, how resistant is this flooring to scratches and dents (depressions) from a slideout going in and out over this flooring? What we have read here really impresses us, so any information regarding putting this flooring in a motorhome would be helpful.

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I just put the Novalis in my den.

I started from the wall that was most visible, so that I wouldn't have to cut the pieces on that wall. And I did not cut any of the strips into shorter pieces to give the true "random length" appearance. The floor looks just fine.

One comment: the color of the Golden Oak that I just installed was significantly redder than the flooring I had put in 4+ years ago. I don't know if the color difference is just a "dye lot" difference or whether the old flooring had bleached out in color. I mention this so that people are aware that color variations will make it impossible to "add on" to an old floor.

In any case, the new floor looks very nice. I hope I don't have any more flooding!

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sooky, can you post a pic of your new floor? thx

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I bought this product to install in my master bedroom/bath. Thinking I could do this myself, but now find that the subfloor is chipboard. Novalis says this is not satisfactory and I need to install plywood underlayment. This calls for power tools and screws and stuff I don't know much about, I think. I'm real disappointed! I wanted to do this myself without having to bother my husband with one more project on his list of Hunny Do's.

Is there any alternative to putting an underlayment over my subfloor? Some type of paint or skim coat or something I can do myself?

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Can I install this product over ceramic tile. Specifically, 8x8 with 1/4 inch grout. Any DIY on this type of install? Finally, how does it feel to walk on this floor w/o the sound of a real wood floor underfoot?

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I'm happy to post some pictures, if someone can explain how!

I have photos on photobucket.

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Based on pics, positve posts, and actually seeing the product at Lowes, I had pretty much decided on purchasing the Novalis vinyl planks. HOWEVER, I then viewed the FAQ section on Novalis' site, and I noted that it said that temperatures above 85 F, "will cause the tiles to buckle and lift." I live in Southern California, where temps often exceeed 85. Has anyone here used this stuff in areas where temps exceed 85?

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Cheeseburger asked:
Finally, how does it feel to walk on this floor w/o the sound of a real wood floor underfoot?

My Novalis floor (on concrete, but with a felt-backed underlayment) definitely does not feel like a real wood floor; I don't know how to describe it, but it doesn't feel or sound like wood. That's one reason that I have put area rugs in places where you walk.

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sooky. 'copy' from photobucket the html code for pic(s) and 'paste' those in post text box here. when you hit preview you should see your pics!

that temp thing might do it in for me - in AZ.

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Do you let the temp go over 85F in your house where the floor will be? The outside temp doesn't matter.

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Here are some pictures

After the flood

Underlayment down

Floor down

All done

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hello, i have been devouring this thread and have a question.

i have a quaker parrot, a jenday conure and 2 sun conures (plus 6 cats and a chihuahua) so obviously i'm interested in the novalis because of them. but i wondered how the novalis does with bird poop? has it harmed the finish? is it easy to clean up?

also, has anyone paid for professional installation? i'm going to do the whole house, but only the living room and hallway to start with--i can't face the chaos of tearing the bedrooms apart yet.


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I have the same problem as "therealmrsdoodlepunk." I bought Novalis for the entire house which has sub-floors. Surely there must be a product to put over a sub-floor so you don't have to put ply wood every where. What a job. What about the felt under layment mentiond above? If you can use it over concrete could you not also use it over a sub-floor. Did every one who wrote in lay it over concrete? Dosen't anyone have wood floors any more?

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After having this product down in most of our home for nearly a year and a half, I'm still in love with it. It is easy to clean, and still looks just as nice as it did the day we put it down. We did go ahead and try it on the stairs, and I don't recommend it. With nothing to hold the planks in place, they shift and separate and end up, in a short time, looking awful.
One poster asked about putting this down over chip board. The manufacturer recommends a plywood subfloor over almost any product that is existing in your home, and I truly believe they do this in order to cover their butts. If you take the time to prime the heck out of the chip board, I see no reason for this not to stick. After all, chip board is just wood pieces glued and compressed together. Plywood or chip board, it's all wood, right?

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To "gbecki49"
Did you lay your Novalis over concrete? Your thinking on Novalis covering their butt sounds reasonable. I don't like the thoughts of having to put plywood down because of all the work. This is a new house and I want to use it in the entire house. Big job. What primer could we use?

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Hmm- I had posted my story and pics earlier this year and don't see them. Oh well.

I put down the Novalis over concrete (last July). It feels just like walking on concrete. There is a bit of an echo if you are talking loud in this room too- nothing to absorb the noise.

I live in the hot desert where temps reach over 100^ every day in the summer. I keep my house 80^ or lower, and haven't seen an issue with the floor yet.

For the poster that asked, I wouldn't recommend putting this over tile and grout. You will see the lines. I couldn't get my concrete floor completely level and flat, and it is noticeable, but it's not atrocious.

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Hi Everyone! I too have been contemplating installing this flooring. I want to install it in the bathroom. On another site I read that you need to caulk around the tub. Has any one used caulk with this flooring? Another poster asked if you have to remove the toilet, do you? How hard is it to cut this material around the toilet? I have no plumbing experience. BTW, all the pictures look GREAT, I am definately sold on this product! (as long as I don't have remove and reinstall he toilet) Also I read here that someone ended up with occasional gaps between the planks and they used stain on the edges, can you use regular stain on this product?? Hmmmm!
Thanks for any info!

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to Cheeseburger:

I have not yet used this product but I have laid self adhesive vinyl tiles that looked like stone over old (1970's) hex ceramic tiles. The vinyl tile I picked out also required an adhesive to be applied with a trowel. I made sure the adhesive filled the grout lines, I did not have any grooves in the vinyl tiles, the hex did not show through. But the adhesive is very very sticky, you only do a small section at a time though. It turned out great, except I didn't know how to make the edges look good against the tub. Also the tiles were very thick, that may have helped.

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You would have to caulk where floor meets tub with any flooring material.

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To: mona68

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I rarely come to this site anymore. We have installed this product over both wood and concrete. It went down fine on both, and has stayed down and still looks great. We even had our 50 gallon water heater dump it's contents and run out onto the flooring that is on concrete. 130 degree water and it still stayed down! The primer you want to use is Henry's. It's in the same aisle as the flooring at most stores. Be sure to use it liberally on the concrete and let it dry thoroughly before installing the flooring. Have fun!

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I finished 1 bedroom floor in Novalis golden oak and am nearly finished with the second. So far, so good and I'd like to share the best tips I learned from this site that have made the job that much easier:

1. A paper cutter makes quick, easy, and square end cuts;
2. Kitchen shears work great for more intricate cuts;
3. Canola oil helps remove adhesive from hands (and floor if you're really messy like I am);
4. Flat floors work best. I had some craters from pulling the carpet tacks out of cement. I filled the craters, but some areas were rougher and the planks take extra effort in those areas to make them stick. It's usually along the edges of the floor. I place full boxes of Novalis along the edges to weight the vinyl planks so they'll stick.
5. Good knee pads help immensely for the rolling pin process!

Thanks to other posters for the helpful tips and the encouragement to get the job done!

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We are looking to put this down over about 1200 ft2 in our new construction house. We are doing this ourselves. I'd like to not have to layer plywood over all the wood subfloors. Could I somehow sand and then coat with the primer? I am SO not looking forward to installing that much ourselves, but the money for installers just isn't an option for us. I am so dreading this part!!!

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I was wondering about how your floors sound with kids and dogs playing on them. We helped our daughter install laminate flooring from Ikea in her home. It looks wonderful, but the clicking of her lab's well trimmed toenails drives me nuts. Do any of you have issues with noise?

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I just laid this today over the existing linoleum in our bathroom. It was not difficult and looks great. I didn't remove my existing baseboards and I think it looks fine up tight against them. I did struggle some with cuts around the door molding but nothing terrible. Does anyone know why it says not to use rubber backed bath mats? Has anyone used one without problems?


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Wanted to thank everyone on this thread for their feedback and photos. We put Novalis gunstock in our master bedroom 2 months ago based on this thread. LOVE IT!!
So much better than the old disgusting carpet the previous owners left.
Only a couple of planks weren't sticking that well, but we put weights on them for a couple of days and they're fine now.
It did scratch, but it was totally my fault. I dragged a small table across the floor that had a screw sticking out of the leg. DOH! It's ok, we just replaced that plank.
The sound is solid and nothing like laminate. The smell was not bad at all and was completely gone in a couple of days (I usually get migraines from smells, but did not.)
My husband and I installed it in 2 afternoons. It went so much faster after we finally used heavy duty kitchen shears to cut.
We just bought a new bed, so after we get that set up I will add photos!

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From what I am reading it sounds like most everyone is putting this floor straight to the concrete. My husband thinks we need a pad down first, any thoughts on this?? And if you did put a pad down first how did you do it?? After reading all the reviews on this flooring I am ready to put some down in my house.

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WOW!! is all i can say were half way done with our dinning room and this stuff is went down fast and easy no mess no fuss we LOVE IT!and if we hadnt bought carpet this is what we would had done for our whole house:)great stuff love pd. i will take pics to show asap

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I really appreciate all the comments posted above. I just bought a condo badly in need of care and new flooring throught except the foyer and bathrooms--which are ceramic tile. Novalis vinyl planks look and sound great, but I am "mobility challenged" and need a wheeled walker/wheelchair to move around. I need a smooth, level but not slippery surface. (And have cats & dog.) I am concerned about some of the earlier comments ("old dog slipping") Has anyone with accessiblity issues like mine had experience with Novalis? Any suggestions for making non-slip? Thanks in advance.

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I did it! It looks and sounds GREAT! No hollow sound like Pergo! I love it, I think it looks very classy and sophisticated. I used Gunstock oak, the darker of the three colors. I got my husband to remove the toilet and I removed the 1/4 round moulding from the baseboard. Removing the toilet is recommended, makes it easier to hide the edges. I also removed the trim around the door so I didn't have to worry about any intricate cuts. I installed the planks right over linoleum, I did not do anything to the linoleum prior to the installation other than clean it with water, it was 5 years old. As I was about 3/4's finished I found it was easier to cut the planks with kitchen shears instead of a utility knife. The prep work (removing toilet, 1/4 round, and dry layout) took longer than actually laying the planks. It was very easy. I still have to put the 1/4 round back on and caulk around the tub but here are some photos. There are 2 with dry layouts going in opposite directions. I searched online to see which way was the proper installation of wood flooring, as it turns out anything goes. I decided to install in the direction that had less cuts.

I am also contemplating installation in our offices. My husband and I just purchased a new building for our school bus company. It used to be a car dealership, then they tried selling motorcycles. They had installed home depot ceramic tiles which buckled during the summer heat, it has been vacant for about year. We pulled up some of the tiles (came up very easily) there is black stuff on the concrete, it looks like remnants of vinyl tiles. If there are no divits in the concrete and it's smooth, what do I have to do to prep for the planks? In the showroom area we will be building walls for offices, and I'd like to install the planks, 1440 sq ft. Thank you for any information and advice anyone can give me.


Well, forget the pictures, I can't paste them here. But here is a link to photobucket to see them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barb's Pictures of Novalis Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Nice pictures, Barb! I like the direction you chose.
As for prepping the other concrete floor - we used Henry's Concrete Primer as suggested by many on this thread. However, i don't know how this will affect the remnants you described on the floor. If it's truly perfectly smooth, I would think go for it.

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Very nice floor, Barb. I am also thinking of installing over bathroom linoleum. Has anyone every installed the vinyl planking without removing the toilet? Would it be pretty easy to cut a rounded line to fit the shape of the toilet?

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After reading this thread, I really think the Novalis may be my answer for new flooring in my small kitchen and laundry area.

One question I've not seen answered is how soon you can move appliances back onto the floor. I don't have a problem letting the floor set overnight, but I'm hoping that the refrigerator, washer/dryer can go back the next day. (I had originally thought I'd use an adhesive under my tile choice, but that sounds like a bad idea and isn't recommended by the manufacturer...which is fine because I can't wait 24-48 hours to walk on it.)

Anyone have any problems with shifting tiles when moving heavy stuff back? For that matter, can you walk on it relatively soon?

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Barb, I dont think you are going to be able to get your office floors smooth enough for the Novalis. There is a product now that you can install that looks like either tile or wood, that snaps together. Guess, it might be called a type of floating floor. Probably a better thing for your concrete, with the residue on it from tile. A floor has to be completely smooth for the Novalis to work well, and look great.

Trailer gal, I am sure you could put it around the toilet without moving the toilet, if you made a paper template for every piece as you were laying the tile. I would also caulk around the toilet, once you were done. That said, however, I would remove the toilet. :-)

Lyricfox, I didnt move my appliances or any furniture out of the rooms, when I laid my floors. There was not anywhere else to put the stuff, so as soon as I had a finished section, everything was moved to that finished section, so guess, the answer to your question, is you can move the appliances back once you are done working in that area. There is no reason to let the floor set over night. It isnt an adhesive that has to cure, or anything. It stays sticky, just like it is when you put it down. If you pull one up months down the road, just to check it out, it will go back down exactly like it was. I havent had any problem with tiles shifting, but like any type of flooring, best to have a bit of help moving heavy stuff, rather than just draggin it across the floor. Dont forget to roll everything with a roller (I use rolling pin), a couple times, before you put stuff back in place. Good Luck

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Thank you for the info!

I picked up a sample plank at Lowe's last week, and it really looks like it will go well in my kitchen/utility room. I was hoping someone would say that the appliances could go right back in because I have NO idea how long I could live without my fridge. :)

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I thought some people might be interested in how the Novalis performs over time. It's been over 4 years since my husband and I installed over 1200 sf of this flooring in our home (LR, DR, 3 BR, Hall and closets). Yes, there are a few scratches. Mostly this can only be seen when the light is from the right direction. They don't bother me, but if they did replacing the scratched planks would be easy. A few planks have shifted a little. Here again it really isn't noticeable. I don't think you could have a better floor for pets. No matter how good they are, sooner or later they will have an "accident" or throw up. It's really easy to clean up and doesn't damage the floor. Is vinyl bad for your health? I don't know. If you're concerned about it, don't use it. I remember a cartoon I saw many many years ago. Two scientists are talking, one is saying "We're finally proven it. Living really is hazardous to your health." I've loved this flooring from the day we installed it and now wouldn't have anything else.

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I recently used a product from Novalis - self stick vinyl tiles that look like wood. Read some good review about it but now I wonder if the company put some fake reviews to get people interested.

IT DOES NOT STICK. I hired a professional contractor to clean the floors, primed it, then stick. Few days later, the seems started to bend upwards. This is bare cement floor and smooth.

BUYER BEWARE. Got it from Lowes, who forward me to the manufacturer. cost me $900 for materials alone + labor.

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What is the felt underlayment that sooky used on the concrete? Ive been procrastinating because of the need to smooth out the concrete floor before installing these vinyl planks on a pitted surface. When I look at Lowes for felt underlayment, I find roofers felt.

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I am really loving this floor when I saw it at Lowes. One of the main reasons is because I think laminate looks like hard plastic, it is clunky, skippery, it chips, and makes a room feel cold because of it's hollow sound even tho it is a warm wood color.

My neighbor did an expensive laminate thruout their house. They have 2 Golden's and my goodness!!! It is sooooo loud w/them running and sliding all over the place on this floor. It echos thru the house, and their nails running across the floor makes you want to just plug your ears.
My biggest concern is the resale value because this is such a new product, and people are not use to it. After all, laminate was considered a cheap product when it first came out.

I looked into this product after I was in a Home Goods store here in St Pete, Florida, and LOVED the flooring. There were some guys working in the store, and I asked them if they knew what kind of flooring it was, and they said they have it written down in the back because so many people do ask. IT is peel & stick flooring that looks like wood. It wasn't Novalis, it is called Amtico flooring, and they do sell it at Lowes as well. I think it is a little thicker than Novalis.

I wish this company would advertise more so it does become more common, and not a big deal with resale concern, but to me, as long as flooring is maintance free, hides dirt well, looks good, it doesn't matter what it is. It is not a mechanical issue that will break down in a house.

They also use this peel & stick on some of the Super Walmarts I have been in in the clothing sections.

If anyone has a Home Goods store near them, go inside and check out their flooring.

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I wanted real wood in my bathroom but did not want the worry of it getting wet so I came across this sight and read about Novalis peel and stick vinyl wood look I was sold right away. I bought it at Lowes and put it down myself. I painted the old vinyl flooring I had with latex paint and the flooring stuck to it like glue. The floor was uneven around the toilet and it was trying to come up around where I had to cut a hole around the valve behind it. So I decided to use small brown brad nails that I use in my staple gun. I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers and hammered a couple nails to keep it down. could not even tell I nailed it down. No one could even tell it was vinyl til I told them. I love this floor, its been down for almost a year and water from the shower has escaped a few times causing a puddle of water on the floor. It never phased it at all. I am going to put this flooring down in my washroom and maybe in the back two bedrooms. I also used it in the hallway from my bathroom. The vents are actual oak wood and match perfectly. The moulding I got were made hardwood and I stained them to match. I love this new flooring and would not go back, it does not shift or peel up. Its the best buy ever.

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It peeled but it DID NOT STICK. I had a professional install it over new plywood with a waterproof material on the plywood because I am using it in the entire house and I was concerned about water in the bathroom and kitchen. It looks horrible. Is it possible that the waterproofing material is causing the problem? Could I now paint the floor with a latex paint and correct the problem? This is a brand new house and I want to move in and can't until I solve the floor problem.

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Since my last post I feel that I'm now more educated about how to lay this floor. After trying several different procedures we decided to glue it down. This seems to be working. The professional we hired has never laid this type of floor before because it is usually done by do-it-yourselfers. We are too old to do it and the knees would not permit us to lay it. The pro used Armstrong S-750 Tile Flooring Adhesive. He did the office and a closet and a portion of the hall way. Tomorrow we tear up the bedroom floor and start over. I took pictures of the bad job and if I can figure out how to put them on this site I will.

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After reading all these reviews, I finally took the plunge and bought and installed my Novalis Golden Oak floor yesterday. I'm so pleased!

I had carpet in my room, but water damage forced me to rip it up, which unveiled an extremely ugly and badly damaged terrazzo floor. Here in Florida, terrazzo is making a bit of a comeback, but this style was hideous! After doing some research, I realized that what it would take to restore the terrazzo, I could lay down this Novalis.

I prepped by using a degreaser to remove the carpet glue and anything else stuck to the floor, then doing the obvious: sweep, mop, vacuum, repeat as needed. Now, because there were so many chips and holes, there was some dust that was present when I laid the floor down, but it didn't seem to cause any problems with sticking. Granted it's only been two days, so far so good! I didn't remove my baseboards and placed the planks right up against them; it looks fine to me and was much easier! With two people, it took about 5 hours to do an oddly shaped 16x13 room.

I have laminate floors in another bedroom in my house and I honestly like the look of the Novalis so much more. It looks more like "real" wood and for me, the texture is wonderful. My poor little dog is always slipping and sliding around the laminate and with the Novalis, there is a bit more texture and tread. Not to mention, there is no hollow sound involved with Novalis! For anyone doing it in the future, a paper cutter works wonders for getting straight cuts with the planks.

I'm going to try to figure out how to post pictures and put them up tomorrow!

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Mona68, what did your professional coat the plywood with before laying the Novalis? It should have been the Henry's from Lowes that was used.

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We recently installed the Novalis Golden Oak in our Family Room, laundry area, 1/2 bath and mudroom. I absolutely LOVE this product. Everyone who has seen it so far assumes it is real hardwood flooring and can't believe it when we tell them it is vinyl. You really have to walk on it for a few minutes or reach down and touch it to confirm that it is vinyl. We had no problem with odor/outgassing but we also had it stored (with the boxes open) in our garage for 1 week before installing. DH and I did all the prep work (removed old carpet, padding and carpet tack strips from floors and stairs, nailed down or pulled up all loose nails and staples and removed all baseboards, heat vents, etc). We originally planned to install it ourselves but decided to have it professionally installed because of other work being done in these rooms at the same time but watching the installer I can say that this is a VERY easy DIY project. In fact, I am so happy with the result that DH and I will be doing the den (which is off the Family Room) ourselves sometime in the near future.

An underlayment was first installed over our plywood subfloor and the seams were filled in with a wood filler for hardwood floors product and allowed to dry overnight and sanded the next morning. It is important to be sure the planks are installed very tight/snug together and that the underlayment flooring is totally free of dirt and debris. We did not start at the center of the room but in front of our fireplace so that there would be no cut pieces along that wall -- one of the most visible areas of the room. We did a pryamid pattern that was repeated after 5 rows. We also had it installed it on our stair risers -- we did have to put a small nail in at least one end of most planks on the stairs to help them adhere to a vertical surface but they look great and help tie our pine stairs into our "oak" floor. We'll stain the treads of the stairs soon to match the new floor (along with installing new baseboards). There is a repeat in the pattern that looked very obvious to DH and I when first installed, but now with the furniture all back in place, which breaks up the long expanse of just floor, it is not noticeable at all.

PLEASE NOTE IN THE PICTURES: It was NOT necessary to remove the trim around the french doors leading into the den to install the flooring -- that trim was removed because that wall had a built-in entertainment unit and paneling that DH and I removed prior to the floor installation. Oh, and the furniture for the TV and electronics is temporary!

I'll be happy to try to answer any additional questions those considering this product may have.

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I LOVE the look of this product but have a concern if anyone can suggest how to deal with it. We have ceramic tile in the entry of our home through the kitchen, breakfast nook and 1/2 bath. I want to put this vinyl plank flooring in the living room and dining room on the first floor and then the hallway and bedrooms upstairs. Our stairs are currently covered in the same carpeting used in the rooms to be replaced with vinyl. Without removing the carpet, I think the stairs are very basic pre-made sets that the builder purchased - not very attractive. I like the idea I saw here from CityMomof3 about painting the riser and staining the tread to match the vinyl. However, I am confused as to what to do on the top stair that opens into a landing/hallway. If we stain the top step and then have the vinyl come up to it, there will be a bit of a height difference where the tiles meet the wood. I think it would look bad to put a trim piece at the top of the stairs/in the middle of the hall. For anyone that put this floor upstairs and near the stairs, how did you finish it out? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!

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we installed this in feb of 2010 based on the reviews on this site and i am very unhappy with it. it was fine for a while but started buckling and separating at the seams when the weather changed and it got warmer. we installed the planks according to the instructions on the box and i even checked the website and made sure we were doing it right.

our floor looks horrible and now we are going to have to replace the floor. i think we will get real wood this time!!!

i don't recommend this.

thumbs down for this product.

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I just completed about 800 sf of the gunstock and I've decided to finish the rest of my first floor. I really like it.
I did find that one of my boxes may have been a bad "batch" or something. The planks from this box are slightly turned up. I also noticed these planks from this one box, have grey backing instead of black like the other 20 boxes...I put down about 6 of the planks then stopped and moved to another box. I will be returning this box to lowes. And the few planks I laid from that box need to be replaced. I am VERY glad that wasn't the first box I put down.
I did pull up carpet and linoleum; painted the floors with Kilz, then put down the planks. I think they look great and I think for the money and effort, I'm super-pleased. What prompted me to respond was some of the other posters weren't happy at all, I'm wondering if the got a bad batch. I suspect that maybe they were exposed to too high temperature when shipped or stored.

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I just completed about 800 sf of the gunstock and I've decided to finish the rest of my first floor. I really like it.
I did find that one of my boxes may have been a bad "batch" or something. The planks from this box are slightly turned up. I also noticed these planks from this one box, have grey backing instead of black like the other 20 boxes...I put down about 6 of the planks then stopped and moved to another box. I will be returning this box to lowes. And the few planks I laid from that box need to be replaced. I am VERY glad that wasn't the first box I put down.
I did pull up carpet and linoleum; painted the floors with Kilz, then put down the planks. I think they look great and I think for the money and effort, I'm super-pleased. What prompted me to respond was some of the other posters weren't happy at all, I'm wondering if the got a bad batch. I suspect that maybe they were exposed to too high temperature when shipped or stored.

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Put Gunstock down about 3 years ago. We really are pleased with the effect. Easy to clean. All rooms look great except my office. The pieces seemed to buckle where they are touching at ends. Can you tell me how to fix that problem? When you stand back and look into the room you can see all of the buckled places.

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I accidentally discovered this product at Lowe's when I went there to buy Swiftlock laminate tile-looking stuff that was on sale. I bought the 18X18 tiles with beveled grout edges. Has anyone used these with the vinyl tile grout?

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I did my family room with the 18X18 tiles and I love it! It was so easy and quick. I decided I would try the wood plank in gunstock in my kitchen so I bought 15 boxes and I am so nervous to attempt this one. I am so happy to hear all of the great reviews so it is making it so much easier for me to start it. I have a pretty big kitchen and we had awful white ceramic tile with a darh green little diamond shape in between uuggghh! I am just hoping that the drastic change from white to the gunstock won't be too overwhelming.There are a lot of big windows and light from outside so that is one good thing. Wish me luck!!!! I will post some pics when I am done.
Thank you for all for taking the time to leave such honest reviews. This is my first post on this website and I'm thinking it won't be the last :o)

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All these posting are great. I am going to try and do my living room. Has anyone layed these planks over engineered hardood? It this ok? The Novalis instruction says not to install over hardwood flooring but it doesn't mention engineered hardwood. Ours is flat and clean but looks bad due to scratches and the top layer can't be refinished. It seems that this would provide a cushion & barrier instead of the concrete underneath (not to mention not having to remove it). There is a small area by the sliding door where the weather has caused the boards to deteriorate so I will take that section out and replace it with a flat suitable board and then fill in the gaps to make sure it is flat. Just hoping someone might know if this would work?

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Thanks everyone for your comments and photos! I want to replace the nasty carpet in my basement and was seriously looking at the Allure from Home Depot till I read about this product. From what little I've seen of the concrete so far, it's smooth (or will be when I remove the carpet and pad) but may have a few "dings." Is it enough to use the Henry's to coat and fill, could I just use any latex paint or primer? I see several started against a primary wall (as with Allure installation) instead of in the center of the room...did you have to remove the baseboards or did you need 1/4 round or did it look fine just tight up against the base? Do you need to provide any "give" room at the edges like with laminate? Thanks everyone!!!!!

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The carpets in my double wide mobile home are 20 years old. I want to replace with something. I'm on a tight budget and plan on painting my vinyl kitchen and breakfast room floor to look like tile. I was wondering if this product could go in a mobile home and what I would have to do to prepare. I'd pull up the carpet of course, take out the nails they used to put it down with, but there will be a particle board type of product under it. I so want to get new flooring, but don't want carpet and can't spend a lot of money. any suggestions. Thanks so much. This sounds like a wonder product to me!

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where do i purchase these tiles and does it come in darker colors?

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The Novalis planks are available at Lowes, the gunstock oak looks to be the darkest shade they come in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Novalis peel and stick gunstock oak planks

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tdsmith on Wed, Nov 3, 10 at 14:19 asked:
> What is the felt underlayment that sooky used on the concrete?
Sorry to be so slow to reply.
I used a kind of underlayment that had a thin sheet of plastic on one side and then the felt-like stuff on the other. I installed this on the basement floor. Everyone suggested that I put the felt-side down and then stick the tiles to the plastic side.... But I did the opposite! I figured I wanted the plastic in contact with the cement floor to keep the moisture out. So I used double-stick carpet tape to stick the plastic side of underlayment down. Then I put the Novalis on top of the felt ... I know that seems strange, but it's held up very well.
And I still love it.

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We have a second guest bedroom in which we had to take up the carpet and tack strips. Now it is a bare plywood floor. Will these vinyl wood tiles go directly over it? What is the approximate cost for a 200 sq. ft. room? Does it look as good as these pictures appear to be? They look nicer than my hardwood floor. Can my husband do it in a weekend?

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Hi folks! Thank you so much for your pictures and postings as it helped me greatly in figuring out what to do with my steps leading to the basement. My dogs rebelled one day and decided to chew off the lip of two of the steps (once because my mom left them in basement for longer than the usual & the second time because I took one to the vet and left the other). The steps where the cheap plain wood that builders use but to remove the damaged steps was going to be a hassle so I was looking for ways that were an easy fix and let me tell you.... wood filler, a rounded wood edger (the ones used on the bottom of walls, Novalis Timber Gunstock Oak Vinyl Planks & Stair Edging are a life saver!!!

I went and bought a box of the planks ($26.40 per box), ebony wood stain (cheap stain, nothing fancy) and the metal stair edges at my local Lowe's and got to work. I do not have any pictures of what the steps looked like but anyone knows the plain look of unfinished basement steps that are installed. This is what the steps looked like after I nailed/filled the steps to match the lip of the undamaged steps, stained them in ebony, laid the planks and nailed the stair metal edges (which I bought in a silver color but spray painted black).

All in all, I spent around $45 in materials at Lowe's and I LOVE HOW MY STEPS LOOK!!!! Oh, PLEASE DO NOT MIND THE WALLS... it's a work in progress!!!! (I actually put a hole in the wall going down the steps!) =/

Two months go by...

Okay, so I loved the look of the steps so much that I got to thinking.... the kitchen floor was a mess (previous tenant dropped glue on laminate in certain spots, stained it some areas & punctured a slit on the floor with what looked like an axe. Looked okay at first but not so much after I saw what the planks did to the stairs.

This is what my kitchen looked like before....

Loving the look of my steps, I went back to Lowe's and bought (5)boxes of Novalis Timber Gunstock Oak Vinyl Planks ($134.00) to cover an aprox. 144sq feet and I also bought Henry's tile primer (totally suggest this as it makes the tiles stick real good). Took me less than a full weekend to transform my kitchen floor!!!!

This is what my Kitchen looks like now with the new floor...

If anyone is looking to transform their floor at a fraction of the cost of hard wood floors, don't hesitate!!! I have two Black Labradors that go up and down the basement steps every day and the tiles are still as I laid them! They have no scratches nor lifting. I (by myself) dragged the refrigerator and dishwasher over the tiles to lay tiles behind/under where the appliance sits & once done, dragged the floor freezer from the dinning room into the kitchen and the floor did not sustain any scratches. These tiles seem to be very resilient to the "normal" wear and tear of daily life. I hope this helps someone as all the other postings helped me!!!

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This is the best flooring purchase we've made so far! Inexpensive, durable, attractive and easy to install.
We had a tile floor installed a few years ago and I hated it. The grout looked dirty all the time no matter how much I scrubbed it and if you walked on it in your bare feet, it scraped the skin right off your toes! Ouch!
We also had installed laminate prior to the tile and it looked so fake we thought tile would be better...I finally talked my husband into this floor and we installed it in our kitchen a month ago.
Wow! It looks better than I expected. We have wood counters and island of red oak and this floor just pulled the whole room together beautifully! Every day I say the same thing over and over, "I love my floor".
We used a leveler over the tile and then just to be sure it would adhere really well, we also used a floor adhesive that takes about 48 hrs to completely set up. This allows for adjustment if needed. Our tile floor was really uneven so we knew even with a leveler that there would be an uneven surface when putting in the new floor.
I was surprised that it installed as easily as it did and went over the little "hills and valleys" with no problem.
I did notice that as some of you have mentioned before, some of the tiles butted up end to end had tiny gaps while others did not. We laid the tiles as tight together as possible so I think it has to do with our not so level floor. The gaps occurred mainly where the floor was not level. I used some red oak wood filler over all the gaps and just wiped up the excess with a damp paper towel. I can't see where the gaps were now. Make sure to put in plenty of it so it fills in the entire gap. It will harden and I haven't noticed any shifting or expansion of the floor that maight cause the putty to loosen or pop out. So far so good. Even without fixing the gaps, the floor looks amazing.
I highly recommend it. If it worked for our floor, it will work for anyone!!!

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How about the heat or hot climate. I want this in the gunstock color. I am just worried because I live in southern california it does get warm here. Like if we were gone and the house heated up, with no air conditioning. Any thoughts would love to hear. Everyones looks so great. Can't wait I would hate to damage it, and wast the time and money.

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I'll try to answer some of the recent questions posted here...

Mary, I think if you remove the damaged area and replace it with a suitable wood (or wood-like) material that is level with the current floor you should be fine. Fill in and sand all edges with a wood filler product to get an even/level surface throughout the room and you are good to go!

Marie, since my December posting, I did install the Novalis in our adjoining Den without removing the baseboards, thinking it would save time. In hindsight, not sure I would do that again as it did not save time and made cutting the edge planks a bit challenging! Removing the baseboards allow you a little bit of "wiggle room" in not having to have an exact straight cut edge against the wall. Your other option if you do not remove the baseboards is to install quarter inch round as you mentioned.

cp and Bookee, depending on the condition of the particle-board or plywood, you may need to put down a quarter inch underlayment. If in decent condition, you may need to only fill in the edges where each piece of particle board/plywood meets, and fill in any imperfections, with wood filler for hardwood floors. The goal is to be sure that your underfloor material is as smooth as possible.
Bookie, each Novalis plank covers 1 sq ft and are currently .98 cents each. As for the timefame, I finished our Den in 3 days (ripping out carpet, fixing floor squeaks, installing underlayment, painting baseboards, applying wood filler and, finally, installing the Novalis flooring). Would have moved faster if I had taken out the baseboards!!! Lesson learned.

LuGal78, your kitchen turned out STUNNING!

I will say again that I absolutely LOVE this flooring. Nobody guesses that it is vinyl; people cannot believe that it is not real wood. It actually looks THAT good. Now thinking about ripping the carpet out of our upstairs hallway next!

Here is a link that might be useful: Novalis webiste FAQs

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We used Novalis peel & stick tiles in our kitchen and eat-in area. We didn't do planks, but square tiles. We put them down about two years ago and they are fabulous. We have cats, a dog and two rough 'n' tumble kids and they look just as good today as they did the day we put them down.

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I've just had some Novalis peel & stick vinyl tyles in the Almond Slate put down, some over plywood, some over existing sheet linoleum, and it is really peeling up around the edges, not sticking well at all! This is like a nightmare & I'm not sure what's causing the problem. We even coated the floor as Lowes flooring dept. suggested, with a primer, to enhance sticking, but it obviously is NOT working! Does anyone have any ideas on what we need to do?

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We removed vinyl tiles and the floors are a bit sticky - how do we remove the adhesive for prepping the novalis??

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Love this site and all the pictures. I have recently removed carpeting from my living room and was thinking of replacing with these. However, underneath was the original flooring from when the house was built in 1929. They're OLD wooden floor planks, that have never been finished. Does anyone know if I can put the Novalis down, and if so, how do I treat the wood before? I'd appreciate any help!

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I devoured this thread for months and finally went to Lowe's to look at these planks. When I first looked at them in the store I thought they looked so fake and cheesy that I almost gave up, but I brought a few home and set them on the floor. They looked good!

It seems that most people have good results as long as they follow the directions really carefully and don't use professionals to install the floor. It also seems that the trouble comes when the climate is really hot or humid. But, just to make sure that we weren't the unlucky ones, I installed it in my entryway first to see how it would hold up on our concrete slab. I pulled up sheet vinyl and scraped off the remaining mastic, used the Henry's and it went down and stayed.

I am a dog walker/pet sitter and we board dogs, all different kind of dogs, at our house and we needed something durable and easy to clean and this has fit the bill. I installed it in our entire downstairs myself. Everyone loves it and thinks it's either wood or laminate and several neighbors want to put it in themselves. I've noticed vinyl flooring everywhere now, including high end stores.

Thanks to everyone for recommending this flooring and for the terrific tips. Here are a few of my own:
1) Definitely prep, prep, prep the floor. I scraped up mastic and glue from the carpet pad. I didn't use adhesive remover because one site I saw said it may soak into the concrete and interfere with adherence. The key is clean, dry and smooth.
2) The instructions on the box and the Novalis website recommend the self-stick tile primer. It is a must - it goes on really thin and dries clear in about half an hour.
3) Take your time when laying the tiles and get them as tight and straight as you can.
4) I found some walnut wood filler that I used in some of the tricky spots and it worked great.
5) Definitely let the planks sit in your house for 48 hours before installation.
6) I ordered OOPS! Painters wipes which Novalis recommends to remove excess adhesive. They also recommend them to remove the white "scratches" which Novalis calls scuff marks. I found that the wipes didn't work on the scuff marks, but time does. They eventually wear away.
7) I didn't use a rolling pin, but did baby steps on the tiles once they were down. There are a few that I missed and they sound funny.

I have not had any scratches from dog's nails, but we did have some from broken dishes. It's not as noisy as laminate, but it is hard - almost like walking on concrete.

I love this flooring and am so glad to have put it in. I am a middle aged woman and did it by myself. I took my time and did one section at a time and it came out great!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We laid Novalis vinyl planks in the Gunstock Oak color about a month ago in one bedroom to replace the horrible berber that was there. I was a little skeptical at first, but now that it is down, I couldn't be happier! It was soooo easy to put down and none of it has come up. It made such a difference in the room. It doesn't scream 1980's anymore!!! The rest of the house is going to be getting this on the floor in the near future.

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The Lowe's in our area doesn't carry the Novalis any more, just a heads up!

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