Ammonia in my sweat when running under high relative humidity

gustavobNovember 27, 2009

I find my clothes soaked with a strong smell of ammonia when I do my running routine (5-6 kilometers) I am almost sure when the relative humidity of the atmosphere is high. I wanted to confirm it is normal, and there is no problem with my diet or anything like that I should take care of.

Thank you in advance, Gustavo.-

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I had a friend once that had that same problem and it was because he had gout. I'm not sure what that disease means or how to treat it or if the ammonia smell was due to the medicine he took for the gout.

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My Uric Acid level is normal (5.9 mg/dl) so this is not my case.

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The amonia smell is from the amino acids in nitrogen. Many body builders have this problem too. There is nothing seriously wrong, but it does mean that you are probably not drinking enough water. Simply increase your water intake and it will go away. For a fuller explaination check out the site below

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