tick fever

minirose1November 25, 2011

Would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had any form of tick fever, such as, what were your symptoms, etc.


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I have never had it, but a friend's husband did have it. The doctor's could not make a diagnoses so she Googled the symptoms and told the doctors what it was. She thinks she saved his life. Try Googling tick fever symptoms.

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Well, a lot has happened since I first posted on this. They did a tick panel on my husband and he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and had been sick for three months before finding this out. I pray that he can recover without a lot of damage having been done to his body. I would advise anyone living in a ticky area to be aware of the possibility when getting sick. His complaints were classic but he didn't have all the obvious ones, like a rash. This is a terrible disease to deal with and truly am surprised that he's still alive considering how bad off he's been. It will take a long time I'm afraid, for him to recover. If it's during tick season, especially from May to September, be sure to suggest it to your doctor, if you become ill.

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