Cell phone dangers?

emmaNovember 24, 2012

Does anyone here consider cell phones dangerous? Yesterday I goggled "is carrying cell phones in the pocket dangerous?", because I was diagnosed with cancer in my right kidney, phone in right pocket. I was shocked at what I found. It takes a long time to confirm studies like this, but the new reports get worse with every passing year. I will not carry a cell on my person anymore, the convenience is not worth the risk. Even if you carry the cell in your purse you should not set the purse on your lap. I have not carried my cell for two days and still have little tremor like sensations where it has laid for the last 4 years.

There are special carrying cases made to protect you from the radiation.

The government set limits for the radiation out put on cells and other electric items. Why would the government put limits on them if they did not emit dangerous radiation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dangers of cell phones

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For over 20 years, Billy Meier told us this with the help of the Plejaren,... time to wake up and listen to the new prophet of Switzerland.

Here a contact report from 1989..
That probably means that also the oscillations of electricity on humans and probably also on animals and plants, birds, fish and insects, etc. produce pathogenic effects. At the same time, I think of electromagnetic waves, as these come from power lines or electric lines as well as from electrical appliances and radio equipment as well as transmission towers for radio and television, etc. Is this meant by your reference to electricity?


  1. That is correct.

  2. In the coming time, however, the whole thing will still increase because the progress will bring with it that small, portable communication devices, which will then be called mobile devices or mobile phones and so on, will become mass-produced items for the Earth people; consequently, there will only be few who will not then equip themselves with such devices, which will very often find only pointless uses.

  3. The whole thing will cause a technological progress epidemic and will cost many human lives.

  4. This, on the one hand, through the dangerous radiation emitted by the devices and, on the other hand, also because these devices will be used irresponsibly at every impossible and possible opportunity, like when driving cars, etc., by what means attention and control are weakened and fatal accidents, etc. are caused.
    Damage is the price of unreasonableness. However, it will then surely be denied by the manufacturers of such mobile phones that these devices emit harmful radiations.

  5. That will be the case for a long time because the responsible persons will not t want to let their business with such devices be ruined.

  6. Therefore, they will let falsified analyses be produced by notable places with bribes, which should prove that the radiation of the devices is harmless.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contact Report 226

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I just checked my phone manual and it confirmed that you should use a case that protects you from RF. I guess RF sounds better than radiation. It also confirmed the phone should be at least an inch from your body. It said that some accessories causes the phone to raise the RFs to higher levels. I posted the original post to get opinions about how others feel about the dangers or if they believe they can be dangerous.

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Yes, I do feel it's dangerous when heaving the phone,..like you did, place long term on same part of your body,. ..this must be a better answer? Some people sleep with their phone which can make it worse.
I also believe that for some people, the unfortunate,...like you, can do more harm then others, more susceptible .. just like with other diseases.

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I, too, believe the RF associated with cell phones and even their TOWERS, to be an issue with tumors. I store my phone in a metal container - NEVER on me. It is usually off. I use the speaker or text - occasionally.

These are some very large powerful corporations - who is going to go against them? Even if the tumors had their logo on them, the growth would be explained away. A brain lesion will never be associated to cell phones in this country, imo. Ever. Too much political money to lose.

Why would I trust an organization-governmental or otherwise - that is being supported by the company that makes the harmful item? Think about it. Cigarettes were touted as safe. By the companies making them, by our government, by doctors, etc. Now? Not so much. Think for yourself. Protect yourself. Don't depend on the government to keep you healthy. You might be disappointed some day. :)

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I think this is one the government could not protect us from except being more open about how severe the dangers are. Warnings are every where even in the phone manual, just like cigarettes no one is going to give them up regardless of how dangerous they are. I do think that parents would not give their children cell phones if they knew how dangerous they were. I don't carry mine anymore. I leave it sitting in a central point in my home so I can hear it ring. I use the speaker now. I will not go back to a land line, I only need a phone to make appointments or for an emergency situation. Someone told me there are cases out there that lined and it protects the user, but have forgotten the name of it. I read the package and no where on it does it say any thing about protecting you or being lead lined.

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