best supplemental plan to use with Medicare

jleekNovember 27, 2010

Can anyone decipher what would be the best supplemental plan to use along with Medicare. I am in Mass. and Harvard Pilgrim Seniority has been canceled for me. I am 67 yrs, high blood pressure, cholestral, glaucoma recently laid off.

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when I had to sign up I called my mom to see what she used because I knew she didn't pay anything except premiums of course and didn't have to do paper work. That's what I was Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I have never regretted it.

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Talk to your medical staff and see what insurance company they have the least trouble with. Also do you have a senior citizen center? Check with a pharmacy. Also there should be a medicare representative avaiable to help out. You were give a 800 number to call in your book from medicare.

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I would second what mariend said. All Blue Cross is not the same and also differs from state to state. You need to find what pays well in your area and with your doctors and medical facilities. Good luck!

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If you go to you'll be able to search Medicare supplemental health plans available to you in your zip code. It's quite a user-friendly site.

You should also have a Medicare Part D plan for drugs.

Massachusetts may be one of the states that helps with the cost of your premiums and/or co-payments for drugs.

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I have aarp and I love it.It started out at $67.00 and it has climb to $111.00 amonth in ten years.It 's worth it no hassle.I probably could get cheaper but doctors will not give you the best service because the cheap insurances are slow payers .This was told to me by my doctor.

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