What are the best insoles for shoes?

michelle_s_phxazNovember 17, 2004

My husband and I work at a casino, standing and walking for 8 hours plus in dress shoes.

What are the best insoles to buy for our shoes, to make our feet more comfortable during this long period of time? We have tried some of the cheaper ones, we are willing to spend a little more for really good insoles.

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I've had really good results with the Dr. Scholl's Work insoles. That model will usually last for 4-6 months before I need to replace them. My day may run up to 12 hours on construction sites, so I don't need to be crippled up with leg pain from hard shoe insoles. I've also used the gel inserts and they have worked well, although more expensive.


Here is a link that might be useful: work insoles

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Spenco has really good insoles. They are the ones my doc advised. They were about $20.
Kathy G in MI

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I have lots of foot problems so I have been to numerous podiatrists and doctors. I have four pair of orthotics. The last pair, the doctor's assistant provided me with a foam box very much like the one at the link I've included below. A few weeks later, I picked up the orthotics and they have been fine. The doctor charged my insurance company $400.00. I've always wondered if I would have been just as well off ordering this myself. I've seen others like this and I think most have been in the $99.00 range.
Click herehttp://www.footsmart.com/Product.aspx?ProductId=74

I would strongly recommend custom orthotics. Your feet are so important. For example: knee problems that you often hear so much about are a result of people not being balanced properly on their feet, at least that is what I've heard and it makes sense. (I also have knee problems which seem to be minimized since I have started with good orthotics.)

Good luck. I'm envious of you as someone who can even consider having a job where you are on your feet all day. I'm way beyond not being able to do that.


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I too recommend custom orthotics. I went to a foot doctor last year for a toe problem and much to my surprise I learned that I have high arches that are not supported in any shoe I wear, even my athletic shoes. I now have custom orthotics which support my arches and they feel wonderful. What a difference they have made in the way my legs, hips, and back feel after I stand for a long time. Also, I feel different when I walk -- when I walk without them, I feel like I'm walking on the beach; with them, I feel like I'm walking on level ground and my whole body feels level. I can't recommend them enough. BTW, my toe problem is caused by my high arches not being supported for so many years. I never knew I even had a foot problem until the toe started hurting.


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I highly recommend the ArchCrafters product (http://www.archcrafters.com). This is the same product that another poster mentioned (at FootSmart.com.)

I had custom orthotics made many years ago by a terrific podiatrist to help with crippling pain from heel spurs. (I couldn't believe that a bit of arch support on top of felt heel pads could resolve the problem, but it did.)

By the time the original orthotics had worn out, he had retired. I tried ArchCrafters and they have been perfect---I truly cannot tell the difference between my podiatrist-made ones and these. I now have 2 full-size sets (one for normal wear and another for dog walking, yard work, hiking, etc.) and a half-length pair for dressier shoes. All were in the $100 range, but worth every penny.

A very high-quality product. They appear to last forever (at least 2+ years), and the customer service is wonderful. Once you send back a mold of your feet (very simple procedure) it's easy and fast to reorder additional orthotics.

I hope you check these guys out. I know how depressing and limiting foot pain can be. Good luck!


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I have custom orthotics also. Before I got them I used "superfeet" or "Powersteps" they are both very good.
you can go to the website or some sports stores sell the superfeet. Now... if you are just wanting something for extra cushioning, I highly recommend the light blue inserts by profoot. They sell them at walmart for about $5, they look like a styrofoam but they mold to your foot. I have many foot problems and have tried almost everything.
I just recently purchased a glycrine filled insole. Its not quit working for my problem but it may be good for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: superfeet

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Lynco Aetrex (the red ones) are helped me immensely. You can get them less expensively off eBay.

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As with all medical problems..in foot care, one size does not fit all!! I have severe Plantar faciitis from my ole college football days. A variety of therapies work including ultrasound, ice, and various foor exercises (PT). There are several good insoles out there. So check them all to find the right ones for you. I use several. Bickenstock Arch suuports are excellent. the Sorbothane Arch Support is great also as is the Shock doctor Ultra.
Spenco is not bad and a little cheaper than the others. good luck to all of you and remember, sometimes your foot..as well as other medical problems have to be attacked with a variety of treatments.

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I wouldn't buy custom insoles there are a wast of money... really are I bought some for ã100 had to stop using them because they started hurting my feet not making things better... Someone above mentioned footsmart I would avoid that site like the plague the insoles old there are terrible. I got some from another place which were far better... forgot what its called will let you guys know later if I remember... UPDATE just remembered here from inthenameofsport.

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I have the ones from spenco

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