Basement flooring hardwood laminate, carpet ,or tile

paddytcSeptember 11, 2011


Looking for some advice on what type of flooring to but in my basement. We got a foot of water with hurricane Irene and 2 feet of water from hurricane Floyd, otherwise our basement is completely dry. It looks like every 11-12 years we are putting down new flooring. I would like to put down tile but worry if this happens again water will get under the tile which would make it crack or pull up. Is that true??? Second choice would be hardwood laminate floating(Not Glued Down)but dont' know how hard it would be to remove if we get a foot of water. Last choice is carpet, it is easy enough to remove (heavy and wet Yuck). The reason I would like to stay away from carpet again is because I have 3 boys and would like to let them drink, eat, etc and not worry about the clean up or staining. If anyone knows how hard it is to remove a floating laminate flooring, I would appreciate any information. Or should I be putting down tile not worring about water getting under the tile? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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Anything other than tile will be trashed and a pain to pull up. I'm in SE Texas and have re-floored lots of hurricaine/water damaged homes in the last couple of years.

Properly installed tile is the only material that will will successfully "weather" the storm. If the tile has full contact, minimal water should be under it...and will usually dry out or evaporate after awhile. The worst that generally happens is that the grout may be mud-stained and require professional cleaning.

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You could also use vinyl planks that look like wood. There are some good choices and water would be no problem. I have Amtico vinyl planks in my kitchen and I think it looks more like wood then most laminates I see.

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