Laticrete Epoxy Grout Colors Dry Lighter?

RAutrySeptember 19, 2011

I'm considering using Laticrete Expoxy Grout for my kitchen but I read that the Sand Beige color dries 2-3 shades lighter than the sample. Has anyone else experienced this? If this is the case I'm considering the Sandstone color as an alternate. We recently redid our master bath with Ardex grout and found that the grout selected was way lighter when installed than the sample. They never mentioned this could happen at the tile specialty shop where we purchased. I just don't want to make the same mistake again since a darker grout should be easier to maintain.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Yes, I just used LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Grout a couple weeks ago and was a little disappointed. We got "Almond" and it looks just a little off white. It is nothing like the color on the side of the box.

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I received an email response for my complaint about the grout color.

He said:
"The color swatches on the box are usually not a good way to pick grout colors. A paper grout color chart is the most accurate thing to choose color from."

In other words the colors on the boxes are wrong.

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the better grout manufacturers have grout stick sample packs with hardened sticks of the actual grout used in them for product selection purposes.

ask for them at your retailer.

while not 100% perfect depending on the mix rate, they are very close to what you will get.

distributors and flooring stores carry them but not most big boxes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laticrete Grout Samples

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floorman67 - Yes, I have learned my lesson.

It's a little aggravating though. They should either not print a color sample on the box, or mark it that "actual color way vary".

The color on the Almond box was much darker that the actual off white of the grout.

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This is one of the plethora of issues those of us in the industy know of by our experience.

The do-it-yourself'er does not have this experience to fall back on, and you really miss out on by not purchasing an installed product from a flooring professional.

Heck, even many newer retailers miss it and many other issues.

Please do not misunderstand. I am assuming this is a diy issue. If I am mistaken, I am sorry. Its great to save money and diy, but you really do lose out on the decades of experience a professional retail and/or installation operation can bring to your home.

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Yes, it's DIY. 99% of what we do is DIY. I have not had this problem before, so that's why I was surprised when the color was lighter than I thought it would be. This is my 5th tile project.

Heck most of what I have learned in life was "learned by my mistakes" :)

It turned out fine, and I think the backsplash is beautiful. Just lighter grout than I planned.

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I just completed my kitchen reno, and installed a tile backsplash which I grouted using Spectralock "sandstone". The grout dried exactly as depicted on the color chart, and was very easy to use. It turned out beautifully. My one concern was that Laticrete does not make the Latisil caulk in the sandstone color.

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Thank you Willintotry for letting us know that the grout dried the same color as depicted on the color chart. I found the color chart to be fairly accurate for the Laticrete Mushroom grout I used in my two small foyers in 2009 but the plastic grout stick given to me by the store is too yellow and darker than the actual grout color so I would not go by any plastic bar sticks from a store.

We'd love to see picture of your backsplash if you have time.

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I am in the process of installing a heavy relief mural in the back splash area above the cook top. The mural is surrounded by subway tiles. I set the mural and the subway tile and am in the process of testing Laticrete Pro Premium epoxy grout in white. To test I set a bunch of subway tile on a piece of Hardiebacker and then floated in the grout. Floating the grout was simple. Clean up was simple too. I am waiting a day to see if the color is a good match for the mural and subway tiles. So far it looks perfect. Hopefully, the color will remain consistent as it cures. I will post a follow up and report on the color issue.

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