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My boyfriend has an itching reaction whenever he is in a store that has clothing over carpeted floors. He can't wear clothes from some manufacturers so when he finds one he does mail order. He has wood floors in his house but I have carpet in mine. I vacuum every day and have an ionic breeze air cleaner but he's still bothered some. He has been to an allergist but they couldn't find anything but I know this is for real. The doctor gave him Allegra and a few other meds but they're mostly for stuffy eyes etc. which he doesn't have. He's suffered with this for 11 yrs. Please, does anyone have something like this?

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Wash the clothes with some vinegar instead of fabric softener, that may help. I, too, am allergic to some fabrics, so I feel for him. Also have him use a glycerine soap, like Neutrogena, that helps keep my skin from breaking out in hive-like rashes.

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I have tons of allergies too.. there are ways to minimize.. if you have rugs, and do clean everyday make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner. My HooverWindTunnel upright has hepa filter. So a good upright vacuum PLUS oone with a hepa filter will go a long way. I have heard that the Ionic type of air cleaners are NOT good. Find a HEPA-filtered type, make sure it is large enough, at least for the bedroom. I also discovered many of my allergies were food-related and a good set of tests by an ENT (eye/nose/throat) doctor will help. I eliminated most dairy like cheese and milk alone and it improved my breathing. If there are any issues with a deviated septum, fixing that will give more air in the nasal passageways. Chemical sensitivies are a real thing. You and he can eliminate the use of cleaners. Good ole' Murphy's soap - a vegetable product - is great. You don't need ammonia e.g. to clean your mirros - just water and a microdfiber cloth. Oh, and be sure to use the pure-and-clear detergents as well as fabric softeners. Best wishes.

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