pearlgirlNovember 24, 2010

I have frequent soreness in my upper back/shoulder blades.

Sometimes it hurt when I walk/cough. Creams don't work, nor

does heat. Does anyone have this problem? I do a lot of

gardening. What can I do to help this problem?


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You may have a pinched nerve/muscle or vertebra. See your doctor for an X-ray first. Also a good physiotherapist or acupuncturist will help ease the pain. The physio will also give you exercises to do to strengthen those areas. Applying heat is also helpful.Stretching exercices like stretching, yoga and definitely tai chi are also beneficial. (been there, I hear you loud and clear).
And... working on a computer all day doesn't help lol

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It sounds more like strained muscles than pinched nerve, pinched nerves would cause more of a popping/pinpoint pain that is constant, not just frequent. Pulled muscles are more spread out (not necessarily a large area, but not a pinpointed spot) and that requires ice, not heat.

I agree with the frequent stretching and excercise, this should help relieve it, but definitely ice the area down if it feels more like a pulled muscle than a pinched nerve. They require completely different treatments.

Google pinched nerve and pulled muscle and figure out which yours sounds more like. Weird, I know, but I don't want you to do the wrong treatment on yourself.

Happy holidays!

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