Cinnamon and Honey

KeithBCOctober 18, 2010

I 'stumbled' on a site suggesting that honey and cinnamon taken as a drink would benefit those with arthritis, high cholesterol, and others too many to list. At this point on time(M 71) I would try this but raising sugar levels is not on my list of things to do . Any thoughts - any experience with these combinations??

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Both honey and cinnamon have anticeptic properties, but I don't think they'd work on arthritis. They might help with a cold or something of that nature but that's it.

It's an old home remedy to mix honey and lemon for a cold or sore throat.

There were people who actually got stung with bees in their arthritic joints and it was on the news, but that was years ago and I haven't seen anything about it since, so I don't think it was much of a cure.

If you have diabeties or are watching your blood sugar then I don't think it would be worth a try for you.

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I know that cinnamon helps to lower blood sugar. I read it all the time. I use honey in my green Tea as well as Oatmeal. I think it's much better than refined sugar.

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DH has been taking cinnamon capsules for a while, and we think it might be helping with blood sugar. Have to continue for a while longer to see. It's hard to tell.

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