hi new here--quit smoking!

mimilmNovember 9, 2011

Hi, I usually check out the kitchen table forum and others.

I wanted tell someone I haven't had a cigarette since

Saturday. I had 2 left, smoked them a little at a time. When I had

the last part, I took my husband in the garage-where I smoked and told him

that was it! Getting dental work done, had to quit for healing process.

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Good for You!!

One of the first steps is to quit buying the things. It's hard, but it can be done. Keep trying!

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Here's how I quit-for what it may be worth to you. When I found myself looking for a cigarette, I went to my room and asked God to help me not to break down and go get cigarettes. In 2 weeks it was over.In April it will be 24 years.

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I smoked for 40 years , now I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) this is Emphesema in lay terms along with brochotus. I tried to quit many times over the years .I now have been a non-smoker for 2 years 11 months . I can no longer work ,I am on Oxygen 24/7 .Doing even the simplest things are a real chore ,bathing,shopping ,vacuuming,etc. My quality of life has ben severly diminished and also my longevty .Every day my breathing gets just alittle worse. I feel so terrible that my life is going to end soon and my wife will be alone,that I will not be sharing our childrens and grand childres lives with her.The youngest grand daughter is now 10 months old and the grand son is 6 weeks old.
So smoke if you want but be aware you are paying dearly for it. I am 57 yrs old .Why the heck didnt I listen when my 7 th grade Science teacher actually took his time to speak and educate me on the dangers of smoking .
I wish all who will try to quit the best of luck and encouage you to use your will power.Dont let a cigarette be stronger than you. Cravings will diminish each day.
Hang tough,and dont let a cigarette make you a weakling.

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I also recently quit. It wasn't easy but soooo worth it. I used Nicorette which was for me a huge help. Some people like my husband are able to use the patch but turns out I'm latex sensitive so that wasn't an option. Plus part of my addiction was the physical act of smoking not just the nicotine. The Nicorette kept my mouth busy and gave a little nicotine and that curb the crankiness� allot as well. After the first two weeks the cravings became short lived urges. The big thing is keep busy! "an idle mind is the devils workshop" And after a month or two if you get an urge all you have to do is remember how hard it was to quit the first time, do you really want to go through it again. Also I found the longer it had been the worse 2nd hand smoke smelled till now I find it downright reeks. Best of luck and good job! Also, letting the world know that you quit is smart! It is one more deterrent
To lighting up again; after all who wants to be a liar :)

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This is great news for all of you who quit a nasty habit!

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I had sleep study a while ago and my doctor told me that I had mild sleep apnea. I rented the machine and used it for about over a month, did not like it and returned it since then. Recently, I decided to buy and use it again. The nurse set the pressure for me as it was recommended by the Dr. before but some how in my sleep, I still wake up in the middle of the night feeling the same way as I am not using the machine. I thought when the machine blow air , it will help my air way to be open so I can breath better. Unless the pressure setting wasn't high enough to make it open.
Does anybody know what could happen? Do I have to change the pressure setting or I have to let my body to get use to it. Please inform. It would be really appreciated. Thanks Kevin

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