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MariposaTraicioneraJanuary 10, 2006

Where's a good place in Dallas or Kansas City to buy prom dresses? Anyone live in these areas?

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Mari, You should try David's Bridal (there are stores in both locations you mentioned). They have a section for Special Occasion dresses.

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I have heard that David's Bridal is a good place as well. There is one at U.S. 75 and Walnut Hill in Dallas. There's another place in Dallas called "Whatchamcallit" that is stictly special occassion dresses. I thought they were going out of business, but when I just called I got a recorded message that indicates that they are still open. In Dallas, 972-380-1313 and Plano. 469-366-1073. This store does alterations too. However, I've always purchased my daughter's dresses at Foleys. I'd also recommend DSW Shoes, there is a large store across from Valley View Mall on Preston Road near 635. There is always an interesting variety and a big selection at that store. Is this your daughter's first prom? If she's going with a date, is he tall enough for her to wear really high heels? Remember, shop as early as you can because the best styles are the first to go. Try to get that dress by the end of February.

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Have you tried Sears or Penney's. When my daughters needed prom dresses, we went everywhere, including David's Bridal here in Baltimore, as well as all the big department stores, including the ones we couldn't afford. We stopped into Sears since it was on the way to the car, and there was the prom dress my daughter liked the best, same thing for the other one. Kind of caught us by surprise.

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I hadn't thought of the regular department stores. One of the things she doesn't want happen is to find another girl or girls wearing the SAME dress. That happened to my niece last year and the child almost had a stroke when she got to the prom and two other girls turned up in the identical dress. The only problem though is finding something that isn't terribly expensive (it's just for ONE night), and a bit different. We'll search all the stores where we live, and then head out of state to see what they've got. Maybe that might help. Been looking online too, but it's hard to figure out what dresses look like by this method.

Thanks for the suggestions. We're hoping to make the trip in mid February (hopefully no snow).

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I can't help you with suggestions of brick-and-mortar stores, and I have never bought a prom dress, but here are a few web sites that have fancy dresses that don't cost a fortune:

Good luck!

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If she doesn't want anyone else wearing the same dress, you might try some upscale resale boutiques. That way you'll know there aren't 10 more of the same dress on the rack. Many people don't like to wear special occaision dresses more than once and will sell them after just 1x.

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My daughter found a beautiful royal blue floor length dress at a used dress sale held every year at her all-girls high school. We also found a cute light blue short dress at the sale the year before, which she wore to the Sadie Hawkins dance. This past homecoming, her dress from Foleys was worn by another girl as well. Yikes. The funny thing about the used dress sale was that the moms running it could tell you who wore the dress and to what dance.

Mari, there's also a shop at Valley View Mall called Angel Wear, and I've bought beautiful Confirmation/First Communion dresses there. The shop specializes in Quincienera (sp) apparel, so the selection is varied and the dresses are usually on the modest side. Plus, they can order a dress in the size you want.

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One way to guarantee nobody will have the exact same dress is to buy something very simple and add a key detail. For example, a very simple solid color dress - then sew on a fabulous beaded trim at the neck or waistline. Or a dress with a deep slit that you fill in with an inverted pleat in a contrasting fabric.

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Hey guys, thanks a bunch for the additional posts on prom dresses. Cup, I'll definitely check that shop out at Valley View. We also discussed getting a classy dress and fixing it up so she'll have no probs seeing another quite like hers.

Hope this thread would be helpful to others as well.

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Great idea Sweeby...the addition of a unique detail. My DD isn't quite there yet...she's in 6th grade, but it's something to remember! Since I can definitely sew and am teaching my DD, I think it will be a good project in a few years!

I used to sew most of my own clothes when I was in HS b/c I couldn't find legs or sleeves long enough + it saved money! Of course, fabric was much cheaper then!!!!

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A friend told me she and her daughter went into Bloomingdale's (is there one in Dallas or KC?) on a lark since there's no way they would/could spend the going rate at such a store on a prom dress. Lo and behold, they found the perfect dress on a great sale, and when they got to the counter there was an additional percentage off of the sale price. Needless to say, they were both thrilled. Good luck in your hunt.

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I didn't realise this thread was still around. A spam magnet indeed.

Prom dress (back in 2006) was actually found at SAKS Fifth Ave. An unusual and beautiful creation by Sue Wong. It was black silk, beaded, and had slits from the knee down going all around, and with long beads hanging from the hip down. Of course no one had this gown, and the young lady in question was thought to have had the most unusual gown at prom. I did not get permission to share the entire photo, hence the omission of upper part of body on all girls in group. Enjoy, and sorry I'm so late with a follow up.

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What a gorgeous figure the young lady has! That dress is a stunner (I love Sue Wong dresses, but I think the few I'd tried on just for fun in Neiman's were not cut right for me).

Hope the girls had fun (3 years ago--wow, time does fly!).

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