Chronic Chapped Lips

ms_minnamouseOctober 30, 2007

I have NEVER had lips that weren't chapped ever since I can remember. Except for two weeks that I spent in Israel, they were perfect some how which is odd because of the dry air.... But anyways.

I've tried so many things. Hand lotions, body lotions, foot lotions, balms, chapsticks, Vaseline, aquaphor, milk, honey, burtsbees, dead sea stuff, hair conditioner, organics, alcohol free, drinking with a straw, Doctor Dann's, talked to my dermatologist, exfoliated, leaving alone, humidifiers, etc.

I got a sample of squalene that seemed to have worked but then i found out that it was made from sharks so i found some derived from olive oil and it's just not the same. I'm actually considering the one harvested from poor sharks.

Nothing works. I feel like a freak. No one else in my house has lips like me. And it makes me feel bad when you see women on TV because they all have those puffy, full lips and I have small dehydrated lips.

It's painful, bothersome, etc. Please help me.

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I ride my mountain bike approximately 20 miles everyday, and am starting to experience the same problem. However, I believe that yours is way more serious. It's as if nothing stays on long enough to be of any help.

Have you tried applying a small amount of an over-the-counter strength (usually 1%) hydrocortisone cream.? 1.5 to 2% would probably be more effective, however you would need a prescription for that. The cream should decrease your inflammation enough so that lip balms can be used.

Just try and stay away from constantly using petroleum-based products, as they prohibit the skin from breathing.

You mention that you talked to your dermatologist. I can't believe that he didn't at least mention the use of hydrocortisone cream. What was his recommendation?

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I'm wondering if you have the unconscious habit of licking your lips? That can really dry them out.

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I have the same problem. I think it's allergies, because the chapped lips and allergies run in my family.

I haven't tried as many things as you have, but the only thing that helps me is Blistex medicated lip ointment, the white stuff that comes in a tube.
Good luck.

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Dr. Dann's is hydrocortisone cream. Tried it! See? I'm all out of ideas!

I also forgot that I used Aluzene too. Salycidic acid too.

I don't lick my lips. I tried the Blistex too. It's basically vaseline with a numbing agent.

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I too have chapped, peeling lips. They are better now that I drink at least 8 bottles of water daily!!!

Also, I see an aesthetician for monthly facials, and complained of my chapped, peeling lips.

She gave me a product to try that is helping.....
It is
PCA Lip Renewal Treatment Home Care Regimen.

I do like it, use it twice a week in the evening, sometimes in the morning. Their website is

This, plus my water intake, plus Chapstick when ever i think about it, are helping. I think water intake, for me, produced the most measureable difference, then the PCA, then the Chapstick.

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I have burning tongue syndrome and it affects my lower lip. No cure for it, I use blistex and I found another that claims to stay on longer which might help you. I removed the plastic around the tube, so don't know the brand name. It cost around $3. and advertises to last long. It might be worth a try for you.

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Chapped lips can be from dehydration as well as nutritional deficiencies. My lips don't crack and split if I drink salt water. Taking high doses of essential fatty acids helps as does taking high doses of magnesium.

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