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vja4himOctober 10, 2010

I've been taking Uva Ursi for my enlarged prostate. I can only take it for 14 days though, which will be up tomorrow. So today is the last day I can take Uva Ursi. Has anyone else taken Uva Ursi? How long do you have to wait until you can take it for another 14 days?

I also have Horsetail and Hydrangea. The label for Hydrangea says "Not recommended for long-term use."

The Uva Ursi seems to have helped some. I've only needed to get up during the night to use the bathroom three, sometimes four times, and a couple nights only two times (!), instead of five or six times.

I haven't taken either the Horsetail or Hydrangea yet. Will start one of them tomrorrow ...

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What does your urologist recommend? Please follow his/her recommendation. Have you considered something like Avodart? It not only treats the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, but there is some evidence (not yet clinically proven, though) that it may even postpone the onset of prostate cancer by up to FIVE years! And as you know, pretty much all men will get prostate cancer if they live long enough. That's a pretty cool side effect for a drug to have! My husband takes it and it's made a huge difference in the symptoms of enlarged prostate for him.

Sit down with your dr. and discuss both the legitimate and alternative options open to you--his advice is the best you're going to get. Don't take chances with your health by letting internet strangers prescribe for you.

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I've spoken with several of my family doctors, and they are not interested in herbal remedies, say they don't know anything about them, and will not give me advice.

So, I am on my own here .... I do have a good book, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," Fourth edition, by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. This book was recommended by a friend of the family, who is a nurse, and has taken care of many in-home patients, and prescribed herbal remedies for many who have recovered from their medical issues.

I am going to take all of my herbal remedies with me the next time I see my doctor, just to let them know what I'm doing. I'm sure they will not be happy though .... And I'm sure the drug companies would also not be happy ....

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I tried the natural way with Saw Palmetto for some time. I was up 3-5 times a night, partial passing, the usual symptoms I don't have to tell you. The Dr prescribed Flomax (I don't know other companies names) and I am down to once a night and fewer daily visits. Good luck! I am fortunate in having several good naturopaths locally but I have never had much luck with natural or homeopathy personally. Have you looked in your area??

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Did your urologist test you for cancer? My husband had it and simple radiation took care of it. No uncomfortable side effects at all.

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antifungal itraconazole. (go to know the cause with doug kaufmann and follow the diet please!)

the psa is a mold/fungus TEST ONLY! not a cancer screen!

Get the fungus and overgrowth out of your system please

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Most doctors know nothing about natural medicine and they will tell you that they are of no use. The real fact is that things like saw palmetto, prostene and tomatoes help as much as the drugs. Only a doctor would tell you that all men in time will get cancer. We all have cancer many times in our life and the body cures it normally. As Doctor Walburg in 1931 got a Nobel prize for showing that cancer can no live in an alkaline environment or live with oxygen present so if you keep your body alkaline you will be free of cancer

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