Friend With Sore Throat and Ear Ache That Won't Go Away

trudymomNovember 28, 2007

I have a friend who has had a sore throat and ear ache for several weeks. She has been on several rounds of different antibiotics and nothing has worked. She even went to see the dentist to see if she was having a problem with her teeth that may have been causing the pain, but everything was fine in her mouth. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Has your friend been checked for mononucleosis? My niece had severe case last Fall, first time I knew of the persistent painful sore throat that can go with it. Antibiotics don't help unless a secondary bacterial infection has developed, in my niece's case, it wasn't bacterial but part of the mono virus.

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Mono, Strep, even Allergies????...Often dust mite allergies act up once the furnace is turned on.

Hopefully your friends doctor will be able to figure it out. Tell them to be sure to let the doctor know they aren't well yet, under or un-treated strep can cause big problems.

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The ear thing sounds like a sinus infection that backed up into her ears, and the sinus drainage is infecting her throat. Unfortunately, if she's one that takes antibiotics for every little thing, it will be hard to get rid of.

Tell her to try garlic. Take one capsule four times a day for two weeks, and see what happens. It won't interfere with the other stuff they're giving her, and maybe it will work.

Also, use saline nasal spray, peroxide in her ears, and gargle with salt water every day.

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morz8 and carla35, she is going in for a mono check today--good thoughts.

junkyardgirl, what does the garlic do?

Thank you all!!

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The garlic is an antibiotic. It's very effective, even on antibiotic resistant bacteria, because they haven't become resistant to it.

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I have a right sided earache and sorethroat with a sore on the right side of my tongue. I have already had the sore biopsied and it came back okay. One doc said it may be allergies but this is getting old as it has been about four months its been going on now. Anyone have any ideas...I am 53 years old.

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I had severe sinusitis for at least 5 months. Three rounds of antibiotics and prednisone didn't touch it. My ENT (finally was referred there) was surprised that I didn't have a sore throat, but I did have headaches every day, ear aches, eye pain, toothaches, you name it. Very debilitating. Ended up having sinus surgery in Sept. and I am still recovering from that, very slow healing. Also been diagnosed with allergies, which I think may be slowing the healing. But, no more pain and no more infection. If mononucleosis doesn't check out, I sure recommend seeing an ENT.

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My throat hurts in only one spot, as if something is drilling in there. The pain goes all the way up to the ear. I got checked and the results came out all right. I've been on 7 different antibiotics in the last 4 months and I also had some injections to boost my immunity. While I take the pills the pain goes away, but it comes back a few days later. I don't think that my doctor knows what's wrong with me. I don't have any other symptoms.

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Good old cough drops help me soothe a sore throat. Of course, it does nothing but put a patch over the problem. Antibiotics should take care of the problem, but you said she'd already tried taking some. Maybe another round of antibiotics? dunno

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I have the same thing. My throat has been sore, I'd like to say, over a month now. And the inside of my left ear starts itching on and off. Ugh it's getting really annoying!!!!!

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